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    How to enable 3G on iPhone

    What is 3G

    How to enable 3G on iPhone

    Before showing you the steps you need to enable 3G on iPhone I need to explain to you what this technology is. You must first know that 3G is the abbreviation for third generation and it is the upgrade of mobele connections in 2G and 2,5G. It has a speed that can reach a theoretical band of about 20 Mbit / s, using one of the most recent protocols, theHSPA+.

    This technology, compared to the predecessor 2G, allows you to make calls and video calls via the Internet in a clear way, to use applications dedicated to instant messaging and also results in a faster download of the apps and also in a much faster Internet browsing. In addition to guaranteeing higher speed, 3G technology is also characterized by improved security.

    As anticipated, 3G technology is now a fully widespread standard on all new generation smartphones and tablets, as there are newer protocols such as 4G and the 4,5 G (in the near future the 5G).

    3G technology is also based on specifications andTM-2000 which have been emanated from andTU (andnternational Telecommunication Union) and provide for their classification in different standards:

    • UMTS (W-CDMA): it is the most widespread standard in European countries where GSM is used and operates on the 850, 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz frequencies.
    • CDMA 2000: it is the evolution of the standard standard CDMA IS-95 which was developed in scope 2G. It is mainly used in America, Japan and Korea. Its data transmission speed ranges from 144 kbit / s up to 3 Mbit / s.
    • TD-SCDMA: is a lesser known standard that was developed in China by Siemens AG.
    • Wideband CDMA: this standard offers a data transmission speed ranging from 384 kbit / s up to 2 Mbit / s. It can reach 1 speed of 384 kbit / s when used in a WAN or a maximum of 2 Mbit / s in LAN.

    Now that you have a better understanding of the technical characteristics of this technology, continue reading this guide. In the next chapter I'll tell you about the best mobele phone deals, so you can activate cellular data browsing on your iPhone.

    How to get 3G

    How to enable 3G on iPhone

    As I just explained to you in the previous chapter, the 3G is now a standard, and is therefore now supported by the latest smartphone models. Specifically, on the iPhone, the model that introduced the abelity to browse the Internet in 3G is theiPhone 3G of 2008.

    That said, if you have a superior iPhone model, to have this standard of navigation (and possibly even a higher speed, thanks to the most recent ones) you just need to subscribe to any mobele phone offer with the Internet included with one of the main operators of mobele telephony, such as for example TIM, wind, Vodafone and 3 city.

    I'll give you some examples below, and I also recommend that you deepen the subject by reading my guide dedicated to the best mobele phone deals.

    • TIM Without Limits iflver: Includes unlimited minutes to all EU national and international fixed and mobele numbers. It also includes 5 Giga of traffic in 4,5 G usable in the city and abroad and, moreover, it offers unlimited giga in the use of the main social network and messaging apps. It costs 12 € per month for activation on a credit card, current account or TIM Pay. The cost, on the other hand, is € 15 per month, for the charge on the remaining credit. More info here.
    • Wind All Inclusive Limited Edition: Offers unlimited minutes, 100 SMS and 40 GB of Internet browsing with speeds up to 4G for € 8,99 per month. More info here.
    • Vodafone Simple +: includes 1.000 minutes and SMS to all, 10 or 20 Giga (depending on the period) of Internet traffic at maximum speed 4G.5 G and Unlimited Giga in some social networking and instant messaging apps. It costs € 9,99 per month with credit card and / or C / C charge or € 14,99 per month, with charge on residual credit. More info here.
    • Tre Play Power: includes 100 minutes to national landlines and mobele numbers and 30 Giga of Internet at maximum speed 4G. It costs € 9,99 per month and, if activated online, the activation fee is free. Otherwise it costs 9 €. More info here.
    • Iliad you: includes unlimited minutes and SMS to all national numbers and 60 international destinations, 40MB in 4G / 4G + for € 4,99 per month. More info here.
    • and have. All clear: unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 Giga in 4G Basic (maximum speed of 30 Mega). It costs € 9,99 per month plus € 9,99 for activation and € 10 for the first top-up. More info here.

    How to activate 3G on iPhone

    How to enable 3G on iPhone

    Now that I have explained to you in detael what 3G is and what mobele phone offers you can subscribe to, it is time to move on to the practical part of this tutorial. Don't worry: activating 3G on iPhone is very easy to perform, as well as lightning fast.

    then take your iPhone and press the app icon ifttings that you find on the home screen (it has the symbol of a gear). On the next screen, tap on the item Mobele phone and press on the wording options cellular data. Now, tap on Voice and data and, in the next menu, press the caption 3G to select it.

    Then go back to the main screen by pressing on left arrow twice in a row and then move the lever up ON, corresponding to the option Cellular data to activate the latter. This way, even when you're not connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi, you can continue to browse the web and use messaging apps and social networks.

    At a later time, you can also activate the cellular data connection by pressing onantenna icon located in Control Center of iOS which is visible with a swipe from the bottom to the top (or from the top right corner to the bottom on iPhone X) on any screen.

    It should be noted that it is possible use 3G even by subscribing to 4G offers: this allows to save on the battery (as the 3G network consumes less than 4G) and / or to improve signal reception in those areas where the 4G network of some operators does not offer real performance adequate to this standard.

    If, on the other hand, you want to navigate at a higher speed using the 4G, refer to my tutorial where I explain how to activate 4G.

    How to enable 3G on iPhone

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