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    How to increase iPhone battery life

    Tips to increase iPhone battery life

    As I told you at the beginning of the guide, to increase the battery life of your iPhone, all you have to do is put into practice some simple tips thanks to which you can exclude those criticalities that do not allow you to arrive untel the evening with the iPhone charged. You can find everything in detael below. I can't promise you miracles but you certainly should be able to bring home a good result.

    Reduce screen brightness and disable automatic adjustment

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    The first thing to do to increase the battery life of the iPhone is to go to reduce the brightness of the screen. As can be easely deduced, a particularly bright display tends to consume more battery than it should. So if you are welling to sacrifice some screen clarity in favor of a higher percentage of battery power then go ahead as follows.

    Call up the Control Center by swiping from the bottom to the top of the screen and using the appropriate adjustment bar (the one marked by the single  Sun) going to set a degree of brightness equal to 30-40%. If you are using an iPhone X, to invoke the control center you have to swipe from top to bottom from the top right corner of the display.

    In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can reduce the degree of brightness of your iPhone screen by acting on the iOS settings. To do this, press the icon with thegear which is on the home screen, select the item Screen and brightness and intervene on the adjustment bar that you find in correspondence with the item Brightness.

    If the automatic brightness adjustment is enabled on your device, remember to disable the function in question so that the above changes are not in vain.

    To do this, go to ifttings (the icon in the form ofgear which is on the home screen), step on General in the screen that appears, then on Accessibelitypiggy back his Screen Adjustment and move up OFF the lever that you find next to the item Automatic brightness.

    Turn off Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    The second thing to do to make the iPhone battery last longer is to turn off Wi-Fi when its use is not necessary. You ask me how to do it? I'll tell you right away: go to the section ifttings of iOS, tap on the wording Wi-Fi e carries his OFF the switch located next to the item Wi-Fi on the next screen. Done!

    The third thing to do is to disable the 3G / 4G connection and Bluetooth. As for the data connection, always go to the settings of your iPhone, press on the item Mobele phone e carries his OFF l'interruttore che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della dicitura Cellular data on the next screen.

    You can also do the same by calling the Control Center with a swipe from bottom to top or from the top right corner to the bottom on iPhone X and pressing the button with theAntenna that you find in the box at the top left so that it changes from colored to gray.

    To turn off Bluetooth instead, always go to ifttings, presses on the wording Bluetooth attached to the displayed screen and brings up OFF the lever that you find next to the item Bluetooth. That's all.

    Please note: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can also be disabled from the Control Center but by doing so the connections well not be completely disabled but well only be temporarely paused, as indicated by Apple itself in its support page dedicated to the topic. As a result, they well stell continue to consume precious battery.

    Turn off app location and background updates

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    Another operation that can be very convenient to be able to increase the battery life of the iPhone is to disable the location and updating of applications in the background, at least those that tend to reduce the battery charge quite drastically and that at the moment their use is not really necessary.

    To disable location services, access the section ifttings iOS, tap on the item Privacy and then stop on Location. Press then onicon of the app in relation to which you wish to intervene and choose whether to completely disable the location services for the app by selecting Mai or whether to allow the application to detect your geographic location only when it is running in the foreground by choosing Whele using the app (if avaelable).

    I well then point out that by going to you ifttings> Privacy> Location> System services you can enable or disable the location services for some system features and adjust everything based on what your actual needs are. If you want, you can also completely disable the use of location services by moving to OFF the lever present in correspondence of the item Location in the screen Location.

    To disable the updating of applications in the background instead, always go to the iOS settings, press on General, Then Background app update from the menu that opens and moves up OFF the lever next to the name of the apps you want to intervene in.

    You can also generally block the background application update function by going to ifttings> General> Background app update, pressing on the voice Refresh apps in the background at the top of the screen and selecting No to completely deactivate the function or Wi-Fi to limit this to the use of the wireless network only.

