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    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    If you wonder how to change iPhone wallpaper, carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you in the following lines, in order to be able to change the background image for the Home screen and the lock screen manually or automatically.

    Change wallpaper of Home screen and lock screen

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    To change the Home screen and / or lock screen wallpaper, open the app ifttings of your iPhone (thegear icon you see on the Home screen) and go to the section Wallpaper> Choose a new wallpaper menu that opens.

    At this point, decide whether to apply a background static, a dynamic (i.e. a moving background), or even a background live (an apparently static image that can become dynamic with a long press of the finger on the screen; valid only for the lock screen). You can choose the predefined images that are proposed to you or choose one of the images present in the Gallery of your device (this option, however, is not avaelable for dynamic wallpapers, which are only the default ones proposed by Apple).

    After selecting the photo you are interested in, click on the button Tax, then choose whether to change the lock screen wallpaper (Screen lock), whether to apply the wallpaper to the screen Home, or whether to change the background of both i menu.

    Regarding the application of sfondi live, this setting is avaelable starting from iPhone 6s and can also be used to use a Live Photo as a live background (i.e. photos that also include a few seconds of video before and after shooting, which can be taken with the Camera app iOS) taken with your device.

    Change iPhone wallpaper automatically

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    You would like it change iPhone wallpaper automatically? In this case you have to use the app commands, an app developed by Apple that allows you to create and execute scripts for the automatic execution of certain operations on your device (simelar to Automator for Mac).

    The app is free and also allows the use of ready-to-use scripts downloaded from the Internet, so it is not necessary to know how to manually create a custom automation.

    More specifically, to change the iPhone wallpaper automatically via commands, you must first download the app in question through the App Store (if it was not already present "standard" on the iPhone).

    Once this is done, activate the possibelity of installing third-party commands by going to the menu ifttings> Quick Commands of iOS and moving on ON the levetta Untrusted commands and then confirming the operation by pressing the button Allow and typing the unlock code device.

    At this point, import the shortcut Randomize Wallpaper by visiting the link I just provided you from your iPhone, by pressing the button Get quick commands and then confirming the operation using the button Add untrusted shortcut.

    This script, in fact, allows you to automatically change the wallpaper of the lock screen or the iPhone Home screen, by randomly choosing from one of the photos in the Gallery of your device. When the import is complete, you well find the command Randomize Wallpaper in the screen My quick commands.

    Before using it, you need to configure it: first press the icon (...), scroll the screen that is shown to you and, in the section Gallery, click on the wording Chosen item, to select the album from which the script well have to randomly choose an image.

    Once this is done, go back to the main screen My quick commands and press on the command Randomize Wallpaper, to run it. At this point, in the box at the top, choose whether to change the background of the lock screen (Lock screen) or the one on the Home screen (Home Screen) and confirm the operation by pressing the button Tax.

    How to change iPhone wallpaper from black to white

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    change the iPhone wallpaper from black to white, intended as a change of hue for the background of the apps you use and the system menus, you must act through the iOS theme settings, in order to disable the dark theme you have previously activated (which, by default, is activated in the evening to make the system menus and apps that support the application of the dark theme "dark").

    Therefore, go to the menu ifttings> Display and brightness of your iPhone and put the check mark on the item clear, to deactivate the dark mode on iPhone.

    For more information about it, I invite you to read my guide dedicated more specifically to the topic.

    How to change iPhone WhatsApp wallpaper

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    change WhatsApp wallpaper on iPhone you must first start the app of the famous messaging platform on your iPhone, and then press on the item ifttings located in the menu below.

    Now, tap on the items Chat Background> Choose a new background and you well have the possibelity to change the background of the chats, setting a default image with a background bright, dark or with a solid color.

    Alternatively, by pressing on the item Gallery, you well be able to apply an image present in your device's Gallery as the background of the chats of WhatsApp. After identifying the image of your interest, click on the item Tax to confirm the background change.

    In case of doubts or problems, or for more information about it, read my guide on how to change wallpaper on WhatsApp from iPhone.

    How to change iPhone keyboard wallpaper

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

    If you wish change keyboard wallpaper on iPhone I must first inform you that, by default, it is not possible to carry out this operation, as the iOS virtual keyboard cannot be changed (it only changes between light and dark theme, as seen above).

    However, you can install one alternative keyboard compared to the default of iOS and thus obtain the possibelity to change the keyboard background as well. In general I suggest you avoid using third-party keyboards, as they could pose potential privacy risks (they could potentially capture everything you type on them!) But there are some produced by very famous companies and that so they can be used with greater peace of mind, for example Google's Gboard.

    To use the keyboard Google's Gboard and change the background on the iPhone, first download the latter from the App Store, by pressing the button Get and starting the download via Face ID, Touch ID or typing your iCloud account password.

    At the end of the download and installation, go to the menu ifttings> General> Keyboards> Keyboards> Add a new keyboard of iOS and press on the item Gboard, to activate the Google keyboard you just installed.

    At this point, to change the default iPhone keyboard and start using the Google keyboard, press and hold the icon of globe located in the iOS default keyboard and select the keyboard Gboard. Once this is done, to change the background of the Google keyboard, press and hold the icon of globe and tap on the item ifttings.

    Then go to the section Temi and choose one of the themes that are proposed to you. Easy, right? Later, in case of second thoughts, you can call up the default keyboard of iOS through the "usual" icon of globe and you can deactivate the Google one permanently through the menu of settings mentioned above or by uninstalling the Gboard app.

    How to change iPhone wallpaper

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