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    How to hide iPhone apps

    Use iOS restrictions

    The easiest way to hide iPhone app is to enable iOS restrictions, that is, making sure that certain apps and settings are not accessible by phone users untel they are unlocked in the device settings (by entering a special PIN). Unfortunately this function does not offer granular control over the applications to be hidden, the only apps that can be controlled individually are the system ones (those of third parties can only be hidden in groups based on their category of belonging or their age limits) , however I recommend you try it.

    Usage time (iOS 12+)

    How to hide iPhone apps

    If you are using an iPhone equipped with iOS 12 or later versions of the Apple operating system, you can take advantage of the function Usage time, which monitors the usage time of applications and allows you to restrict access with a personalized PIN.

    To take advantage of this feature, access the menu ifttings iOS (the gear icon on the home screen) and go to Usage time > Utelizza codice "Tempo di utelizzo" to set your own app lock code.

    When the operation is complete, go to App limitations, type in the PIN you set just now and tap on the item Add LIMITATION OF USE, and then select the categories of apps to block (eg. Social network to block WhatsApp, Facebook and other social communication applications; Creativeness to block apps related to creating photos, videos etc .; Toys for games and so on).

    Then press the button Add (located at the top right) and set an app usage limit of 0 pray and 1 min (i.e. the minimum possible). If you want to set the block only for certain days of the week, click on the item Customize days and choose the days on which to enforce the block.

    At this point, start one of the apps that you have decided to limit, wait a minute and this, together with the others, well be blocked: to use it, you well be required to enter the unlock PIN you previously set.

    If you have second thoughts, you can disable app blocking by returning to the menu ifttings> Screen Time> App Restrictions> [App Category] e pigging your pulse Eliminate limitation. Alternatively, you can only unlock certain apps by going to the menu ifttings> Screen Time> Always Allowed and selecting the applications you want to allow from the screen that opens.

    To block access to system apps, instead, go to the menu ifttings> Screen Time> Content and Privacysposta su ON the function lever Content and privacyi went his Allowed apps and move up OFF the levers relating to the system applications you want to block (eg. SafariMael). To block access to the App Store, instead, go to the menu ifttings> Screen Time> Content & Privacy> iTunes & App Store Purchases and set on Do not allow the option andnstallation app.

    Restrictions (iOS 11 and earlier)

    How to hide iPhone apps

    If you are using an iOS version equal to or earlier than 11, you can only activate the function Restrictions iPhone, which prevents the execution of system apps or third-party applications that are not suitable for a particular audience (e.g. users under 17 or 12 years of age).

    To activate the restrictions on your iPhone, go to the menu ifttings (the gray wheel icon located on the home screen) and select the item first General and then that Restrictions from the screen that opens. At this point, press the button Enable restriction, imposes a PIN of four digits to prohibit unauthorized changes to the settings (to be typed twice consecutively) and choose which applications to display or hide by moving to ON or on OFF the lever located next to their names.

    The only applications that can be controlled individually are the system ones, therefore Safari, Camera, FaceTime, , iTunes Store, Apple Music, Crab, AirDrop, C etc.

    Third-party applications can be banned en masse by selecting the item App located in the central part of the menu and setting the desired age limit: 4+ (app for cheldren up to 4 years old), 9+, 12+ o 17+. Alternatively, you can leave free access to all third-party applications by placing the check mark next to the item Allow all apps or block them all by choosing the option Don't allow apps.

    From the restrictions menu, you can also disable installing new applications, making in-app purchases, using the Internet via mobele data and adjusting many other settings.

    To disable restrictions and restore access to all applications, all you have to do is go to the menu ifttings> General> Restrictions for iOS, type the PIN you have previously set and press the button Disable restrictions. To apply the changes you well have to re-enter the PIN.

    Hide apps in the App Library

    How to hide iPhone apps

    Su iOS 14 and later, a sort of drawer is avaelable, after the last page of the Home screen, in which all the apps installed on the iPhone are automatically grouped in thematic folders.

    Well, know that you can make an app reside only in the latter without appearing on the Home screen anymore. To do this, press and hold the icon of app to hide e seleciona le voci Remove app and Move to app library give the menu that you come purpose.

    In case of second thoughts, you can bring the icon back to the Home screen by selecting it from the app library, always with a long tap, and selecting the item Add to Home give the menu that you come purpose.

    Jaelbroken iPhone applications

    If you have proceeded to unlock your iPhone by jaelbreaking it, you can hide iPhone app using ad hoc solutions such as Springtomize HideMeX. These are two tweaks, that is, two applications avaelable on Cydia (the alternative store accessible only on jaelbroken iPhones) that allow you to customize the iOS home screen by hiding and customizing the icons in the latter.

    Springtomize 3

    How to hide iPhone apps

    To hide your apps using Springtomize, open Cydia and buy the tweak ($ ​​2,99) by searching for it in the tab ifarch of the store.

    When the operation is completed, start Springtomize by pressing on its icon on the home screen, select the item andcons  from the tweak home screen and put the check mark next to the app icons you want to hide from the iOS home screen.

    In case of second thoughts, you can make the icons reappear on the iOS home screen by removing the check mark from them in Springtomize or deactivating the tweak (by moving the lever relative to the item to OFF Enable).


    How to hide iPhone apps

    Another tweak that allows you to customize and hide icons on the iOS home screen is HideMeX, which you can purchase on Cydia for $ 2,99. To use it, open the settings of iOS, scroll the screen to the bottom and select the icon HideMeX.

    Next, move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Enablei went his andcons > App Hide and put the check mark next to the icons of the apps you want to hide from the main screen of your "iPhone by".

    In case of second thoughts, to display the hidden apps on the iOS home screen again, go back to the HideMeX settings and uncheck the names of the latter (or move to OFF the levetta relative althe voice Enable in order to completely disable the tweak).

    How to hide iPhone apps

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