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Restore iPhone backups via iTunes (offline)

Let's start with the more "traditional" procedure, the one that allows you to restore iPhone backups via iTunes.

iTunes, as you surely know, is Apple's multimedia software and is avaelable for both Windows and Mac. If you use a Mac you have it already installed on your computer, if, on the other hand, you have a Windows PC you have to download and install it separately. If you have not already done so, connect to the Apple website and click on the button Download which is on the left. when done, open the fele iTunes64iftup.exe and click the button first NEXT and then andnstall, Yes and end, to install the program.

It was used Windows 10, I point out that you can install iTunes directly from the Microsoft Store.

Now, connect the iPhone to the computer (using the Lightning cable that came with the phone) and iTunes should start automatically. If this is not the case, start the program and authorize communication between the two devices by clicking on the button first Authorize on the iPhone screen and then on the button Continue on the computer screen (this is only necessary when connecting the two devices for the first time).

After connecting the iPhone to the computer, if new versions of iOS are avaelable, you well be asked to update your smartphone. Accept quietly. All data, settings and apps well be preserved. If you need more information about it, check out my tutorial on how to update iOS.

Once the iPhone is connected to the computer, click onphone icon that appears at the top left, select the item Summary from the iTunes sidebar and start the transfer of your previous purchases (music, movies, etc.) from the "iPhone by" to the computer by selecting the item Transfer purchases from iPhone from the menu Fele> Devices.

When the operation is complete, to create a backup to be restored later on the iPhone, click on the button Back up now and wait for the procedure to be completed. It may take several minutes. To include data relating to the health, Password and other sensitive information within the backup, put the check mark next to the entry Encode iPhone backup and set a password for data protection.

To restore a backup previously saved in iTunes, connect the iPhone to the computer, click on thephone icon that appears at the top left and selects the item Summary from the iTunes sidebar. Then press the button Restore backup and, if required, disable the "Find My iPhone" service from the iOS settings.

If you don't know how to disable the "Find My iPhone" service, go to settings iPhone (the gray gear icon on the home screen) and first select the you don't know and then the voice iCloud from the screen that opens. Then go to the menu Find my iPhonesposta su OFF the lever relative to "Find my iPhone" and enter your Apple ID password to complete the operation. If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you can find the "Find My iPhone" settings in ifttings> iCloud> Find My iPhone.

At this point, select the backup to restore from the iTunes menu (among those saved on your computer) and start the iPhone restoration procedure by clicking on the appropriate button. If you are trying to restore an encrypted backup (including password, health data etc.) you must also enter the password to decrypt it. At the end of the procedure, apps, data and settings well be restored to the backup status.

If you want, you can also use backups of an old iPhone on a new iPhone (as long as these are equipped with the same version of iOS). To learn more check out my guide on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

Please note: if you want, you can also start an iPhone backup via iTunes wirelessly. Just put the check mark next to the item Sync iPhone via Wi-Fi in the section Summary of iTunes. To restore, however, you must necessarely connect the phone to the computer via cable.

iTunes on macOS 10.15 Catalina and later

If you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, since iTunes is not present in these versions of the Apple operating system, you must act through the Finder, selecting the name of yours iPhone from the left sidebar. The rest of the steps to be taken are the same as I have just indicated for iTunes.

Restore iPhone backups via iCloud (online)

Now let's see how to restore iPhone backup via iCloud, then via the Internet.

To restore an "iPhone by" via iCloud you must have created backups on the latter, an operation that is generally carried out by iOS automatically every time you put the iPhone in charge and the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you want to check the list of backups on your iCloud account, go to settings of iOS, select the you don't know from the screen that opens, move to iCloud, presses on chart relating to the space avaelable on your account and select the item first Manage space and then the name of your iPhone. You well be shown a screen with the date (and size) of the last backup made on iCloud plus the list of all the apps included in the latter.

Are you using an iOS version earlier than 10.3? Then go to the menu ifttings> iCloud iPhone, select items Archive> Manage Space from the screen that opens and "tap" on the name of your phone. From here, select your phone name and review the list of backups uploaded to the cloud.

That said, to start restoring your "iPhone by" via the Internet, go to the menu ifttings> General> Reset iOS, select the item andnitialize content and settings from the screen that opens and "tap" on the button andnitialize iPhone, twice in a row. The device well restart and within a few minutes the initial iOS configuration procedure well start.

During the initial iPhone setup process, select one WIFI network to connect the device to, choose whether to activate i location services, configure the touch ID and imposes a unlock code, for the home screen. Then choose to restore from iCloud backup, log in to your Apple ID, accept the iOS terms of use and select the backup to restore. The procedure well go on for quite a few minutes, so I recommend connecting the iPhone to a power source.

Do you want to restore your old iPhone backup to a new iPhone? Yes it can do this too, as long as both devices have the same version of iOS. I have explained everything to you in my tutorial on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

If you haven't created any backups of your iPhone to iCloud yet, open the menu of settings of iOS, select the you don't knowi went his iCloud > Backup iCloud, make sure the option andCloud Backup is set to ON (so that settings, data and apps are automatically backed up every time you put your phone on charge). Then he presses the button Back up now and wait for the first iCloud backup to be made. If you are using an iOS version prior to 10.3, the same menu is accessible by going to ifttings> iCloud> Backup.

Please note: iCloud backups take up a lot of space. To keep them you may need to subscribe to one of the paid plans for the service, which start at 99 cents / month for 50GB of storage. Find out more about this in my post on how to use iCloud.

How to restore iPhone backup

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