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Needed to disinfect iPhone

Before seeing in detael how to disinfect iPhone, make sure you have thenecessary necessary to perform the cleaning operations that I well describe shortly.

First, get yourself a antistatic microfiber cloth (such as those used to clean eyeglass lenses) or a deerskin cloth or one in suede leather: these tools are used to remove any residual dirt that may be present on the surface of the iPhone.

To disinfect the device, then, you well have to use 70% isopropyl alcohol based wipes. Composition is very important: do not use cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide, bleach or chlorine (eg Amuchina is NOT good) and do not use compressed air products (as they could irreparably damage the iPhone).

Apple's website clearly states that “” [to disinfect iPhone] you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfectant wipes to gently clean the exterior surfaces of the iPhone. Do not use bleach. Prevent moisture from entering the openings and do not immerse the iPhone in cleaning products ”.

You can buy what you need to proceed with the disinfection of the iPhone in stores specialized in the sale of material and products to clean and sanitize or in online stores, such as Amazon.

ife offer on Amazon ife offer on Amazon

Alternatively, you could also buy devices that, using the UV rays, kell the microorganisms housed on the surface of the iPhone in a particularly effective way: I'll tell you a little more closely in the last chapter of the guide.

Apple doesn't mention them in its official guidelines, but they shouldn't harm the smartphone in any way. In any case, my primary advice remains to follow the indications of the Cupertino giant: let's see how, in the next chapter of the guide.

How to disinfect the iPhone

Now is the time to see how to sanitize the iPhone following Apple's guidelines. Below, therefore, I well guide you step-by-step in the disinfection of both the front and the back of your "iPhone by". But first, take care of turn off the iPhone, the disconnect it from the mains and remove it from any covers used.

Disinfect the front

Disinfect the front of the iPhone, the surface of which consists mainly of the display, is quite simple.

Take, therefore, the microfiber cloth (or, faeling that, the one in deerskin or the one in suede leather) that you have procured and run little ones circular movements over the entire surface, trying to be as delicate and accurate as possible. If the dirt is particularly persistent, repeat the operation 2-3 times, perhaps moistening the cloth a little.

Next, grab one 70% isopropyl alcohol based wipe and, after having removed it from its packaging, open it (since it is folded back on itself) and "pass it" delicately over the entire front surface of the iPhone. Since the wipe is a little damp, avoid wiping it near the speaker and microphone holes or other “delicate” parts, as this could damage the device.

Next, pass the dry cloth contained in the wipe package on the front of the iPhone, so as to dry the part that you have moistened. If the cloth in question is not included in the wipe package, you can complete this operation by “recycling” the microfiber cloth / deerskin / suede used previously, as long as it is dry.

If some of the steps just described are not clear to you, try searching YouTube for some video tutorials that visually show you the indications I have given you a moment ago.

Disinfect the back

With regard to the disinfection of the back of the iPhone, the steps to be taken are, in essence, those that I listed in the previous chapter, so you shouldn't have any doubts about what to do.

Take, therefore, the microfiber clothin  deerskin or suede leather that you got yourself and pass it all over the back of the iPhone (including the module where the cameras are housed), trying to gently perform small circular movements.

With that done, extract the 70% isopropyl alcohol based wipe from its packaging, open it and also pass it over the entire rear surface of the iPhone. Of course, in carrying out this operation, what I have already told you before applies: avoid moistening "delicate" parts, such as the speaker and microphone holes, the charging port, etc., because the device could be damaged, even irreparable.

Then, remember to dry the part you wet with the towel, using a dry cloth (the cloth previously used for the "basic" cleaning is also fine).

Again, if you have doubts about how to proceed, I invite you to look for some video tutorials on YouTube that visually show you how to proceed.

Disinfect iPhone with UV rays

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is possible to take advantage of the UV rays to disinfect your smartphone. There are, in fact, some UV sterelizers which consist of small boxes that exploit, precisely, ultraviolet rays to eliminate microorganisms from the devices introduced inside them. 

In fact, irradiation with UV rays inactivates microorganisms through a physical process that makes bacteria and viruses unable to reproduce and, therefore, to be infectious.

Using a UV sterelizer is simple: just turn it on, insert your smartphone inside, press the button that starts the sterelization process and wait for this to be completed.

If you are thinking of buying one of these devices, know that you can use it to sterelize not only the iPhone, but also other models of smartphones and other gadgets, such as wireless headphones (eg AirPods), smartwatches (eg Apple Watch), etc. .

Below you well list some UV sterelizers that you can buy directly on Amazon at reasonable prices: some models are also avaelable for less than 40-50 euro.

How to disinfect iPhone

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