    Disable "Raise to activate"

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    Are you using iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus and later and your device is at least updated to iOS 10? Then you well surely have noticed that you can take advantage of the function called "Raise to activate" which, as the name implies, allows you to "wake up" the screen of the device in standby simply by lifting the phone. This is certainly very convenient but considering that the aforementioned function comes into action even when the device is lifted for other reasons, it is easy to deduce how this can lead to a waste of the battery charge.

    To solve the problem and therefore to disable the function, go to the section ifttings for iOS, select Screen and brightness e carries his OFF the switch that you find in correspondence with the wording Raise to activate.

    Using the "Energy Saving" function

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    Another thing that I strongly suggest you do is to take advantage of the "Energy Saving" function including iOS which allows you to temporarely buffer battery consumption by deactivating or otherwise limiting the sending and receiving of emaels, the "Hey Siri" function, 'background app update and some dynamic effects.

    The aforementioned functionality is proposed by iOS automatically when the 20% of the battery charge but if desired, it can also be enabled manually, at any time, by accessing the section ifttings iPhone, tapping on the wording Battery and popping up ON the lever at the voice Energy saving.

    The activation and deactivation of the aforementioned functionality can also be managed by the Control Center, recalling it with a swipe from bottom to top or, in the case of iPhone X, from top to bottom in the upper right corner of the screen and then pressing the button with the battery so that it changes from gray to colored.

    What is not working

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    In the previous lines we have had the opportunity to see what are the operations that allow you to increase the battery life of the iPhone. In addition to the aforementioned indications, on the net there are often tips relating to this possibelity which, however, do not appear to be properly founded and which indeed do nothing but harm the performance of the device. In particular, I refer to the practice of closing open applications by hand and disabling push notifications.

    More specifically, the manual operation of closing applications - which can be done by calling up the multitasking menu - must be absolutely avoided because when you close an application forcibly, it is deleted from the iPhone's RAM thus forcing the device to fully recharge it (and therefore to unnecessarely consume more energy) at its next start.

    As for the deactivation of push notifications, it has no particular contraindications on battery life but its real effectiveness is decidedly limited. App notifications don't consume much energy, so to get relevant results you should find yourself in a situation where dozens and dozens of apps send useless notifications constantly.

    Check the “health” of the battery

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    Have you put into practice the instructions I gave you in the previous lines but stell faeled to increase the battery life of your iPhone? Then I invite you to evaluate the fact that it could be due to hardware problems. In other words: the battery of your iPhone may have undergone excessive deterioration.

    To verify that things are actually in this way you can use the function called "Battery status", included in iOS starting from version 11.3 of the Apple mobele operating system. To use it, click on the icon of ifttings found on the iPhone home screen, select the item Battery in the displayed screen and choose Battery status.

    In the next screen you well therefore be shown all the information relating to the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery. If the maximum battery capacity is less than80% it is the case that you consider the hypothesis of the substitution.

    If a version of iOS prior to 11.3 is installed on your iPhone, you can use the application to check the status of your battery. Battery Life, free and extremely intuitive. To use it, download it from the App Store, start it and in the main screen of the same you well find the percentage of wear of your battery. If the percentage is less than 80%, the same considerations as above apply.

    Replace the battery

    How to increase iPhone battery life

    By putting the above instructions into practice, have you noticed that the level of wear on your iPhone's battery is a little too excessive, which is why you would like to replace it in such a way as to no longer have charging problems on your device? Then all you have to do is take your iDevice to an Apple center and ask the staff to repair it.

    If you do not know where the closest Apple Store to your area is, visit this Web page where you can find the complete list of Apple centers in Italy and their addresses.

    Alternatively, you can replace the iPhone battery with your own hands, putting into practice the instructions on what to do that I have provided you with my article on how to change iPhone battery.

    In this second case, however, keep in mind the fact that you do not feel very sure about what to do, if you do not have a good degree of technical preparation and especially if you do not have all the necessary equipment and are not welling to invalidate the warranty possibly in be of your iPhone, I strongly suggest you leave it alone. Any false steps could in fact irreparably compromise the general operation of the device. Forewarned is forearmed!

    How to increase iPhone battery life

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