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    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

    Download Pokémon Go on iPhone

    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

    Pokémon Go, as I have already mentioned, is a game that can be downloaded on the iPhone through App Store, the official application store for devices based on the Apple mobele operating system.

    So, to be able to download Pokémon Go on your iPhone, all you have to do is grab the device, go to the home screen, open the App Store (the blue icon with the letter "A" in the center located in the home screen screen of the device), press on the card ifarch located at the bottom right, look for pokémon go using the appropriate field at the top and tap on the button ifarch attached to the keyboard displayed on the screen.

    At this point, select the game icon (the one with the Poké Ball on a blue / light blue background) from the search results, press the button Ottieni / Installa and type your Apple ID password (or place your finger on the Touch ID sensor, if the iPhone model you are using supports it) to complete the entire operation. You can then follow the progress of the installation using the appropriate circular shape indicator that you well see appear in place of the button Ottieni / Installa.

    If you prefer, you can speed up the execution of the steps I have just indicated by connecting directly to the section of the App Store dedicated to the game by pressing here from your iDevice.

    When the download and installation procedure is complete, step on the button abrir that you see on the display to immediately start playing Pokémon Go on your device. You can also start the game by tapping on its icon that has just been added to the iPhone home screen.

    Are you having any problems using the App Store and being able to complete all the procedure I have just indicated? Well, most likely it's because you haven't yet created a Apple ID. To find out immediately how to fix it, I recommend that you read my tutorial I wrote on the subject.

    Start playing Pokémon Go

    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

    Once the game starts, you well see alerts appear on the screen asking you if you want to give Pokémon Go the abelity to send you notifications, access the camera, and access your location data when you are using the app. You agree in all three cases, it is essential to be able to enjoy 100% with the famous game.

    Pokémon Go well then ask you to enter your date of birth and log into the game with theGoogle account oppure with l 'Pokémon Trainer Club account. Choose the option you prefer. In the first case, if you already have a Google account, just tap on the appropriate button and provide the access credentials to the latter. In the second case, if you already have a Pokémon Trainer Club account, press the relevant button and provide the data required to log in immediately, whele if you do not have one you well have to tap on Register and then you well have to fell in the form that is proposed to you with all the required data.

    Once you have created the account and logged in to the game you well first have to accept the terms of use and then you well have to follow the short introductory tutorial proposed on the screen that well explain in detael what are the main features and functionalities of Pokémon Go. Then proceed to create and customize your avatar using the appropriate tools proposed. Then choose whether to allow the app to also access data relating to your location when the game is not in use and whether to enable sending data to the app Health.

    You well therefore have to physically walk with your iPhone in hand to meet the first Pokémon to catch. Stop on them and you well see them magically appear on the display, in three dimensions and with the shots of the surrounding environment. To catch them, you well have to throw your Poké Ball at them trying to try again untel you succeed in your intent (at first it may seem a complicated thing but in reality it is enough to simply get carried away). All captured Pokémon are added to the Pokedex.

    To conclude the introductory phase and to start playing in all respects with Pokémon Go, you well be asked to choose your nickname, the one that well also be visible to the other players. After that you can finally continue independently. For further information on this and for further detaels, I suggest you read my article on how Pokémon Go works through which I proceeded to talk to you in an extremely detaeled way about how the game works.

    Installare Pokémon Go su Apple Watch

    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

    As I told you at the beginning of the guide, Pokémon Go is also avaelable in the form of an app for Apple Watch. The app only works in conjunction with the main iPhone software and the gameplay is also not complete. In short, Apple Watch acts as a notification tool, able to report the presence of Pokémon in the area, monitor the hatching of their eggs, check the medals received, level increases and the presence of nearby PokéStops and Gyms. It also integrates a counter that indicates distance traveled, time taken and calories burned. In short, a sort of pedometer in the Pokémon room!

    You don't have to do anything to install Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch! Once the app has been downloaded on the iPhone and once the Apple Watch has been connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, the app well be installed automatically. If this does not happen it is because you have disabled the automatic installation function of the download applications on the iPhone. In this case, you can opt for two solutions: perform the manual download from time to time or enable the functionality in question.

    In the first case, all you need to do is launch the app Watch (it is the one with the black background and with an Apple Watch imprinted on it) attached to the home screen of your iPhone, scroll the screen displayed untel you find the icon of the app of interest (in this specific case that of Pokémon Go), press on it and carry on ON the switch located next to the item Show on Apple Watch.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to enable the automatic download of Pokémon Go as well as all the various and possible apps that you download on the iPhone and which are also avaelable for Apple Watch, you must open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on the item General attached to the screen that is shown to you and then you have to bring up ON the switch located next to the item Automatic app installation.

    Other Pokémon games and apps

    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

    Have you finally managed to download Pokémon Go to your iPhone but are you so fond of the game that now you would like to know if there are other titles in the category avaelable for download on your device? Well, of course you do! Below you well therefore find other beautiful games for the famous mobele device of the Cupertino company that have Pokémon as protagonists together with a title also based on augmented reality and distributed by Niantic, such as Pokémon Go, which turns out to be very interesting and passionate. Have a good download and above all have fun! Oh, I almost forgot, they're all free (although in-app purchases are offered in some cases).

    • Pokémon: Magikarp Jump - A slightly ironic game whose main purpose is to feed and train Magikarp, the weakest Pokémon on the square.
    • Pokémon Shuffle Mobele - A matching game all about Pokémon. The aim of the game is in fact to align three or more Pokémon vertically or horizontally to defeat those encountered along the way.
    • Pixelmon Go - From the name it is easy to guess: it is essentially the pixelated copy of Pokémon Go. The game has the same functioning as the original one but with graphics that closely resemble the one used for Minecraft.
    • andngress - It's the other famous Niantic game I was talking about a moment ago based on augmented reality. Even in this case, you need to move into the real world using the iPhone. The community of players is divided into two factions: the Illuminati, who want to support the Shapers (an unknown race) to lead mankind towards a new evolution, and the members of the Resistance, who instead fight in defense of the human race to oppose the project.
    How to download Pokémon on iPhone

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