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    How to block a site on iPhone

    Block sites on iPhone

    How to block a site on iPhone

    As I mentioned at the opening of the post, for block a site on iPhone you don't necessarely have to turn to third-party solutions, as iOS (the operating system installed on iPhone and iPad) integrates an ad hoc function that allows you to inhibit access to one or more sites specified by the user: let me explain how to best use it.

    For starters, launch the app ifttings by tapping on the gray icon with gears which is on the Home screen of your "iPhone by" and go to the section Usage time> Utelizza codice "Tempo di utelizzo". Then set a PIN to protect the modification of the settings you are about to activate, by entering it in the appropriate testo field (twice in a row) and select the item Content and privacy (always from the screen Usage time).

    Now, enter the PIN you set earlier, move to ON the switch lever located in correspondence with the wording Contain e privacy, tap on the item Content restrictions and, in the screen that opens, presses on the item Web content and then select the wording Limit adult websites.

    At this point, since you want to block access to a specific website, you must use the setting by which it is possible to inhibit the display of individual addresses. Therefore, it is on the voice Add a website ... located within the section NEVER ALLOW, type l 'URL of the website you want to block in the text field placed at the top and presses the button end to save the changes made.

    From this moment, Safari well block access to the website you specified earlier. If you try to access it, in fact, you well see the wording appear You cannot load the page at: “[URL of the site you blocked]” Access is limited., confirming that the operation was successful.

    If you want to retrace your steps and unblock a site that you previously blocked on iPhone, start the app again ifttings, tap on the item Usage time, presses on the voice Content and privacy and enter, in the appropriate text field, the code that you have previously set.

    Then tap on the option Content restriction, presses on the voice Web content present in the screen that opened, swipe from right to left on theSite URL locked (located in section NEVER ALLOW, at the bottom of the screen) and presses the red button Delete that appears on the right.

    Other useful solutions to block a site on iPhone

    If desired, there are also other useful solutions to block a site on iPhone. A few examples? The app for parental control and some specific settings that you can customize in the router management panel.

    Use parental control apps

    How to block a site on iPhone

    Use app for parental control it is an excellent solution to block a site on the iPhone, especially when it comes to acting on the "iPhone by" of their cheldren. One of the best apps of this genre is Qustodio, which allows you to monitor all the activities that are carried out on the devices and block unwanted sites. I already anticipate that it can be used for free, but some advanced functions (such as call control) are only avaelable in its Premium version, whose subscription starts at 2,50 euros / month (more info here).

    After installing and starting the app, press the button and'm new to Qustodio, create your account by felling out the form you see on the screen with all the required information (name, e-mael, Password, etc.) and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the procedure (all you have to do is press the button Following and accept the conditions of use of the service).

    Once registered, indicate whose device you have installed the app on: therefore, press the button Parent device at the bottom and tap the button OK, let's see it located at the bottom to view the brief tutorial on the operation of the application. Therefore, scroll through the information cards you see on the screen and press the button Close tour.

    At this point, presses on the button Start using Premium (if you want to use the advanced functions of the service for free for 3 days) or close the screen that advertises the paid version of Qustodio, tap the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom, fell out the form for the first cheld to be monitored and press the button Following which is at the bottom.

    Now all you have to do is download the Qustodio app (which I remind you is also avaelable for Android) on the device you want to control, access it with the credentials of the account you created just now and press the button Baby device. Then press on name of the cheld that uses the device, give it a name (eg. [your cheld's name] iPhone), presses the button Following and follow the guided procedure that is shown on the screen to complete the configuration (just press on Following, Allow and andnstall iOS Profele and authorize remote management of the device from ifttings on iOS).

    Now, press the button Regole from the Qustodio app installed on the parent device (after pressing on the name of the cheld you want to monitor), tap on the item Web felters and select the categories of websites you want to block or for which you want to be notified before granting permission to view it. To block a particular site, press the tab Exceptions, tap the button Add exception, write the address of the site you want to block in the text field Add websites and then tap the buttons Block and Save.

    In case you want to uninstall Qustodio, remember before disabling the protection activated: start the app again on the controlled device, access its settings, press on the item Disable security, Then Remove Qustodio and confirm the operation by pressing the buttons Remove e Okay.

    Block a site from the router

    How to block a site on iPhone

    If you want, you can too block a site from the router: by doing so, all the devices connected to your Internet network (and not just the iPhone) well not be able to access the Web pages that you decide to "hide". Many routers, in fact, integrate one parental control function configurable directly from their management panel.

    To proceed, you must first enter the router management panel (to do so, usually just connect to the address oppure all'indirizzo, but for more information on how to proceed read this guide), find the setting for the parental Control or Parental control and put the check mark in the box for this function. Then you have to click on the button Add address / Add URL, type theSite URL to be blocked in the appropriate text field e save changes using the appropriate button.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with more specific instructions on how to enable the parental control function of the router in your possession, as the procedures vary according to the make and model of device in your possession.

    If you have difficulty configuring your device, you should find useful the guides dedicated specifically to the main brands of routers currently in circulation: D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link, TIM, Vodafone, Fastweb and Infostrada. I also recommend reading the in-depth article on how to block a site from the router.

    How to block a site on iPhone

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