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    Social networking and communication

    Let's start by reviewing what are the best applications avaelable for iPhone 7 and more generally for iPhone in terms of social networking and communication. These are the ones you can use to chat with friends and to connect with other people.

    • Facebook - Every presentation is almost useless. We are in fact in the presence of the iOS app of the number one social network in the world: Facebook, in fact. It allows you to access it directly and comfortably from your "iPhone by", to manage your profele, to view that of your friends and to perform almost all the operations that can be carried out by connecting to the service via the Web. It's free.
    • Facebook Messenger - When downloading Facebook on iPhone, it is practically a must to download Messenger as well. It is in fact the app through which it is possible to send conversations in the chat of the social network from the mobele. It also allows you to make calls at no cost over the Internet and to connect your mobele number to it. It's free.
    • WhatsApp Messenger - Basically the world's number one instant messaging app! It allows you to chat, call and video call your contacts, send voice messages, photos, videos and various other documents. All in a very easy way. It's free.
    • Telegram - He is essentially the "antagonist" of WhatsApp. It is in fact another very popular application for instant messaging that has made security and bots its strengths. Absolutely to try. It's free.
    • Twitter - Introductions, even in this case, are not much use. It is in fact the official application of Twitter, the service for the microbloggin of the "blue finch". It allows you to access your account, search tweets, follow other users and perform all other operations that can be carried out on the Web. The application is free.
    • Tweetbot - An app more than recommended for all the most avid Twitter users who, however, cannot really like the official client. The application in question is in fact a sort of enhancement of the aforementioned app: it supports timeline synchronization across multiple devices, hashtag feltering and other content, allows you to send links and tweets to other apps and much more. It costs 10,99 euros.
    • Skype - This is the iPhone app of the famous Microsoft VoIP service. It offers the abelity to chat with other users and make calls and video calls across the globe. It's free.
    • Snapchat - This is a very popular app that allows you to take pictures or capture videos and then send them to your contacts with captions or adding graphics making them avaelable for a limited time.


    Let's now move on to the for iPhone 7 dedicated to surfing the net, managing e-maels and various other services related to the world of the Internet in general. Find the apps that I believe are the best in their category below. Happy download!

    • Chrome - As can be easely deduced from the name, it is the web browser application of big G and as such it proposes the user experience from a computer on the iPhone. Synchronizes browsing data between all devices connected to the same Google account, allows you to view sites in desktop mode, to search web pages and also integrates a nice QR code reader. It's free.
    • Puffin web browser - A nice cloud-based iPhone browser that lets you enjoy Flash content seamlessly. It's free
    • Pocket - Indispensable for those who often surf the net and come across articles and contents of various kinds that they consider interesting and that they would like to be able to read at a later time. The application does exactly this by creating a practical archive that can then be consulted even in the absence of an Internet connection. It's free.
    • Flipboard - A resource entirely dedicated to those who wish to stay updated on their favorite topics without having to go and look for news personally. In fact, just select the topics of interest and the app automatically proposes what to read. It also allows you to create personalized digital magazines to be edited by inserting your favorite posts. It's free.
    • gmael - It is the official app of Gmael, the famous Google mael client, for iPhone (as well as for other iOS devices). It supports push notifications, allows you to read mael on the fly and view its attachments and, although not yet completely, it also supports 3D Touch to write new messages immediately. It's free.
    • Airmael - It is the perfect application for those looking for an alternative emael client to the default iPhone. It has a very pleasant, highly customizable user interface, allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously and integrates support for numerous external services. It costs 5,49 euros.
    • Feedly - Since good old Google Reader closed, Feedly has taken its place in the hearts of users and managed to earn the title of the best RSS feed reader of the moment. Thanks to this application, the official one of the service, you can therefore keep an eye on all the latest updates of your favorite websites directly from your iPhone. It's free.
    • dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive - They are the official iPhone apps of the most popular cloud storage services of the moment. If you use them, I recommend that you download them right away. All three are free.

    Navigators and GPS

    If you are a type who often travels by car (or motorcycle) you should also install apps dedicated to GPS navigation on your iPhone 7. In a nutshell, these are those that have literally replaced the "classic" navigators and that can allow you to get information on the fly about roads to go, directions, track and road conditions in general.

