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    How to see iPhone memory

    How to see iPhone memory occupied

    How to see iPhone memory

    The procedure for see iPhone memory, understood as avaelable storage space, it's quick and easy. All you have to do is access the settings of your "iPhone by" and select the option that displays both the total capacity of the phone and the avaelable space.

    To proceed, take your iPhone and tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio, to access the ifttings of iOS. Press, therefore, on the item General e seleziona l'opzione andnfo from the menu that is proposed to you. In the new screen that appears, you well find all the specifications of your device listed, such as the software version installed, the model name and serial number.

    By scrolling down the screen, you can also find out the total space of your iPhone (Capacity) and the one stell avaelable (Free space). In this screen, you can roughly understand which data takes up the most space since you can find the number of songs, video and photo avaelable on the phone and the number of uses installed.

    If you want to get more information about it and understand in more detael which data take up the most space on your iPhone, access the ifttings for iOS, select the option General and, in the new screen displayed, tap on the item andPhone space. Also in this section, near the entry iPhone, you can see the total capacity of the smartphone and the space currently occupied.

    Furthermore, if your intention is to free up space on the iPhone, you can find out how much storage memory is occupied by each individual application installed (and consequently which applications take up the most space) and the space occupied by system feles.

    I point out that you give it ifttings of iOS you can also view the space occupied by your iPhone on iCloud, the Apple-branded cloud storage service that offers 5 GB of free space, with the possibelity of increasing the memory at your disposal starting from 0,99 euros / month.

    To do this, click on the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio, tap on yours name displayed at the top and, on the screen Apple ID, select the option iCloud. Then press on the item Manage space, to view the storage space occupied, the individual applications that use iCloud and the relative memory occupied and the storage plan in use which, in fact, establishes the total capacity. In this regard, my guide on how to free up iCloud space may be useful.

    How to see iPhone memory

    Finally, it might be useful to know that you can also check your iPhone's storage space from a computer. All you have to do is take your “iPhone by”, connect it to your computer via the Lightning cable (the same one you use to charge the phone) and press the buttons Continue and Authorize, to allow communication between iPhone and computer.

    Now, if you have a PC Windows or Mac with macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlierstart iTunes, click on the icon phone (top left) and, on the screen Summary, you well be able to view the capacity and avaelable storage space of your iPhone.

    If, on the other hand, you have a Mac with macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, click on the Finder (The smeling face) located in the Dock bar, locate the section Positions visible in the sidebar on the left and press on the item iPhone. At this point, near the name associated with your iPhone located at the top, you well be able to view both the total capacity and the space avaelable on the device.

    How to see iPhone RAM memory

    How to see iPhone memory

    If you are wondering if it is possible see the RAM memory on the iPhone, I'm sorry to tell you that the answer is no. In fact, unlike other technical specifications (eg storage space), it gives ifttings of iOS it is not possible to view neither the total capacity of the memory “mounted” on the iPhone nor that used by individual applications.

    That said, you should know that the latest generation iPhones integrate 3, 4 or 6GB RAM, whele older models have 1 or 2GB RAM. This means that to know exactly the RAM of an iPhone it is sufficient to search the web with the name of the model in your possession.

    To make things easier for you, I have listed all the iPhone models avaelable at the time of writing this guide and the relative amount of RAM they have.

    • iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max: 6 GB;
    • iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini: 4 GB;
    • iPhone SE (XNUMXnd generation): 3 GB;
    • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max: 4 GB;
    • iPhone XR: 3 GB;
    • iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: 3 GB;
    • iPhone X: 3 GB;
    • 8 iPhone Plus and 7 iPhone Plus: 3 GB;
    • iPhone 8 and iPhone 7: 2 GB;
    • iPhone SE (XNUMXst generation): 2 GB;
    • iPhone 6s and 6s iPhone Plus: 2 GB;
    • iPhone 6 and 6 iPhone Plus: 1 GB;
    • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s: 1 GB;
    • iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s: 512 MB;
    • iPhone 3GS: 256 MB;
    • iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G: 128 MB

    If you prefer to check the RAM of your iPhone yourself, you can download one of the third-party applications that allow you not only to see the technical specifications of your device but also to monitor its use (e.g. check the storage space occupied or the RAM in use).

    Among these, I recommend you Lirum Device Info Lite, a free application that allows you to see the technical specifications of your iPhone, monitor its performance, check CPU usage in real time and much more.

    To download the app in question, visit the link I just provided you directly from your iPhone; alternatively, start theApp Store (the "A" icon on a blue background on the Home screen or in the App Library), press on the tab ifarch (bottom right), search Lirum Device Info Lite in the appropriate field and first tap onicon of the app in the search results and then on the button Ottieni / Installa. You may be asked to verify your identity through Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple.

    Once the app is started, tap the ☰ button, at the top left, and select the option This device from the menu that opens. In the new screen that appears, tap on the item System and locate the option Memory, next to which you well find indicated the RAM of your iPhone.

    Also, through the options Memory Type, RAM Free, RAM Active, Wired RAM and andnactive RAM, you can find out, respectively, the type of memory, the RAM that is not used, the one in use, the memory reserved by the apps and that cannot be freed and the inactive RAM, that is the part of memory that keeps "warm" processes that have been closed and that could be reopened. Convenient, right?

    How to see iPhone memory

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