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    How to invert colors on iPhone

    Preliminary information

    How to invert colors on iPhone

    Before we delve into the heart of this guide and see it in detael how to invert colors on iPhone, allow me to provide you with some preliminary information that I think well be useful for you to proceed in the best way.

    First, let me explain what the color inversion feature is. As its name suggests, this feature allows you to swap color values ​​on screen, so that the black elements become white, the white ones become black and so on… in short, a sort of “negative effect”.

    Two different color inversion modes are avaelable on iOS: the "classic" one which inverts all colors indiscriminately and the "smart" one which, on the other hand, inverts all the colors except those of the multimedia elements (eg photos, videos, etc.) .

    What is the color inversion function for? As I have already partially explained to you in the introduction, the feature in question falls within the field of functions for theaccessibelity, as it serves a correct color distinguishabelity problems, As the colorblindness.

    Now that you understand what color inversion is and what it is for, let me also explain how to activate it.

    How do you invert colors on iPhone

    On the iPhone, it is possible to activate the inversion of colors in two ways: acting from the iOS settings or via a shortcut that can be used using the physical Home button (in the "iPhone by" in which it is present, of course (therefore iPhone 8 and earlier). Let's see, therefore, how do you invert colors on iPhone in the manner just mentioned.

    IOS ifttings

    How to invert colors on iPhone

    If you want to activate color inversion from iOS settings, what you have to do is go to the section dedicated to accessibelity functions and enable it directly from there.

    Therefore, proceed to open the app ifttings on your device, by tapping on the gray icon depicting the gears. In the screen that opens, scroll through the list of avaelable items, tap on the wording Accessibelity and then select the item Screen and text size in the new screen that opened.

    At this point, move up ON the lever of the switch which is located in correspondence with the marking Smart inversion, if you intend to activate the “intelligent” color inversion function, which leaves the colors of the multimedia elements and some system elements (such as the color of the buttons) unchanged. Otherwise, move up ON the switch lever located in correspondence with the wording reversal, so as to activate the “classic” color inversion function.

    The changes well be applied immediately and the colors well be reversed instantly. In case of second thoughts, to return to the default settings, all you have to do is go back to ifttings> Accessibelity> Display and text size I well post your OFF l'interruttore collocato accanto alla dicitura Smart inversion o reversal (based on the setting you previously activated).

    Home key

    How to invert colors on iPhone

    You are in possession of iPhone 8 or earlier, therefore of a model of "iPhone by" equipped with Home button physicist? In that case, you can use this hardware component to activate the color inversion function, both “smart” and “classic”.

    To do this, however, you must first enable a shortcut from the iOS settings. Then start the app ifttings on your iPhone, by tapping on the gray icon depicting the gears, scroll the displayed screen and tap on the item Accessibelity. Then scroll the opened screen to the bottom, select the wording Abbreviations and tap on the item Classic color inversion and / or Smart color inversion (you can also select both).

    At this point, all you have to do is press the Home button three times in succession, so as to activate or deactivate the type of color inversion you have just selected. If you had selected both the "classic" and the "smart" inversion, after pressing the Home button three consecutive times, obviously you well have to select which of the two to activate, by pressing on the item Classic inversion o Smart inversion in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

    How to invert the colors of a photo on iPhone

    How to invert colors on iPhone

    You would like to know how to invert the colors of a photo on iPhone, as you would like to apply some sort of "negative effect" to one of your shots? Well, on iOS there is no ad hoc function that allows you to do this, but fortunately you can contact one of the many third-party apps that allow you to complete the operation in question, such as Negative Photo Effects.

    This is a semi-free app, because to access all its felters, remove advertising and remove the watermark applied to your works, you need to subscribe to the Premium version (starting from 0,99 euros / week). If desired, the watermark can also be removed with a single one-time in-app purchase of € 1,09.

    After installing and launching Negative Photo Effects on your iPhone, grant it all the necessary permissions to make it work properly. On its main screen, then tap the button Get Started located at the top and select the photo you want to apply the color inversion effect to.

    Then, tap on the button depicting the tip of the fountain pen (bottom left) and start “coloring” the area of ​​the photo in which to invert the colors (you can color it all if you want to apply the effect to the whole photo). To change the size of the brush, tap on the icon brush (bottom left) and choose the one you are interested in.

    As soon as you are satisfied with the result you have obtained, press the icon of floppy disk (bottom right) and tap the button Save With Watermark, in order to save the output photo.

    How to invert colors on iPhone

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