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    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    Synchronize contacts, calendars, notes etc.

    To sync iPad with iPhone so that you have contacts, calendars, reminders, favorites, photos and app data (e.g. annotations, completed levels in a game, etc.) perfectly aligned on both devices, simply activate iCloud, the Apple service that allows you to save all the data I have just listed in an online archive and automatically synchronize them between all the iDevices in the user's possession without the user having to lift a finger.

    The service is free up to 5 GB of space but to these we must add the unlimited storage that Apple guarantees for photos taken with iPhone and iPad. The images in question are in fact saved on an online archive called Photo stream which has time and space limits: it allows you to archive up to 1.000 images at a time for a total period of 30 days.

    Before giving you all the explanations of the case, however, it is good to clarify one point immediately: in order to use iCloud and, consequently, to be able to synchronize iPad with iPhone as I have just indicated, it is essential to have a Apple ID (but if you use an Apple device you well already have one!) and it is also essential that you have logged in with the same device on both your iPad and your iPhone.

    If you haven't already created an Apple ID, don't worry, let's fix it right away: connect to Apple's official website by clicking here, fell out the short registration form that is proposed to you by entering all the required data and confirm your identity by clicking on link that was emaeled to you. The procedure, as you can see, is extremely simple but if you need more detaels you can stell consult my guide on how to use iCloud that I made on the subject.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    To take advantage of iCloud, all you have to do is activate the service during the iPhone / iPad initialization procedure as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to activate iPhone or enable it in ifttings selecting the you don't know, by tapping on iCloud and then carrying on ON all levers referring to the options (Calendars, reminder, Safari, Notes and so on) attached to the screen that is shown to you.

    If you are using a version of iOS prior to 10.3, to set up iCloud synchronization you have to go to the menu ifttings> iCloud.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    If the Photo Streaming function is close to you, in the sense that you would like to store photos and videos on iCloud and synchronize them on the other iDevices in your possession without having time or space limits, you can activate the service andCloud Photo Library. Unlike Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Photo Library erodes the avaelable storage space on iCloud. This means you need to ditch the 5GB free plan and activate a paid subscription for the service.

    To subscribe to one of the iCloud paid plans (starting from 0,99 euros / month for 50 GB of storage), press the icon of ifttings attached to the iOS home screen, select the tua photoi went his iCloud, presses on the graph relating to Free space on your account and choose the type of subscription you prefer.

    Are you using an iOS version earlier than 10.3? In this case, to subscribe to an iCloud paid plan you have to go to the menu ifttings> iCloud, you have to tap on archive and then you have to press on Change storage plan.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    To activate the iCloud Photo Library, go to the menu instead ifttings, presses on you don't know, Then iCloud to do tap su Gallery. Then move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione andCloud Photo Library, activate the option Optimize iPhone space And that's it.

    If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you need to go to to activate iCloud Photo Library ifttings> iCloud> Photos. For more information on this, see my tutorial on how to store photos on iCloud.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    Synchronize music, movies and books

    If you also want to know how to sync iPad with iPhone so that you have the same music and movies on both devices, you need to turn to iTunes and choose to sync the same contents with both of your iDevices. How you do it? Nothing simpler.

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes (if it hasn't started by itself already) and select your iDevice icon from the top bar of the program. At this point, go to the tab Music and metti el ​​segno di spunta accanto althe voice Sync music and / or go to the card Videos and metti el ​​segno di spunta accanto althe voice Synchronize movies. Then click on Apply, Then Synchronize and all the songs and videos saved in iTunes well be copied to your iPhone / iPad.

    Now repeat the same operation with the other Apple device and you well get the desired result. In fact, as soon as you connect iPhone or iPad to the computer, the same data well be copied to both devices. Of course, to do such a thing you must first make sure that tablets and smartphones have enough storage space avaelable but the result is guaranteed.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    As for digital books, on the other hand, to synchronize them on iPad and iPhone, you just need to use the app iBooks. In that case, however, you need to do absolutely nothing. Or rather, the only operation you need to do is to save the book or books you intend to access from the other device on your iPad / iPhone, after which everything well be uploaded directly and automatically to iCloud. The same happens if you own a Mac and add one or more books to the iBooks library. Automatically and in a few moments you well find everything perfectly synchronized on your iPhone and on your iPad.

    You can then read your digital books from any other of your "bitten apple" devices on which the same Apple ID is set by simply pressing on it, waiting for the download from iCloud to be performed on the device. Also, if you have set a bookmark on one device you well be able to resume reading on the other iDevice from that exact point. Nice is not it?

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    Please note: if you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, you should know that you cannot use iTunes, as it is no longer supported, but you must contact the Finder, by selecting the icon of your device from the left sidebar and then proceeding as explained above (the steps to be taken are almost the same).

    Synchronize app

    As for apps, however, synchronization takes place automatically via the Internet. If you download / purchase auniversal application, i.e. also avaelable for iPhone, this well be downloaded and installed automatically on the other device as well (and vice versa). Convenient, don't you think?

    To check that the automatic synchronization function is active, go to the iOS settings by tapping the appropriate icon on the home screen, select the item iTunes Store and App Store from the menu that opens and check that the toggle of the option App both ON. The same procedure also applies to automatic synchronization of music and books that have been purchased through the iTunes Store and iBooks Store, respectively. Consequently, make sure it is on ON also the lever present in correspondence of the items Music and Books and audiobooks.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

    If you have subscribed to a data plan with your mobele phone provider, I also suggest you disable the function that allows you to take advantage of the network from mobele phones for automatic downloads. If activated, you may in fact find yourself several MB eroded without your knowledge by your data plan to sync iPad with iPhone.

    To disable this feature or in any case to make sure it is disabled, always go to the iOS settings by tapping the appropriate icon on the home screen, select the item iTunes Store and App Store from the menu that opens and check that the lever in correspondence with the item Use cellular data sia spostata her OFF.

    How to sync iPad with iPhone

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