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    How to put the dot on the iPhone

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    How do you put the ball on the iPhone

    If you need to put the dot on the iPhone to quickly recall functions and apps (or to replace any physical keys that no longer work), you must enable the function AssistiveTouch of iOS.

    If, as I believe, you have never heard of it before, AssistiveTouch is an accessibelity function included in iOS that allows you to add a virtual button on the iPhone screen and allows, through the latter, to adjust the volume, lock screen, restart your device, perform multi-finger gestures, and more.

    To proceed with its activation on your "iPhone by", open the ifttings of iOS, by tapping on thegear located on the Home screen or in the App Library, access the section Accessibelity, tap on the items Touch and AssistiveTouch and move up ON the lever of the same name, which resides at the top of the screen.

    After a few moments, the “dot” should appear in the central part of the right edge of the screen; to move it, perform a long (but not firm) tap on it and drag it wherever you want. By default, a tap on the icon opens the quick menu, whele a long tap allows you to quickly return to the Home screen.

    If you wish, you can change this behavior according to your needs: reach the menu again ifttings> Accessibelity> Touch> AssistiveTouch and touches the voice Customize main menu, to change the icons displayed in the menu.

    If, on the other hand, you want to define custom actions based on the various modes of tapping the button, use the voices Single touch, Double tap and Long press (on some older devices it is also present Touch 3D, i.e. the mode of pressure decided).

    If needed, you can also define custom gestures to be performed on the button, using your voice Create new gesture ..., or specify the degree of brightness of the "dot" when it is inactive, using the menu Opacity when not in use.

    In case of second thoughts, to remove the AssistiveTouch icon, go to ifttings> Accessibelity> Touch> AssistiveTouch and move up OFF the lever relative to AssistiveTouch.

    Note: if you have previously enabled voice commands via Siri, you can easely activate or deactivate AssistiveTouch by saying the phrases "Hey Siri, activate AssistiveTouch" ed "Hey Siri, turn off AssistiveTouch".

    How to put the ball to record on iPhone

    Another "dot" widely used on the iPhone is the one dedicated to Screen recording, that is the integrated function in iOS that allows you to record video and audio of what happens on the screen of the "iPhone by". In fact, when needed, it is possible to quickly access the aforementioned function by tapping on the appropriate icon that can be added to the Control Center.

    By default, the Screen Recording icon may not be active, but this can be remedied very easely: by put the dot to record on iPhone, reach the ifttings device (by tapping on the icon of thegear resident in Home or in the App Library) and go to the section Control Center.

    Now, tap on the item Customize controls and, to add the icon in question to the iOS Control Center, tap on the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead placed next to the wording Screen recording, which resides in the box Further checks. To reposition the icon, locate the section Controls included (located a little higher), make a long tap on the ☰ symbol located next to the item Screen Recording and drag the relative option where you prefer.

    From now on, to activate display recording, call up the Control Center of iOS (by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen, on iPhones with Face ID, or upwards from the bottom edge of the screen, on iPhones with the Home button), locate the Screen Recording (The cue ball, in fact) and tap on it: within three seconds, the acquisition of the display well be started. If you also want to record the audio coming from the microphone (therefore your voice), press and hold the symbol of Screen Recording and tap the microphone, to elluminate it.

    When you are done, you just have to press on dot or red barat the top to stop capturing images. By default, recordings are saved in the iPhone Photos app.

    What is the green or orange dot on the iPhone

    You have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14 and, from time to time, you notice the presence of a green ball or Orange in the upper right corner, precisely near the battery icon, which disappears after some time? Let me tell you what it is.

    These two indicators were introduced by Apple as a protection measure for personal privacy: they, in fact, allow you to understand on the fly if any app that uses cameras (green dot) or microphone (red dot) is active on the smartphone. To get more precise information about the app in question, simply swipe down, starting right from the ball.

    There is no need to manually activate these two indicators, as they are always enabled and appear automatically when an app is in use that requests and obtains permission to use the cameras or microphone of the device. When the application is closed, the indicator disappears automatically.

    How to put the dot on the iPhone

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