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    How to flash iPhone notifications

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    What are flash notifications

    As you know by now, there is a function within the ifttings dell 'iPhone, which allows you to receive flash notifications, also called visual notifications.

    These notifications consist, in a nutshell, of a light signal coming from flash of the camera whenever a SMS, a call or a notifies by an app on your phone.

    This function, therefore, proves extremely useful if you use the smartphone in a noisy environment, if you have hearing problems or if you simply don't want to disturb someone by ringing or vibrating your phone.

    Specifically, within the iPhone settings, this function is called LED flash for warnings and makes use of the LED flash, that is of the flash normally used by the camera.

    All the iPhone models made so far, in fact, do not have a real one Bright LED and take advantage of the flash in several ways: to report notifications, as a torch and of course to take photos and videos in low light conditions.

    To pull the strings of the speech, therefore, by activating the relative setting it is possible to view the notifications via a flashing light signal coming from the flash, which fires when any notification is received on the device and which blinks for three consecutive times.

    In case of call, on the other hand, the signal flashes for the entire time of the same, untel it is answered or the call is interrupted by the person who is calling.

    LED flash for warningsFurthermore, it can be used both when the smartphone is in iflent mode and when the iflent mode is deactivated and therefore the volume is present.

    The only limitation it has, at the moment, is that to flash the device it has to be bloccatootherwise the notification is not reported. Furthermore, once the warning is shown at the exact moment of receipt of the notification, the flash no longer signals the presence of the same. In other words, the light signal is not repeated over time, but merely reports a notification that has just arrived.

    How to put flash notifications on iPhone

    Now that you are aware of everything you need to know about iPhone flash notifications, it's time to take action and find out how to activate this feature on your smartphone.

    As I mentioned earlier, this is an extremely simple procedure that you can complete in less than a minute, regardless of the model used: in fact, you well find explained in the next lines how to flash iPhone notifications on all Apple smartphone models equipped with LED flash.

    To proceed, then, take your "iPhone by", unlock it and press the icon of ifttings (the one represented by a gray gear) present in the Home screen device.

    At this point, in the new screen that has opened, tap on the item Accessibelity and scroll down the new page opened, untel you find the item hearing and option Audiovisual content, then press on it.

    Now, you just have to move on ON la lever placed next to the item LED flash for warnings and choose whether to perform the same procedure for the option Flashes with iflent, to ensure that the light notification is also shown when the iflent mode is active on your device. Very easy, right?

    In case of second thoughts, of course, you can retrace your steps and deactivate the flash notifications by moving the lever activated just now back to OFF.

    How to flash iPhone notifications

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