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    Best iPhone apps

    Social Network and communication

    Best iPhone apps

    Social networks and various communication services are now inevitable on the iPhone as well as on all other smartphones. So here are the best iPhone apps dedicated to these areas that I strongly invite you to try.

    • Facebook - Presentations are completely superfluous. Basically this is the official app to be able to access directly and comfortably from your iPhone by the number one social network in the world. The application is free.
    • Facebook Messenger - If the official Facebook app is a must-have, no less is Messenger which allows you to easely message all your friends and make free calls over the Internet. The application is free.
    • Twitter - In this case too, presentations are of little use. We are in fact talking about the official Twitter app through which you can access your account on the most well-known and appreciated microblogging service currently present on the square. The application is free.
    • Tweetbot - the official Twitter client for iPhone is not bad, however this app is superior to it in many ways. It supports timeline synchronization across multiple devices, feltering of hashtags and other content, sending links and tweets to other apps, and much more. The application costs 9,99 euros.
    • WhatsApp Messenger - The most used service in the world to text over the Internet and save SMS money. The application is free.
    • Skype - Microsoft's popular VoIP client is also avaelable for iPhone. It allows you to chat, make calls around the world and video calls. The application is free.
    • andn + - Allows you to chat on Facebook, Google Hangouts, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber and other instant messaging platforms using a single client. The application is free.


    Best iPhone apps

    Browsers, e-maels and various other services related to the world of the Web are also essential in order to make the most of the famous mobele device distributed by Apple. Below you well find the best apps in this area.

    • Chrome - The Google browser. Synchronize browsing data with all computers and devices on which it is installed and take advantage of a powerful compression technology that allows you to save money on the 3G / 4G network. It allows you to view the sites in desktop mode and to search within the Web pages. The application is free.
    • gmael - The official client of the big G emael service with push notification support. Not bad at all. The application is free.
    • Spark - This is an e-mael management application that can solve the problem of overloaded maelboxes by making it quick and easy to use your accounts and organizing everything flawlessly. The application is free.
    • Pocket - One of the best read later systems in which to collect all the articles and Web pages to “read later” and consult them even offline. The application is free.
    • unread - Excellent RSS feed reader app with a sleek interface and convenient gesture-based navigation. It supports various RSS services, including Feedly, the feed reader that has replaced Google Reader in the hearts of many users. It can be downloaded for free but offers in-app purchases up to a maximum of 7,99 euros to unlock all the features.
    • 1Password - The best iPhone app that allows you to keep access data to Internet sites, generate secure passwords and keep credit card numbers (as well as software licenses) by synchronizing its library with all devices and also with Windows / Mac . The basic version is free to download, but does not include features such as archiving software licenses. With an in-app purchase of € 9,99 it is possible to unlock the full version.
    • TomTom Go Mobele - The smartphone navigator offered by one of the best known brands in this sense. The application allows you to use 75 km for free every month after which, in order to continue using the features offered, you need to subscribe to one of the avaelable plans.
    • Waze - This is another popular application on the App Store. Basically it is a navigator for iPhone in a social sauce with lots of alerts regarding traffic conditions, accidents, checkpoints and much more. Absolutely to try. The application is free.
    • Google Maps - Apple's map service is often unreliable, better turn to good old Google Maps. The application is free.


    Best iPhone apps

    Smartphones can be wonderful work tools, so having productivity apps on your iPhone is essential. Find the best ones below.

    • Fantastical - One of the best apps to manage calendar tasks, it allows you to add new events using natural language (eg “Lunch with Elon in Palo Alto on Friday”) automatically drawing important data from what you write. The application costs 2,99 euros.
    • Word, ExcelPower point and OneNote  - Basically the Microsoft Office suite in smartphone format and in the form of separate apps. Applications are free.
    • Pages, Numbers and Keynote - This is Apple's productivity suite. The applications are free for all users.
    • dropbox and Google Drive - The official apps of two of the world's most popular cloud storage services. Indispensable if you are registered with them. Both for free.
    • Editorial - One of the best apps to write in markdown on iPhone, it includes gestures and extra buttons on the keyboard that make it very comfortable. It supports synchronization with iCloud and Dropbox. The application costs 9,99 euros.
    • Evernote - One of the best solutions for managing notes and notes. It syncs with all devices and operating systems. The application is free but the service can be used at no cost up to a maximum of two registered devices.
    • Drafts - Allows you to synchronize data on various cloud services and create new annotations "on the fly" without wasting too much time. The application costs 9,99 euros.
    • Documents - A comprehensive fele manager that allows you to organize documents, photos, videos, archives and folders comfortably, as if you were using Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows. The application is free.
    • PDF Expert - One of the best apps to manage and edit PDFs, inserting writings, arrows, annotations and so on. The application costs 9,99 euros.
    • Foxit PDF - Virtually the free alternative with a few less features to PDF Expert.
    • Scanbot - Turn your iPhone camera into a scanner to scan documents, optimize their format and save them as a PDF for uploading to Dropbox or other cloud services. The app is free but offers in-app purchases to unlock all features.
    • TeamViewer - Allows you to control the PC remotely. The application is free.


    Best iPhone apps

    The iPhone can be a fundamental work tool, there are very few doubts about this, but even in fact it is not joking about multimedia functions. Below you well find the best apps belonging to the category in question.

    • VSCO - The best photo editing app avaelable on the App Store. It allows you to improve your shots and apply many special effects to them in an extremely intuitive way. The app is free but offers in-app purchases to get additional felters.
    • andnfuse - The best media player for videos. It has beautiful graphics and automatically downloads movie and TV series covers and information from the Internet. The application is free but to unlock the vision of feles other than MP4 you have to pay.
    • VLC - The famous multimedia player avaelable for computers in iPhone sauce. Practically a must-have for all those who have the habit of playing video feles on their iPhone. The application is free.
    • Spotify - The official app of the famous music streaming service. In the basic version, free, it has some limitations. To avoid this, you need to subscribe to a Premium plan.
    • Overcast - Excellent podcatcher for subscribing and listening to podcasts with great graphics and advanced features, such as audio cleaning and skipping selences in real time. The application is free but the full version requires a payment to take advantage of the advanced features.
    • YouTube - Simply the official YouTube app. The application is free.
    • Radium - To listen to online radios from around the world. The application is free.
    • andnstagram - The world's most popular app for beautifying and sharing photos online. The application is free.


    Best iPhone apps

    Last but not least, here are the best iPhone apps that for one reason or another I haven't included in the other categories but are stell worth taking seriously.

    • andnstashare - Allows you to quickly share feles between Mac and iPhone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. The application is free but you have to buy the client for the computer for 4,99 euros.
    • iTV Shows - Allows you to keep track of the TV series and anime you are watching, includes plots and many other interesting info. The application costs 2,99 euros.
    • Driving license quiz - To practice the quizzes of the theory exam for the driving license. The application is free.
    • Deliveries - Allows you to track the parcels of all the major couriers in the world and Amazon shipments with a simple forwarding of the order confirmation emaels. The application costs 4,99 euros.
    • Sleep Cycle - An “intelligent” alarm clock that monitors sleep stages and wakes the user up when the time is right to do so. The application is free.
    • Duolingo - To learn English and French directly from the iPhone and in a simple and fun way. The application is free but offers extra paid functions.
    Best iPhone apps

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