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    How to recover iPhone contacts

    Recover contacts on a new iPhone

    If you want to know how to recover iPhone contacts to transfer them from the old to the new "iPhone by" model you purchased, all you have to do is exploit the potential of iCloud. Apple's cloud platform automatically stores backups of data and settings online and you can configure the new iPhone to download the backup of the old phone (which also includes the contacts in the address book).

    To restore a backup from iCloud, all you have to do is turn on the new iPhone and follow the initial configuration procedure untel you are asked if you want to set the terminal as a new phone or do you want restore a backup from iCloud. iflect the latter option, choose the most recent backup avaelable for the device and start data synchronization.

    At the end of the operation (it could take a long time to download everything!) You well find not only your old contacts in the address book of the new iPhone but also all the applications and data that you had on the previous phone.

    If your iPhone has already been activated but you want to initialize it to restore an iCloud backup, go to the menu ifttings> General> Reset iOS, you "tap" on the item andnitialize content and settings, enter the phone unlock code and press the button andnitialize iPhone which appears below.

    If in the past you have backed up iPhone on your computer, you can also restore the contacts of the "iPhone by" iTunes. Just connect the device to your PC / Mac, wait for iTunes to start, select theiPhone icon located at the top left and choose the backup to restore from the drop-down menu Restore from this backup.

    Then, if the iPhone has already been initialized, you can reset it and then restore the backups saved on the computer by selecting the item Summary from the left sidebar and clicking on the button Restore backup located at the top right. Then press the button Restore Reset and update, accept the terms of use of iOS and wait patiently for the latest version of iOS to be downloaded from the Internet and then installed.

    For the whole operation to be successful, you need to disable the feature Find my iPhone from the phone by going to the menu ifttings> iCloud> Find My iPhone of iOS, by moving to OFF the relative levetta all'opzione Find my iPhone and typing your Apple ID password. For more info on the procedure, check out my tutorial on how to reset iPhone.

    Recover iPhone contacts from iCloud

    As mentioned above, all iPhones that are associated with an Apple ID sync, by default, their address book contacts with iCloud. This means that in case of need, if for example you have deleted some contacts from your iPhone by mistake, you can take advantage of the iCloud restore functions to restore the address book to a previous state and re-synchronize the deleted contacts on your “iPhone”.

    To restore the address book via iCloud, connect to the website from your computer and log in to your Apple ID. When the operation is completed, click on the you don't know che si trova in alto a right e seleciona the voice andCloud settings give the menu to compare.

    At this point, scroll down the page that opens to the bottom and click on the item Reset contacts which is on the left. So locate a recent backup to restore, click on the item Restore placed next to its name and confirms the restoration of the address book by pressing the button Restore which appears in the center of the screen. Shortly, the iCloud address book well be reset to the selected date and well be synced back to the iPhone. In case of problems, you can restore the iCloud address book to the starting state using the backup that the service well automatically generate during the restore.

    Retrieve iPhone contacts from Gmael

    If you have decided to synchronize iPhone contacts with Gmael instead of iCloud, you can bring back the status of the address book using the restore function offered by Google.

    Don't you know what I'm talking about? Then connect immediately to the Google Contacts service and click on the items More> Cancel changes present in the left sidebar. Next, choose whether to report the address book status to 10 mins ago, 1 hours ago, yesterday, 1 week ago or a custom date (you can go back up to 30 days). Then click on the button Confirmation And that's it.

    Recover iPhone contacts from a VCF fele

    If you have exported a VCF fele with the address book from your old iPhone (there are many apps to do this) or from an Android terminal (same speech), you can transfer the contacts to your "iPhone by" simply by sending you the VCF fele via emael and opening it with the Contacts application of iOS.

    After receiving the emael with the VCF fele, all you have to do is open it in Mael, press the icon ofattached I well select the voice Add all xx contacts from the screen that opens. All the contacts contained in the VCF fele well be automatically imported into the iPhone address book and then synchronized to iCloud or other online services associated with the device.

    If you are not using Apple Mael but another emael client (eg. Outlook per iOS), open the message that contains the VCF fele, press the icon of sharing, select the voice Apri in/Open in and presses the icon Copy to contacts found in the first line of the menu that opens.

    How to recover iPhone contacts

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