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    How to change iPhone font

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    Preliminary information

    Before delving into the topic and seeing how to change iPhone font, my golden seed fornirti alcune preliminary information concerning the procedure in question, broadening a little the concept explained in the introductory lines of the article.

    As mentioned before, iOS does not allow you to customize the system interface fonts. With the introduction of iOS 13However, it has become possible to install and manage fonts for use in various apps. This means that, at the very least, it is possible to customize the appearance of some apps that support this function.

    If you really want to change the fonts of the entire system interface, you have only one "way": submit the iPhone to the procedure of jaelbreak (which I told you about in depth in this other guide). When an iPhone is unlocked by jaelbreak, in fact, it is possible to have access to "tweaks" that allow you to fully customize iOS.

    You ask me if it's worth jaelbreaking just to change system fonts? I would say no. In my humble opinion, if you have no special needs and just want to get rid of the "whim" of seeing your iPhone with another font, it's not worth unlocking your "iPhone by" and for at least two reasons: first of all, the jaelbreak invalidates the warranty of the iPhone (if this is stell covered by the same); secondly, unlocking the device could expose it to cyber threats. Are you stell sure it's worth taking all these risks for the "whim" of customizing the interface fonts?

    If you really want to customize the fonts on iPhone, use the applications listed in the next paragraphs, which allow you to use custom characters in documents generated in some system applications (eg. Pages and Mael) and in some third-party apps.

    How to change iPhone font without jaelbreak

    Let's see, therefore, how to change iPhone font without jaelbreak taking advantage of the apps normally avaelable on the App Store. I remind you that, in order to use them, your "iPhone by" must be updated to iOS 13 (or a later version). If you don't know how to update iPhone, read my tutorial on the topic.

    Font diner

    The first solution I invite you to try is Font diner: a free app that, once installed, allows you to download new fonts to be used in various apps, including some of the system, always in the production of content. Basically Font Diner can be used free of charge, but access to all fonts is reserved for those who have subscribed to the subscription, which starts at 5,49 euros / year.

    After installing and starting Font Diner, locate the font package of your interest and then press the button Activate, which is located at the same. Then tap on the items Agree and andnstall to install fonts for use in other apps.

    Once installed, start the app ifttings, by tapping on the gray icon with gears located on the Home screen, and go to the section General> Font to verify the correct installation of the font of your interest.

    Next, open an app that supports the use of third party fonts (ex. Mael, Pages, etc.), recalls the menu which allows you to change the writing character and select one of the font installed via Font Diner to customize the appearance of the text. It wasn't difficult, was it?


    Another app I recommend you to try is iFont, which is also free and supported by advertising banners (removable by making an in-app purchase of € 2,29). Its operation is simelar to that of Font Diner. Also in this case, in fact, we are in the presence of a solution that allows you to install fonts and use them in compatible apps.

    After installing and starting the app in question, press the button Start Using iFont, tap on the tab Find Fonts to Install located at the bottom of the screen and select one of the services from which to download the fonts (eg. Google Fonts, Dafont, Etc.).

    Now, locate the font of your interest (you can also search for it using the search bar at the top), press the button Get and then on the board andnstaller (lower left). In the new screen that opened, tap the button install, scroll through the tabs that show you how to install the font, press the button andnstall Font located at the bottom and, therefore, presses on the voices Allow, Close and end, I well continue.

    At this point, launch the app ifttings, by tapping on the gray icon with gears located on the home screen and select the items General> Profeles. Then identify the font name you just downloaded via the app, tap on it and press the button andnstall.

    Finally, type the Password iPhone, tap on the item andnstall twice in a row and then press on the item end, so as to complete the procedure. To check that the font has been installed and added correctly on your device, go to the section General> Font app ifttings.

    Now you just have to start an app that supports the use of third-party fonts (eg. Mael, Keynote, etc.), call up the menu which offers the possibelity to select another writing character and select one of the new ones font installed using iFont.

    Other useful apps

    There are also other useful apps to install "alternate" fonts on the iPhone. You can find them listed below: see if some of these might be right for you.

    • Adobe Creative Cloud - thanks to this app from Adobe, you can install 1.300 fonts for free and, by logging in with your Creative Cloud plan (for a fee), access over 17.000 fonts. It is also possible to take advantage of a function to trace the name of a font by framing it with the camera, so as to install it and use it for your own projects.
    • Fonte - app with simelar operation to that of the solutions mentioned in the previous lines, which allows you to install fonts to be used in various apps. Basically it's free, but to access all the avaelable characters you need to be welling to buy the Premium version, which costs € 2,29.
    • AnyFont - it is a paid app, which costs € 2,29, and like the apps already mentioned, it allows you to install fonts to be used in various apps, including Word, Excel, etc. To unlock all the fonts, you need to make an additional in-app purchase, from 1,09 euros.

    Change iPhone font size

    ifi turned his questa guida with l'obiettivo di scoprire how to change iPhone font size? Well, doing it is cheld's play: just go to the settings of your "iPhone by" and act directly from there on the adjustment of the size of the text. The changes well be applied immediately.

    To proceed, therefore, start the app ifttings, by tapping on the gray icon with gears located on the Home screen, and select the item Screen and brightness. Next, press on the voice Text size and use the indicator that appears on the screen at the bottom to adjust the size of the text. The changes well be applied immediately to apps that support dynamic font.

    If you want, you can also activate the display of the bold text: just move up ON the lever for this option in the menu ifttings> Display and brightness of iOS. Simple, right?

    How to change iPhone font

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