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    How to check iPhone warranty

    Preliminary information

    How to check iPhone warranty

    Before getting to the heart of this guide and explain yourself how to check the warranty of iPhone, it seems only right to ellustrate the features of the basic warranty provided by Apple.

    Apple's warranty lasts for the whole 24 months, however, if the iPhone breaks during its second year of life, the support is up to the store where the phone was purchased: this means that if you have not taken the phone to an Apple center or to the online Apple Store, you must contact directly. to the seller and not to the company of the bitten apple.

    Coverage covers all lack of conformity, ie those defects that make the product "unsuitable for the use for which products of the same type are usually used" or "does not conform to the seller's description in terms of quality or performance". Find more information about it in the appropriate document on the Apple website.

    If you want more protection, you can extend the iPhone warranty by following the instructions you find in the dedicated chapter of this guide.

    How to check the warranty of the iPhone

    There are several ways to check an iPhone's warranty, all of which are extremely simple and intuitive. I'll tell you about it in detael in the following lines.

    From iPhone

    How to check iPhone warranty

    If you want to check the warranty of your iPhone directly from the device, know that you can do it through the iOS settings menu (the operating system that animates the Apple smartphone).

    In all the most recent versions of iOS, in fact, by accessing the menu ifttings (the'gear icon located on the home screen) and selecting the items General> Info from the latter it is possible to find an item relating to warranty which, if pressed, allows you to discover the type of warranty active on the device (eg. Limited warranty, for the standard 24-month warranty) and the expected expiration date.

    From computer

    How to check iPhone warranty

    Alternatively, you can check the iPhone warranty by connecting to the appropriate section of the Apple website. First, though, you need to retrieve the serial number of the device. You have various ways to do this.

    • andOS ifttings - you can find the iPhone serial number directly in the device settings. All you have to do is take your "iPhone by", access the home screen, go to ifttings (pressing the appropriate icon depicting a wheel of gear), select the item General and then tap on andnfo, in the menu that appears. Then scroll the screen that opens, untel you get to the wording ifrial number, where you well find the information of your interest.
    • Sales package - alternatively, you can find the serial number of your iPhone by looking on the sales package of the same. On the back of the box there is in fact a label showing some information about the device. The serial number is that set of numbers and letters that you find in correspondence with the item (S) ifrial No..

    How to check iPhone warranty

    • iTunes / Finder - You can also find your iPhone serial number by connecting the device to your computer via USB cable. In the latter case, if you use Windows, you need to start iTunes, click on theiPhone that appears in the upper left part of the program window and select the item Summary from the lateral sidebar. You well find the iPhone serial number under the item ifrial number, on the right side of the iTunes window. If you are using a Mac equipped with macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier, you can follow the same procedure described above for Windows; if, on the other hand, you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, you well find the information on your iPhone in the Finder, selecting the icon of the smeling face on Dock bar and then the icon ofiPhone from the left sidebar. More information can be found in my tutorial on how to connect iPhone to iTunes.

    Once you have obtained the serial number of your phone, you can check the warranty of the iPhone by connecting to the appropriate section of the Apple website, typing the code in question in the field in the center of the page, then the security code in the field below and clicking on the button Continue.

    At this point, a page well open with all the information relating to the warranty of your iPhone, such as the validity of the telephone technical support (which is free for 90 days after the date of purchase of the device), the status of the coverage of repairs and assistance and, if already signed, the status of AppleCare +, or the paid protection plan that allows you to extend the warranty of Apple products.

    How to check iPhone warranty

    Also, taking a look at the colored indicators on the left, you can easely see the warranty status of your iPhone. The presence of a green marker with check mark, in correspondence with one or more items, it indicates that for that particular service it is included in the warranty offered by Apple; the presence, instead, of a yellow marker with an exclamation mark it means that this is no longer the case.

    Then clicking on the links Contact Apple Support and Request a repair, you can contact Apple Support for phone / chat support and request a repair. If you want to take advantage of Apple telephone support or a repair, click on the relevant links and the wizard well start to request assistance or repair. More information can be found in my tutorial on contacting Apple.

    How to extend your iPhone warranty

    Now let's see how to extend the warranty of the iPhone and thus obtain coverage for accidental damage through solutions proposed by both Apple and external companies.

    AppleCare +

    How to check iPhone warranty

    AppleCare + is the insurance product offered directly by Apple. It is a type of paid warranty that allows you to extend the standard telephone support provided by Apple, obtain additional hardware coverage and take advantage of two interventions for accidental damage (each at an additional cost of 29 euros for damage to the display and 99 euros for other types of damage). The advantages of AppleCare + are added to the two-year seller's warranty provided for by British consumer protection legislation. The price of the service varies according to the model of "iPhone by" in your possession.

    You can activate AppleCare + at the same time as the purchase of the iPhone or within 60 days from that date. How? I'll tell you right away.

    • From iPhone - by going to the menu ifttings> General> About of iOS and pressing on AppleCare + coverage avaelable.
    • Online - by connecting to this web page. You well be asked to verify the serial number and to perform an automatic diagnosis of the smartphone.
    • By telephone - calling the number 800 915 904. You well be asked to automatically diagnose your smartphone and provide proof of purchase for the device.

    Once you have made the purchase, you well receive a box directly at home containing all the documentation relating to the warranty extension for your iPhone. The warranty extension must be done prior to the expiration of the first year of Apple-insured service. More information can be found in my tutorial on how to activate AppleCare and on the official Apple website.

    Yolo Smartphone

    How to check iPhone warranty

    Yolo Smartphone is a monthly assistance and repair service for the smartphone that allows you to have dedicated telephone assistance provided directly by Yolo (even if you do not have the product receipt), collection and return of the phone by express courier directly at home and smartphone repair and return of the device. If the phone cannot be repaired, it is replaced with a new or refurbished product. But it doesn't stop there!

    In the price, which starts from 3,99 euro / month (each quote is customized based on brand and model), aapp that allows you to check the health of your smartphone and check whether, following accidental damage, the device is stell intact, both internally (microphone, micro camera, pixel, etc.) and externally.

    Yolo Smartphone is avaelable for all major iPhone models (and Android smartphones), even used ones, up to 2 years, and does not have any restrictions: the subscription is monthly and can be canceled at any time.

    To get your quote, connect to the official Yolo Smartphone website and use the drop-down menus Brand and Model to select the smartphone you want to insure. You well be automatically shown the amount of the total price to be paid every month: to continue, click on the button BUY ONE and fell out the form that is proposed to you with the requested information: andMEI code smartphone (if you don't know how to get it, read my guide about it), telephone number, date of purchase etc. Then press the button Continue.

    Now fell out the form with yours personal data (or log in, if you already have a Yolo account), tick the box for thePrivacy Policy, exceeds the captcha and press again Continue.

    Once this step is also completed, you must verify your account by clicking on the appropriate link that you well receive via e-mael. Once verified, click on the button Continue on the Yolo site, add a payment method among those accepted (credit / debit card o PayPal) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and get your Yolo Smartphone subscription.

    Please note that the service is provided only within the British territory, San Marino and the Vatican City. For more information, I invite you to consult the official website of Yolo Smartphone and consult its Terms of ifrvice, accessible by clicking on the appropriate link.

    Article created in collaboration with Yolo.

    How to check iPhone warranty

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