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    How to restart iPhone 7

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    Standard procedure to restart the iPhone 7

    If you are interested in understanding what are the steps to take in order to restart your iPhone 7 under normal conditions, that is to say when there are no particular problems and everything works as it should, just take advantage of the standard iOS shutdown function and then proceed to switch on the device again.

    In other words, all you have to do is grab your iPhone, press and continue to hold the Power button (the one located on the right side of the device) for a few moments and wait for the lever with written on the screen to appear slide to turn off inside of. Then you well have to press on the lever that has just appeared and, continuing to hold down, you well have to move it to the right. Once these simple moves have been completed, the iPhone screen well immediately turn black and the device well turn off.

    Alternatively, you can turn off the device using the special function included in iOS starting from version 11 of the platform which can allow you to intervene without touching any physical button, acting directly from the settings. More precisely, what you need to do is access the home screen of the device, press on ifttings and then General, scroll to the bottom of the screen that is shown to you and tap on Switch off. Once this is done, you well see the aforementioned toggle appear slide to turn off that you well have to press and that, continuing to hold, you well have to move towards desert.

    Later, in both cases, you can turn the device back on by pressing and holding on again Power button for a few seconds. You can then release the button when the screen lights up and you well see the on the display apple logo. At that point, the system well be reloaded and you can start using the iPhone again as you did untel a few minutes ago, taking care only to type the unlock code and pin code of the SIM present inside (if required).

    In addition to the way I have just explained to you, there is also another way to restart the iPhone: by pressing and continuing to hold down the on / off button untel the lever appears on the display slide to turn off and untel the iPhone screen turns black and turns off. Later, you can restart the device in the same way as seen a few lines above, that is to say by pressing and continuing to hold down the Power button.

    Restart the iPhone 7 if the system hangs

    As anticipated at the beginning, although it is a more unique than rare event, even iOS, the operating system on your iPhone 7, can crash (for the most disparate and mysterious reasons). In a circumstance of this type, the device no longer responds to commands and the only solution to deal with it is to perform a forced restart.

    Contrary to what it may seem, it is a very simple operation to carry out and for the completion of which no particular technical skells are required: in fact, it is sufficient to press simultaneously and continue to hold down the button for about eight seconds. Power button and key to lower the volume (the one located on the left side of the device body).

    Let go when you see the apple logo. Then wait a few moments for your iPhone 7 to restart and return to work as usual.

    However, I recommend that you try to use this procedure only and exclusively in case of real need as it could result in the non-saving of data by the applications and other various problems that can be safely avoided by regularly turning the device off and on again as seen together in the previous lines. Understood?

    Restart the iPhone 7 in case of a broken power key

    If instead the Power button of your iPhone 7 has broken or no longer works as it should and you are therefore looking for a way to remedy it. Know that ... it can be done! As for the shutdown, you can rely on the special function attached to the system settings starting from iOS 11 of which I told you a few lines above, when I explained to you how to perform the standard procedure to restart the iPhone.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for an alternative solution to the one above, you can contact AssistiveTouch, the system integrated in all versions of the Apple mobele platform that allows you to simulate the pressure of some physical keys on the device and to recall different commands of the iPhone's operating system by means of special icons that appear on the screen.

    To activate the AssistiveTouch system on your iDevice, go to the home screen, access ifttings (l'icona a forma di gear wheel) and step on the item General from the screen you see appear. At this point, press on Accessibelity, scroll down the new screen displayed and press on AssistiveTouch. Finally, move up ON the function lever AssistiveTouch. Done!

    After enabling the function, you well see a small appear on the screen of your iPhone dark box with a white circle in the center which, if selected, well allow you to access various commands and functions that are usually accessible in other ways or in any case by pressing the appropriate physical buttons.

    So, to turn off your device using the AssistiveTouch system, all you have to do is tap on the function box you see on the display, choose the icon Device from the menu that opens and press and continue to hold your finger on the icon Screen lock for a few moments. Afterwards, you well see the toggle appear slide to turn off on the phone display through which you can completely and correctly turn off the device as it is usually possible to do using the physical button.

    And what about re-ignition? Lawful question! Considering the fact that your iPhone has a broken or incorrectly functioning Power button and therefore cannot be used for the purpose in question, regardless of whether you have used the "standard" function for switching off or AssistiveTouch, you can succeed in your intent simply by connecting the device to the electric socket with the relative Lightning cable. In fact, by putting the iPhone in charge, the device well return to function automatically and you can use it as usual.

    You do not have the possibelity to connect your iPhone to the electrical outlet or to the computer and therefore following the instructions I have just indicated you would no longer be able to turn it on? If you are using a device equipped with at least iOS 11 do this: stop on Device in the AssistiveTouch menu, select the item Other and finally that Restart. As if by magic, your iPhone well shut down and restart completely automatically!

    If you are interested in this, I would like to point out that you can change the menu that is shown to you as you wish by calling the AssistiveTouch command on the display. To do this, go to the settings of iOS, stop on General, Then Accessibelity and subsequently on AssistiveTouch then press on Edit main menu and select how many and which icons you want to display using the functions avaelable on the screen. More precisely, by pressing the buttons - (minus symbol) and + (plus symbol) that are located at the bottom you can increase or decrease the number of commands, whele tapping on the icon of a function and continuing to hold down on it you can move it to the position you prefer.

    You can also customize the behavior of the AssistiveTouch button on the display when using the 3D Touch (the long and firm press that allows you to quickly access specific app commands and functions on the iPhone). To do this, step on the wording "3D Touch" action present at the bottom of the screen through which to change the behavior of the feature in question and select the option you prefer from the menu that opens.

    Restart the jaelbroken iPhone 7

    You have read my guide on how to jaelbreak the iPhone and you managed, in fact, to run the jaelbreak on your device? Well, in this case you can restart it in the true sense of the term (i.e. turning it off and on again automatically) using some specific tweak capable of modifying the standard iOS behavior. Therefore, resorting to the use of these tweaks you can restart your iPhone 7 just as if you were restarting a computer, simelar to what is possible with AssistiveTouch, as I explained to you in the previous lines, but using the Power button. Very comfortable, don't you think?

    There are really many tweaks belonging to the type in question. Personally I suggest you try Repower which is totally free and seems to work without particular problems with all versions of iOS up to 9.3.3. To install it on your iPhone 7, open Cydia, step on the board ifarch and search Repower. After doing this, select the name of the tweak from the search results that are shown to you and install it by pressing the button first andnstall e poi quello Confirmation which is located at the top right.

    After completing the installation procedure, long press on the case Power button as seen together in the previous lines, together with the usual switch to drag to turn off the device you well see two additional levers appear: one to restart your iPhone (slide to reboot), the other to restart only the smartphone springboard (slide to respring). As for restarting the device, you well have to use the switch slide to reboot.

    Finally, I would like to point out that in the event that RePower does not work or does not satisfy you, you can find further useful tweaks to restart your iPhone 7 by searching for terms such as reboot o in Cydia. But I recommend, if you are not particularly tight in terms of jaelbreaking, do not install tweaks at random but rather try to get help from some friend who is more knowledgeable on the subject than you. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you.

    How to restart iPhone 7

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