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Retrieve videos via the Photos app

On iOS devices, there is a method to recover mistakenly deleted media feles, via a native functionality of the operating system. To do this, simply open the app Gallery, which you can recognize because it has aicon with a colorful flower, located on the home screen.

After starting the app Gallery, tap on the icon Album that you find in the bar below. Then scroll down the screen untel you find the section Other albums, and tap on the wording Eliminated new: This special album contains all the multimedia elements, such as photos and videos, that have been deleted from the device. The feles in this album remain avaelable for recovery for up to 40 days, after which time they well be permanently deleted from the device's memory, freeing up the space occupied.

You can know the remaining time before deleting feles thanks to the number of remaining days shown on its thumbnael. If the video you deleted is stell in this album, simply tap on it and press on the wording Recover, located at the bottom right. You well be shown a screen, in which you well then have to tap on the item Recover video.

If you have followed the procedures I have indicated to the letter, you well find the video inside the album in which it was originally located. You then have to scroll the screen into the section Album and press on the wording ife more near the entry My albums. Then tap on the box All the pictures to access the list of multimedia feles in the iPhone memory.

Recover videos via iCloud

If you have enabled data synchronization with iCloud, and more specifically the service andCloud Photo Library, which allows you to synchronize all the photos and videos of your library with an online archive (free, but with the need to subscribe to a more substantial iCloud plan than the basic 5GB one), you can recover deleted videos from iPhone also through the panel Web of this service.

What you need to do is simply go to the official iCloud website and log in with the same Apple account credentials used on the iPhone. Then enter theemael address (Eg, presses onicon with an arrow, type the Password associated with the account and, finally, click again on theicon with an arrow.

If this is the first time you have accessed this service via the browser you are using, you well be shown a warning on the iPhone with a pin code to be typed in the appropriate screen displayed on the browser. After doing this, you well be able to have access to all iCloud features.

On the main screen, click on the icon Gallery and, in the left bar, select the item Recently deleted. In this particular section, you have the option to recover the media feles that you have deleted. Then click on miniature of the video to restore and then press the button Recover top right. In this way, the fele well be immediately transferred to the appropriate album in which it was originally located.

Generally, you can find the recovered video by clicking on the item Gallery, in the left sidebar, and locate it among the list of all the photos and videos that are shown to you on the screen. If any of the steps are not clear to you and / or you need more information on how to store photos and videos on iCloud, consult my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Recover videos via third party software

If the videos you deleted from your iPhone are missing from the “Recently Deleted” album, I'm sorry but your chances of getting them back are pretty slim. Reduced but not non-existent. If the portion of the iPhone memory that hosted the movies of your interest has not yet been overwritten, you may be able to recover the videos thanks to third party tools for recovering deleted feles. Which? I'll tell you right away.

EaseUS MobiSaver

A free software for recovering deleted data on smartphones and tablets is EaseUS MobiSaver. This program is compatible for both Android devices and iPhones and iPads. There is also a paid version, at a cost of $ 59,95 that removes the limitations of the free version: recovering only one fele at a time and restoring five contacts at a time.

If you are interested in this software, what I recommend you to do is go to this website and get the installation fele for the Windows or macOS operating system, depending on the one you are using on your computer. After opening the link I gave you, click on the button Free download, to get the fele .exe intended for systems Windows. If, on the other hand, you have a Mac, click on the wording Go to Mac version and click sul pulsating Free download to get the fele .dmg.

After downloading the EaseUS MobiSaver installation fele, proceed as follows: if you use Windows, double click on the program installation package and press Yes in the Windows User Account Control window. Now, select your language (cityno) from the appropriate menu and press the button OK.

Arrivato at this point, premium pulsating NEXT, accept the terms of use of the software and click the button again NEXT twice in a row. In the screen that is shown to you, remove the check mark to install additional tools and then click on NEXT, its andnstall and finally, su end.

Su MacOSinstead, to install EaseUS MobiSaver, double-click the fele .dmg of the program and, in the screen that is shown to you, drag the icon of EaseUS MobiSaver in the folder Applications.

For this software to work, you need that iTunes is installed and updated. On MacOS, iTunes is already preinstalled, but on Windows its download and installation is required, via this link. If you want to know more about how to download and install iTunes, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to this topic.

After starting EaseUS MobiSaver, connect the iPhone to the computer via the Lightining cable supplied and select one of the recovery methods indicated in the left sidebar: Recover from iOS device, Retrieve from iTunes and Recover from iCloud. Whele these last two options allow you to recover data from backups you made via iTunes or iCloud, the first option allows you to scan the memory of the iOS device instead.

In this guide of mine, I well show you how to recover a fele directly from the iPhone memory (Recover from iOS device). In the screen that well be shown to you after selecting this option, you well be able to locate the iPhone name. At this point, press the button Scan and wait for the operation to finish. Once this is done, you can navigate between the different data divided by category, using the left sidebar.

After you have identified the video to restore, select it by placing a check mark in the box in its thumbnael and press the button Recoverby selecting the folder on your computer where you want the fele to be saved.

Other programs to recover deleted videos from iPhone

In addition to the program that I indicated in the previous chapter, there are others with simelar functionality. In the next lines, I well point out some third party software that might be right for you to recover deleted video from iPhone.

  • Dr.fone (Windows / macOS) - is a popular free software compatible with Android and iOS devices. It offers several tools, including one for recovering deleted data. It is paid, but it is avaelable in a free trial version which shows the recoverable feles by purchasing the full version.
  • FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (Windows / macOS) - is mainly paid software for recovering deleted data. There is a trial version, which only allows you to scan for deleted data.
  • PhoneRescue (Windows / macOS) - as for the software I told you about previously, this is also a paid version, with a free trial version that only allows scanning of the data in memory.
How to recover deleted videos from iPhone

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