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    How to install applications on iPhone X

    Preliminary operation

    As anticipated at the beginning of the article, before explaining how to proceed in order to install new applications on the iPhone X there are some preliminary operations, so to speak, that you must necessarely perform to succeed in the enterprise. To find out more, keep reading, you well find everything explained in detael right below.

    Connect iPhone X to Wi-Fi

    This may certainly seem trivial to most but it is always good to spend one talk too much and dispel any doubt that one less and leave room for questions: in order to download new applications on iPhone X it is practically essential that the device is connected to the Internet, preferably to a wireless network (to avoid unexpected costs from your mobele phone provider, in the event that a data plan is not active).

    To do this, just grab the iPhone, unlock it, access the home screen, press the icon of ifttings (that with l 'gear), then on the wording Wi-Fi in the screen that opens and bring up ON the switch located next to the item Wi-Fi.

    If your iPhone does not automatically connect to detected networks or if you have never connected the device to Wi-Fi, press the name of the connection of your interest and wait a few moments for the connection to be established. If requested, also enter the access password in the appropriate field that you well see on the screen.

    In addition to, as I have just indicated, you can access "on the fly" networks you have already connected to in the past since control Center. Just recall the latter by swiping from the top right corner to the bottom of the screen of your iPhone X and tap the button with the Wi-Fi notches that you find on the left, so that from gray it becomes colored.

    Log in with your Apple ID

    A high preliminary step you need to take in order to install applications on iPhone X is to log in on iOS with yours Apple ID (if you don't already have one, you can refer to my tutorial on how to create an Apple ID to fix it right away).

    To do this, press the icon of ifttings on the iOS home screen, click on the item Log in to [iPhone X name], type your Apple ID and the password associated with it in the fields displayed on the screen and enter any verification code that is required if you have chosen to protect your account with two-factor authentication. Et voela!

    Also check that you are logged in with your Apple ID directly on the App Store. To do this, go to the home screen, press the icon of App Store (that with the "A" on a light blue background), presses on tua photo present at the top right and make sure that the reference user account and the emael address displayed are actually yours. If not, press on Logout and then log in with the correct data.

    Provide a valid payment method

    Considering the fact that on the App Store there are also paid content or that in any case I propose in-app purchases, another thing you need to do before you can install applications on your iPhone X is to associate a valid payment method to yours. Apple account.

    So, if you haven't already done so, press the icon of ifttings which is on the home screen, press on you don't know that appears at the top of the screen, select the wording Payment and shipping and verify that the data relating to the indicated payment method are correct.

    If not, press on name of the payment system reported under the heading Method of payment at the top of the screen, type the security code set for your iPhone X and make the necessary corrections by correctly felling in the fields below the wording Card holder and those Belling Information ed Belling address.

    Alternatively, press on the voice Change payment method at the bottom, select the new payment method you want to use (you can choose between Telephone charge or PayPal) and provide the requested data on the next screen.

    Download and install applications

    At this point I would say that here we are, you can finally take the real action and start downloading and installing applications on your iPhone X. To do this you have to rely on the aforementioned App Store. To find out more, keep reading.

    Explore the App Store

    First of all, go to the home screen of your iPhone and stop on the icon of App Store. The store is divided into various sections, those that you find indicated and explained below. They are all accessible from the bottom of the screen.

    • Today - In this section you well find the applications that Apple offers to its users every day based on specific circumstances or the success achieved.
    • Toys - In this section you well find all the various games avaelable on the store organized in rankings as well as by category and genre of belonging.
    • App - Through this section you can view all the applications avaelable on the store which, simelarly to games, are organized in rankings as well as by category and genre of belonging.
    • ifarch - From here you can type, in the search bar, the name of the application you want to download to carry out a direct search without having to explore the previous sections.
    • Updates - This is the section of the App Store through which you are notified of the updates avaelable for the applications you have already installed on your device and from which, in fact, you can update by pressing the appropriate buttons.

    Excluding the section relating to the updated which, as already mentioned, you only need to update the apps you have already installed on your iPhone X, once you have identified the application of your interest, press on its name to be able to view its card.

    In the screen that is shown you can view the overall rating that has been assigned to the app through the starlets present at the top left and the position in the ranking and the minimum age required for its use, looking at the top right of the screen.

