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    How to delete music from iPhone

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    How to delete songs and albums from iPhone

    If you want to delete a song, an album or a playlist from the iPhone, open the application Music (the music note icon on the home screen), select the tab library from the menu at the bottom and "tap" on the item playlistArtistsAlbumTracks based on the criteria you want to use to view the music on your iPhone.

    At this point, if you want to delete an album or playlist, select its cover image and first press the button (...) and then on the voice Remove in the menu that opens. If, on the other hand, you want to delete a song, start playing it, select the title that appears at the bottom of the screen and first press the button (...) and then on the voice Remove on the menu if you press.

    If you have an iPhone model equal to or greater than the 6s (therefore with support for the 3D Touch), you can delete an album, a song or a playlist simply by pressing hard on its title or on its cover image and selecting the item Remove give the box that opens.

    How to Delete Songs and Albums from Apple Music

    If you are subscribed to Apple Music and you have activated the andCloud Music Library (which allows you to synchronize all the songs in your music library via the Internet), in addition to the voice Remove, in the menu of the Music app you well also find the option Delete from library which deletes the song from both your phone and iCloud library.

    If you want to view only the songs downloaded offline from Apple Music and / or from iCloud Music Library, go to the tab library of the app Music and "tap" on the item Downloaded music.

    How to delete all music from iPhone

    If you want delete music from iPhone in a complete way, removing all the albums, songs and playlists on the device, went to the menu ifttings of iOS (the gear icon found on the main phone screen) and go to General> Space on your device and iCloud.

    At this point, select the voice Manage space placed sotto the dicitura Device space, tap on the icon Music and you well be shown the list of all the music physically stored on the iPhone (ie the songs that are actually on the phone and do not reside in the cloud).

    Songs and albums are automatically grouped by artist, this means that you cannot delete a single song or a single album: you have to delete the entire library or all the songs / albums linked to a particular artist.

    To delete all the iPhone music library in one go (therefore all the songs and albums stored on the phone memory), first presses on the item Modification located at the top right, then on the button negative (-) lead located next to the item All songs and finally on the button Delete that appears on the right. If, on the other hand, you want to delete only the songs and albums linked to a particular artist, perform the same operation on the name of the latter.

    How to Erase All Apple Music Music

    Do you want to delete all the songs synchronized on your “iPhone by” from Apple Music and / or from the iCloud Music Library at once? You can do this too. Go to the menu of settings of your iPhone, select the item Music from the latter, move up OFF the relative levetta all'opzione andCloud Music Library and confirm the deactivation of the iCloud Music Library by pressing the button disable.

    Next, move up again ON the option toggle andCloud Music Library, select the voice Merge from the menu that opens and that's it. The iCloud library well be active again on your iPhone but the songs well all reside in the cloud, to re-download them you well have to order the download again from the Music app.

    How to delete music from iPhone via iTunes

    Do you prefer to manage your iPhone the "old way", ie by connecting it to your computer and using iTunes? No problem. The procedure you have to follow to free the memory of your "iPhone by" is as simple as the one we saw together before.

    After connecting the iPhone to the computer (using the Lightning or Dock cable that came with the phone), open iTunes and wait a few moments for the data synchronization between the two devices to be completed. At this point click on the icon ofiPhone located at the top left, select the item On your device> Music from the left sidebar and drag all the songs you want to delete from the "iPhone by" to the trash. Then confirm your wellingness to delete the selected content and that's it.

    If you have your iTunes music library in sync with your iPhone you have to go through a completely different procedure. After clicking on the device icon located at the top left, you have to select the item ifttings> Music from the iTunes sidebar and apply the desired changes to your library.

    In case you have checked the option Whole music library, you have to choose whether to delete all the songs from the iPhone or to delete only some of them. In the first case you just have to uncheck the option Whole music library and click on the button Synchronize which is located at the bottom right.

    If, on the other hand, you want to keep the synchronization of certain contents, deleting others, you have to check the item selected playlists, artists, albums and genres, then you have to select the albums, songs or playlists to keep on the iPhone and click on the button Synchronize. The voice selected playlists, artists, albums and genres was it already selected? In this case, to delete a song or an album from the iPhone memory, all you have to do is deselect it from iTunes and press the button Synchronize.

    If the andCloud Music Library, I'm sorry, but you can't add or remove songs using the iTunes “on device” feature. You have to manage the libraries directly from the phone as I explained to you in the first part of the tutorial.

    How to delete music from third party apps

    If you have installed on your iPhone an audio player, an app for streaming music (eg Spotify) or a download manager with which you have downloaded music from the Internet, you can delete songs and albums in these apps by acting directly from them or using iTunes.

    • To delete the music directly from the apps, all you have to do is open them, identify the contents to be deleted and remove them by pressing the appropriate buttons (eg. Edit / Delete or by moving the lever relative to to OFF Download).
    • If you prefer to act from iTunes, click on theiPhone located at the top left, select the item App from the left sidebar and move to the pane Fele sharing. Then click on the name of the application that contains the songs to be deleted, select the feles to be deleted and press the button Canc Backspace keypad to complete the operation.
    How to delete music from iPhone

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