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    How to sync iPhone contacts with Gmael

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    Synchronize Gmael address book with iPhone

    The first step you need to take to synchronize your iPhone address book with Gmael is to associate your Google account with iOS. Then go to the ifttings of the iPhone, by pressing ongear icon located on the home screen, and select the item Password and account (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up ifttings> Mael or ifttings> Contacts) from the menu that opens.

    Now, press the button Add Account, select Google from the list of avaelable services and log in to your Gmael account, typing your username and password (answer Continue if iOS asks you for permission to access the Google site). If two-factor authentication is active on your account, you well also need to type in a security code that well be delivered to you via SMS or that you well have to generate via the app.

    Once logged in, press the button Accept to authorize the connection between your Google account and the iPhone (if necessary), make sure that the contacts is active (if you want, also activate those for emael, Calendar and notes) e pigia sul pulsating Save (top right) to complete the Gmael account setup process.

    At this point you have connected your Gmael account to iOS but you have not yet set it as the default account for address book synchronization. To do this, go back to the menu ifttings> Contacts, select the voice Default account and apponi el segno di spunta accanto althe voice gmael in the screen that opens.

    Synchronize old iPhone contacts with Gmael

    At this point, all the contacts in the Gmael address book should have been imported to the iPhone and any new contacts you create on your phone or Gmael well automatically sync across both address books. But how to do a transfer old iPhone contacts (presumably synced with iCloud) on Gmael? I'll explain it to you right away.

    WARNING! This procedure can lead to the creation of duplicate contacts in the Gmael address book and in the iPhone address book. I advise you to put it into practice only if strictly necessary, that is, only if you really need to have the old iPhone contacts on Gmael (although later we well also see how to solve the duplicate problem).

    • Install an application to export contacts from iPhone. One of the best is My Contacts Backup which is free for up to 500 contacts, whele it costs € 2,29 if you have to export more contacts;
    • Then start My Contacts Backup, allow the application to access the iOS address book, press the button Export and wait for the iPhone address book to be exported;
    • At the end of the operation, press the button Emael and auto-sent the VCF / CSV fele with the iPhone address book to your Gmael address. You can choose the type of fele in which to export the address book (VCF / CSV by pressing thegear found on the My Contacts Backup home screen).

    • Now connected to the Google Contacts service and log in with the Google account you have associated with the iPhone;
    • Click on the entry andmport present in the left sidebar, select the item CSV or vCard fele from the box that opens, press the button iflect fele, choose the fele from which to import the contacts and press on andmport but I well complete the operation.

    Please note: in the unfortunate when something goes wrong, you can return the Gmael address book to a previous state by connecting to the Contacts page and selecting the item Annulla modified it from the menu that appears by pressing thegear icon located at the top right.

    Remove duplicate contacts

    Now is the time to do a check and see if the steps for sync iPhone contacts with Gmael was successful. Then connect to the Google Contacts service and, if the synchronization with the iPhone has paid off, in the list you well also find the contacts that were previously only on the phone. In case, among them, there are also duplicates, proceed as follows to remedy.

    From Google Contacts

    To clean up duplicate contacts in the Gmael address book (where, most likely, several have been created after uploading the fele with the contacts exported from the iPhone), linked to Google Contacts, log in to the associated account iPhone and select the item Merge and correct from the left sidebar.

    On the next page, check that there are no errors in the recognition of the contacts and press the button Merge it all (top right), to merge all duplicate contacts in the Gmael address book. Alternatively, merge individual contacts by pressing on their entries Merge (in the box with each name).

    Your iPhone

    Su iPhone, you can solve the problem of duplicate contacts using one of the many applications suitable for the purpose. I advise you Clean Contacts which is not free (costs € 3,49) but I think it is worth every penny of what it costs for the simple fact that, unlike many other applications of its kind, it protects the user's privacy by not going to upload the contacts it analyzes on remote servers.

    In addition to deleting duplicate contacts on the iPhone (based on criteria such as name, phone number and emael address), Clean Contacts allows you to delete multiple names from the address book at the same time, backup your contacts in VCF, CSV or XLS format and find potentially "useless" contacts, as they lack important information, such as emael address or phone number.

    To use it, download Clean Contacts from the App Store, start the application and close the message regarding respect for privacy. Then authorize access to contacts i went his Backup of contacts, to create a backup copy of the contacts in one of the avaelable formats (eg. vCard (vcf)).

    To complete the procedure, after selecting the fele format in which to export the contacts, you must press on the item Subsequently, check the box All contacts and press sequentially on Subsequently and on the shaped button drawers, present below. You can then choose whether to send the obtained fele via e-mael, Wi-Fi o dropbox.

    To complete the backup, you well be prompted to purchase the Pro version app: accept. If you refuse, you may be offered the option to backup your contacts for free by watching a commercial, but this is not always the case and, anyway, the Pro version of Clean Contacts is definitely necessary to perform the cleaning of duplicate contacts (so you well always have to buy it ).

    Once the backup is complete, it's time to delete the duplicate contacts. Back, then, in the main screen of the app, select the item Merge duplicate contacts and choose whether to display duplicate contacts based on contact name, contact phones o emael contact. Press, therefore, on the item iflect located at the bottom right, select the contacts to keep after the union and tap on the item Merge! (top right), to complete the procedure.

    To merge only single contacts leaving the other alleged duplicates intact, tap on the entry Modification located at the bottom left and manually delete the individual contacts by pressing the buttons negative (-) lead ed Delete corresponding to each of them.

    I point out that, in case you are not happy with Clean Contacts, you can request a refund from Apple and delete the app from your smartphone (as with any other paid app). However, I invite you not to abuse this possibelity and to reward the work of the developers, if you consider it valid.

    As an alternative, if you accept that your contacts can be sent to remote servers, you can try the free Cleanup Duplicate Contacts app which allows you to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone in a very simple way (however, before using it, read the privacy conditions).

    Please note: please, clean the contacts on the iPhone only if strictly necessary, that is, only if after deleting the duplicates on Gmael they should also be present on the smartphone. Also, before checking for duplicate contacts on your iPhone, wait some time so that the synchronization with the Gmael address book can be completed.

    How to sync iPhone contacts with Gmael

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