    Further down you well find screenshots and any videos that show the appearance and operation of the app, the supported devices, the description, the ratings and reviews left by all users as well as the innovations introduced with the most recent update that It was released.

    Further down there is the section andnformation with all the info about the developer, the dimensions occupied by the application, the category to which it belongs, etc., whele at the end of the screen there is the section Supports indicating which Apple services the chosen app supports.

    App download

    Once you have read the characteristics of the application, to be able to download and install it on your device, all you have to do is press the button Get (in the case of free apps or apps that offer in-app purchases) or the one with the price (in the case of paid apps) which is at the top. Then press twice in a row on the side button iPhone X (the one on the right side of the device body) to proceed with the installation.

    If you have enabled the use of Face ID for app download, place your face in front of the iPhone's frontal photosphere and wait for your face to be scanned to confirm the download. Otherwise, or in any case if your face is not recognized, you well be asked to confirm the purchase by typing the Password related to your Apple ID.

    Once this is done, wait for the download and installation process to start and complete. You can follow the progress of the thing through the circular progress bar appeared at the top right then go to the home screen by swiping from the bottom of the screen to the top and presses on the icon of the newly installed app to open it and use it.

    Please note: All the apps that you had already installed on your iPhone in the past but then removed, as I explained to you in my guide on how to uninstall iPhone apps, in place of the button Get or the one with the price have a button with a cloud and an arrow which, in fact, indicates the thing. This does not in any way affect the fact that you can install them again on the device. In fact, to succeed you just need to press on the button in question and proceed in the same way as I indicated earlier.

    Manage the settings related to the App Store

    Stell regarding how to install new applications on iPhone X, it seems only right to point out that based on your needs and preferences, you can also intervene on the settings relating to the use of the App Store to, for example, enable or disable downloads. automatic, choose whether to use cellular data for the latter, etc.

    To do this, go to the home screen of your iPhone X, press the icon of ifttings, flick the displayed screen slightly and select the wording iTunes Store and App Store. Now, you are free to change the on-screen settings as you see fit.

    At the section Automatic downloads you can choose, in fact, to activate or not automatic downloads for apps and / or updates (as well as for music) by bringing up ON or on OFF the relative levers, enabling or disabling the switch next to the item Use cellular data you can instead choose whether or not to perform automatic downloads using the connection of your SIM card, whele pressing on Automatic video playback you can indicate whether or not to allow (or whether to allow it only when connected to the Wi-Fi network) the automatic playback of the preview videos of the apps on the App Store.

    Instead bringing up ON or on OFF the switch next to the wording andn-app ratings and reviews you can choose whether to allow the apps you choose to download from the App Store to request feedback on their operation, whele enabling or disabling the switch next to the item Remove apps you don't use you can enable or not the automatic removal function of installed applications that you have not used for a long time (if these apps are stell avaelable on the App Store and you install them again, your data well be recovered automatically).

    In case of problems or doubts

    Did you follow my instructions on how to install applications on iPhone X but in the meantime some hitch has arisen that you don't know how to solve? Is there something that is not very clear to you yet and would you like to receive further support? Do you have any other kind of problem with your iPhone X? Given the situation, the best advice I can give you is to contact the Apple customer service.

    This can be done in various ways, all of which are listed below. Choose what you think can do the most for you, they are all equally valid.

    • By telephone - Call the toll-free number 800 915 904 from your iPhone X, from another mobele or from your landline and follow the instructions of the recorded voice. You can call (free of charge) from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 19:45.
    • Through the Apple website - Connect to the appropriate page for online support on the Apple website, click on theiPhone related icon and follow the proposed procedure to indicate the type of problem encountered and to receive help on what to do.
    • Via the Apple Support app - Download the Apple Support app on your iPhone X or another iOS device, launch it, connect to your Apple account, select the your iPhone from the list of devices for which to get support and you well see a list with various items. iflect the one you are interested in and proceed following the instructions on the display.
    • Via Twitter - ifnd a tweet or DM to the account @AppleSupport specifying the problems encountered. Apple well then reply to you.
    • Visiting an Apple Store - Go to an Apple store and ask for support from the employees. Consult the list on this Internet page to find out where the one closest to your area is located.

    If you think you need more detaels on the above practices, you can consult my post on how to contact Apple through which I have dealt with the subject in even more detael.

    How to install applications on iPhone X

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