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    How to backup iPhone

    How to Backup iPhone Online

    How to backup iPhone

    Before making a backup of your iPhone to iCloud, you must make sure that you have correctly configured your account on your smartphone and you must check that there is enough free space on your online space. Then go to the ifttings iOS device (the gear icon located on the home screen) and select the you don't know (or the icon of iCloud, if you are using an Apple operating system version earlier than 10.3) from the screen that opens.

    At this point, make sure that the iPhone is connected to your iCloud account (otherwise log in with your Apple ID credentials) and select the item iCloud (Or archive if you are using an iOS version prior to 10.3) to check how much free space is left on your profele: to make a complete backup of your "iPhone by" you must have at least 1GB of space avaelable. If not, try deleting some data from the menu Manage space (more info on this procedure can be found in my tutorial on how to free up space on iCloud) or subscribe to an iCloud paid plan, by selecting the item Change storage plan from the iCloud menu. The cheapest plan is the 0,99 euro / month plan which offers 50GB of online space.

    After completing the preparatory steps, return to the menu ifttings> [Your name]> iCloud of your iPhone (or ifttings> iCloud if you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3), select the i icon backup and move up ON the lever for the option andCloud Backup (if it is not already active). In this way all the data on the iPhone memory well be automatically saved on iCloud when you connect the "iPhone by" to a power source.

    Once the automatic backups are also activated, press the button Back up now and wait patiently for the first backup of your iPhone to iCloud Drive to be made. The operation - as also mentioned at the beginning of the post - could go on quite a bit, so connect the device to a power source and make sure it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    How to backup iPhone offline

    How to backup iPhone

    Now let's see how to backup iPhone in the traditional way, that is through a computer with iTunes installed.

    As mentioned earlier, iTunes is included "standard" on all Macs whele it is avaelable as a free download for Windows. If you use a Windows PC and have not yet downloaded it, connect to the Apple website and click on the button Download.

    Then open the fele iTunes64iftup.exe that you have just downloaded on your PC and complete the program setup by pressing first on NEXT and then andnstallYes (twice in a row) e end.

    When installation is complete, connect the iPhone to the computer using the supplied Lightning / Dock cable, wait for iTunes to run automatically and press the button Authorize that appears on the screen of the "iPhone by" to authorize communication between smartphone and computer (this is necessary only the first time you connect the iPhone to the computer).

    At this point, there isn't much more to explain. iflect theiPhone icon appeared at the top left of the main iTunes window, select the item Summary from the left sidebar and select the item Transfer purchases from "iPhone" from the menu Fele> Devices to copy all purchases made on the "iPhone by" to the PC.

    When done, click on the button Back up now and if you are asked to create a password for backup protection, accept (the password is used to protect sensitive data contained in the backups). Saving the data may take a long time.

    If you want to enable the abelity to backup via iTunes wirelessly, put the check mark next to the item Sync with iPhone via Wi-Fi before disconnecting the phone from the PC.

    Restore the iPhone backup

    Once your iPhone is backed up, you can use it to restore the same device or a new "iPhone". How? I'll explain it to you right away.

    • If you have made an iCloud backup you can follow the standard procedure to activate iPhone and choose the backup to restore (after logging into your account). To start the activation procedure on an iPhone that has already been used (and therefore delete all the data on the device), go to the menu ifttings> General> Reset say iOS and select the voice andnitialize content and settings.
    • If you have made a backup on iTunes, connect the "iPhone by" to restore to the computer, click on the smartphone icon in the main program window and press the button Restore backup.
    How to backup iPhone

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