    • Waze - This is another very famous app that has been present on the App Store since time immemorial. We are talking about a navigator in a social sauce with lots of notifications relating to traffic conditions, accidents, checkpoints and so on. It's free.
    • TomTom Go Mobele - This is the official iPhone application of the well-known Dutch company that produces satellite navigation systems. It includes all the British and world maps of TomTom services and all the typical functions of the most advanced GPS navigators. The app can be downloaded for free but to use it you need to subscribe to a paid subscription.
    • Nav Mii - Another nice navigator for iPhone that performs its task very well. It also offers several basic social features. Advertising banners are a bit annoying but nothing to prevent their good use. It's free.
    • Google Maps - Impossible not to mention the Google home maps service when discussing GPS navigators. This application is in fact the transposition of Google Maps for Android devices and as such allows you to take full advantage of all its features. It's free.
    • Moovit - An excellent tool to always know how to get around by public transport. It provides detaeled information on bus, train and metro timetables in many cities around the world, including British ones. It also allows you to obtain real-time information on strikes, delays and any breakdowns of public transport. It's free.
    • Speed ​​Cameras! - From the name you understand it immediately: it is an application capable of reporting the presence of speed cameras along the roads. Very efficient! It's free.
    • Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps - Another beautiful app of the category capable of fulfelling the role of navigator for the iPhone in a big way. It integrates TomTom home maps that can also be viewed in 3D and a navigation with turn-by-turn voice directions. It is free to download but offers in-app purchases.
    • Coyote - A fairly famous GPS navigation app that can count on a dense network of users who updates it periodically. It is free but after 15 days of trial you have to pay to be able to continue using it.

    Music, Videos and Photos

    • Spotify - The official app of the famous music streaming service. In its basic version, at no cost, there are some limitations that can possibly be circumvented by subscribing to a Premium plan. It is free to download.
    • YouTube - The official YouTube application through which you can view all your favorite videos directly from the iPhone. It's free.
    • Radium - Very good app for listening to online radio from around the globe. It's free.
    • Overcast - Great podcaster for subscribing to and listening to favorite podcasts. It has excellent graphics and integrates advanced features. It's free
    • andnstagram - A real celebrity when it comes to sharing photos. It allows you to take, edit and post images online by applying eye-catching felters. It's free.
    • andnfuse - One of the most popular video players for iOS devices. It integrates support for all the most popular multimedia fele formats, automatically downloads information and posters from the Internet and also allows you to view streaming videos. It's free.
    • VLC - It is the iOS version of one of the most popular multimedia players for PC and Mac. It offers the possibelity to open and play feles of various types and its use is really elementary. It's free.
    • iTV Shows - Allows you to keep track of the episodes of the TV series that you have seen. Recommended for lovers of the category. It costs € 3,49.


    Would you like to be able to use your trusty iPhone 7 also for business reasons, to write texts, do calculations and anything else to do with productivity? Then you well certainly be happy to take a look at the following list of apps dedicated to the purpose. I bet you won't be able to do without it anymore.

    • Pages - One of the main apps in Apple's iWork suite. It allows you to easely create complex text documents and edit Microsoft Word feles. It's free.
    • Numbers - It's the iWork app for spreadsheets. It is also compatible with Excel documents. It's free.
    • Keynote - It's the Apple application for creating presentations on the go. It's free.
    • WPS Office - Excellent alternative app to the ones mentioned above to process spreadsheets, draft documents and prepare presentations in a very simple way. It's free.
    • PDF Expert - Great tool for editing PDF feles. It allows you to add notes, highlights and perform various other operations with the documents of the category. It costs 10,99 euros.
    • Notabelity - Fantastic application for creating “hybrid” documents. It also allows the use of virtual sheets with lines and squares themes. It costs 10,99 euros.
    • Simplenotote - Another great app to create notes and notes designed for those who want to have an essential but efficient solution. It's free.
    • Documents - A good fele manager for documents, photos, videos and compressed archives right on your smartphone. It's free.


    To conclude this roundup of apps for iPhone 7 I want to point out to you all those resources that for one reason or another do not fall into the categories already mentioned but which may be useful if downloaded and installed on your iDevice. Here they are.

    • Driving license quiz - Do you have to practice the quizzes of the theory exam for the driving license? This is the right application to do it. It's free.
    • Parcel - Do you want to track your shipments directly from the iPhone? With this app you can do it. It has a nice user interface, is easy to use and supports almost all of the existing couriers. It's free.
    • Bosh converter - A nice unit of measure converter for iPhone made avaelable by the number one when it comes to DIY equipment and more. It's free.
    • Sleep Cycle - An “intelligent” alarm clock capable of monitoring sleep stages and that only wakes the user up when the time is right to do so. It's free.
    • SuperGuidaTV - Allows you to keep track of your entire television schedule on a weekly basis. It also offers the possibelity of setting alerts for favorite programs and accessing the on-demand archive of broadcasters. It's free.
    • Duolingo - An excellent tool for learning foreign languages ​​directly and comfortably from the iPhone's screen. It's free.
    • 1Password - A real must-have for cybersecurity. Allows you to keep passwords, credit card data, software licenses and other sensitive information securely. The data is synchronized with the other devices on which the application is installed. It's free.
    • SwiftKey keyboard - Excellent keyboard alternative to the default one capable of simplifying the typing of texts by suggesting the best words based on the writing style.
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