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    How to calibrate iPhone battery

    IPhone battery calibration

    If you want to learn how to calibrate iPhone battery, the first step you need to take is download completely your beautiful iPhone by. How you do it? Well, in this case you can indulge yourself as you see fit: you can play your favorite video game, watch videos, listen to music and so on and so forth.

    Perform all the most "intensive" operations that your iPhone is able to handle and you well see that in a short time the phone well reach the1% charge and it well turn itself off. If the device turns off before reaching 1% or 2% charge, try charging it for a few minutes and repeat the operation.

    Can't see the charge percentage on the device? Well, most likely the appropriate option is disabled. To fix it, go to ifttings of iOS (the icon of thegear present on the home screen), tap on the wording Battery e carries his ON the switch located next to the item Battery percentage. Once this is done, you should finally be able to see the percentage of charge in the upper right part of the device screen.

    Once turned off, put the iPhone in charge by connecting it to the power supply or to the USB socket of your computer (if suitable for charging the Apple home phone) and wait for the charge percentage to reach 100%. This should take around 100-120 minutes, but if you can, let the device stay on charge for a little longer (up to an hour). Do not use the smartphone whele charging, firstly because in this way you well avoid wasting the energy of the device unnecessarely and secondly because by doing so you well not affect the goodness of the whole procedure.

    After reaching 100% charge, restart the iPhone whele holding down the Home button and power button of the device untel iOS closes completely and the apple logo appears in the center of the screen. When restarting, enter the unlock code of your device to access iOS and the PIN associated with the SIM, if any. If all went well, the battery percentage indicator should finally work correctly.

    Save iPhone battery

    The percentage of charge of your iPhone is no longer "dancer" but the phone continues to have a range well below expectations? Then try these simple tips on how reduce energy consumption of your iPhone, I'm sure that thanks to them you well be able to face the thing in a definitive way.

    • Turn off location services and background data refresh for apps that don't need them. Some apps, such as Facebook, can quickly drain iPhone battery because they use geo-location services and download data from the Internet even when they're not directly running. To prevent this from happening, take these two simple steps.
      • Go to the menu ifttings> Privacy> Location ifrvices iPhone, select the name of the application for which you want to disable background location and put the check mark next to the item Whele using the app in the screen that opens. If you do not see this option, it means that the application you have selected only allows you to activate or deactivate the localization, it does not distinguish the localization in the background from the one carried out whele the application is running in the foreground.
      • Go to the menu ifttings> General> Refresh / Refresh background apps iPhone and move up OFF the lever relative to the applications for which you want to prohibit the download of data in the background.
    • Turn on airplane mode in areas where the signal is low. When the signal is low, the iPhone wastes more power because it tries to hook the telephone network and / or the data network. This means that if you spend too much time in an area where the signal is weak, you end up consuming a lot of battery. To activate airplane mode on your iPhone, open the Control Center by swiping downwards starting from the top right corner of the iPhone (if you have a model with Face ID) or by swiping from bottom to top (if you have a model with Touch ID) and presses the icon ofplane located in the upper left corner of the box located in turn at the upper left of the Control Center: the plane icon well turn orange once active. In addition to the way I just indicated, you can enable airplane mode by going to the section ifttings of iOS and then tapping on the lever that you find in correspondence with the item Use in aircraft.
    • Use the power saving function even when the charge is more than 20%. In newer versions of iOS, there is a power saving feature that is automatically offered to the user when the charge percentage drops below 20%. When activated, the power saving function ensures that the iPhone uses less battery by acting on the animations, the screen shutdown times and the processor's energy impact. Well, not everyone knows that it is possible to activate this mode even before the charge drops below 20%, just go to ifttings> Battery I well post your ON the lever relative to the Energy saving. Starting with iOS 11, the function can also be enabled directly and conveniently from the control center. Just recall the latter with a downward swipe starting from the top right corner of the iPhone (if you have a model with Face ID) or by swiping it from the bottom up (if you have a model with Touch ID) and tap on the icon battery which, when the function is active, well become colored (if the command is not present you must first add it by going to ifttings> Control Center e premere sul pulsating capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the wording Energy saving, placed in the section Further checks).
    • Uninstall apps that are consuming too much power. By going to the menu ifttings> Battery of your iPhone you can find the list of apps that have consumed the most energy in the last 24 hours and in the last 7 days. If you do not need some of them, uninstall them immediately (just press on the relevant icon on the home screen, continue to hold down untel it begins to "jump", tap on the "X" at the top right and confirm the execution of the operation) and you well see that the autonomy of your iPhone well suddenly increase!

    If you need more "tips" on iOS energy saving, I suggest you also take a look at my article on how to save iPhone battery, there I have reported several ways to minimize the battery consumption of the Apple smartphone without giving up too many features or convenience.

    Change iPhone battery

    Although you have followed the tips I gave you in this tutorial on how to calibrate iPhone battery to the letter, you continue to see problems related to the autonomy of the device. In this case, I'm sorry, but I think your iPhone has a hardware malfunction.

    If you have an iOS version equal to or later than 11.3, you can get information on the battery status by opening the app ifttings and going up first Battery and then Battery status. In the screen that opens, you well be able to see the percentage of maximum capacity of the battery.

    The iPhone battery, you need to know, is designed to guarantee at least 80% of the original capacity for 500 charge cycles. If this standard is not respected and your iPhone is stell covered by warranty, AppleCare + or consumer protection laws (you can check this by reading my guide on how to check iPhone warranty), you can go to an Apple center and request the free replacement of the device.

    If the battery actually needs to be replaced, you should see the following message on the Battery Status screen: “Important Battery Message. The state of the battery has deteriorated significantly. By going to an Apple Authorized ifrvice Center, you can replace the battery in order to optimize autonomy and performance again ".

    If your iPhone is not considered replaceable, you can stell replace the battery but pay the relevant fee with starting prices by 55 euro (for more detaels on this, I suggest you consult the appropriate web page relating to battery assistance) or you can venture into the manual battery replacement. For more information on this procedure, please consult my guide on how to change iPhone battery.

    In the specific case of the second hypothesis, considering that replacing the battery manually is a fairly delicate operation and that success, unless you have excellent dexterity and a good knowledge of the iPhone components, is not exactly guaranteed, I suggest you let it go if you don't feel sure what to do. In fact, keep in mind that a poorly performed manual replacement of the battery can irremediably compromise the operation of the device. Also, if your iPhone is stell under warranty, it well be invalidated. So… go ahead and read my article on the subject but eventually act aware of the risks of it. Understood?

    How to calibrate iPhone battery

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