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    How to spy on an iPhone


    If you mean spy on an iPhone because you need to track it after losing it, because you want to monitor the location of your cheldren or because you have suffered a theft, you can make use of some tools and applications that I well tell you about in the next paragraphs.

    Before explaining in detael the procedures useful for the subject of this guide, however, I want to inform you about some preliminary operations that you must perform on the iPhone to be monitored.

    The first thing to do, in case you intend to use the tool Find my iPhone (which I well tell you about specifically in the next paragraph) is to make sure that the device has been correctly connected to an account iCloud.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    To check for an iCloud account, tap on the icon ifttings that you find on the home screen of the iPhone to be monitored (it is the symbol of a gear) and verify that, in the displayed screen, the you don't know. If not, click on the item Log in to iPhone, in order to enter the login data of an iCloud account. In case of problems in carrying out this procedure, consult my tutorial how to create an iCloud account or the one in which I explain how to change an Apple ID on iPhone.

    Once this is done, always acting through the panel of ifttings, tap on you don't know in order to tap on the items iCloud> Find My iPhone; then move up ON the lever at the wording Find my iPhone and make sure the option is also activated ifnd last position (in this way, you well be able to know the last known position of the iPhone before its eventual shutdown).

    How to spy on an iPhone

    Finally, make sure that location services are also active, which are useful for all monitoring apps. Then reach the section ifttings> Privacy> Location of iOS and, if necessary, move to ON the lever at the voice Location.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    App to spy on an iPhone

    In the next few paragraphs I well tell you in detael about the default iOS tool Find my iPhone, useful for remote location of an iPhone. In addition, I well show you how to use third-party applications as well, such as Qustodio, which can be used for the purpose of this tutorial with legitimate purposes, such as those of parental control.

    Find my iPhone

    How to spy on an iPhone

    The first tool I recommend you use to monitor the location of an iPhone remotely is Find my iPhone: this is the tool installed "standard" on Apple devices that is usually used in the event of theft or loss of your device.

    To use it connected to the iCloud website (or download the Find my iPhone app on another iOS device, the operation is identical in both cases), log in with your data Apple ID and click on the entry Find iPhone that you see on the next screen.

    The real-time position of the configured device well then be shown on a geographical map. In case you can't locate the iPhone, tap on the item All devices located at the top and click on the name of your "iPhone by" in the menu you see.

    The additional options present are used to control the device remotely: press on green cursor indicating the location of the iPhone and then click on the button (I). Now choose whether to do make a sound, whether to activate the lost mode (used to lock the phone and show a personalized message on the display) or if initialize it.

    This last operation resets the device to factory data, disconnecting it from the iCloud account, and therefore no longer allows its remote location.


    How to spy on an iPhone

    As an alternative to Find my iPhone, you can use the free application Prey which, by registering an account, allows you to monitor the position of up to 3 devices from its official website. This app also features optional paid plans, whose prices start at $ 5 / month.

    The subscription, in addition to giving the possibelity to track a greater number of devices at the same time, also offers a monitoring system by receiving frequent automatic reports (in the free version these can be generated less frequently, every 10 or 20 minutes) .

    This application can also be used in the free version for the purpose of this tutorial, so download it from the iOS App Store to configure it. Once downloaded via the buttons Get and andnstall (if prompted, start the installation via Face IDtouch ID password of the ID Apple), start the app by pressing the button abrir, do tap su Sign Up in order to fell in the text fields username, e-mael and Password, for account creation purposes. Then press the button Create my new account, to end the recording.

    Once the account has been created, you must configure the app by granting it all the required permissions: press in sequence on the buttons Always Allow, OK, Allow and finally back on OKOnce this is done, connected to the Prey web panel, logging in with the credentials you just registered, in order to use all its tools and also make sure to disguise the app icon, to avoid being discovered.

    After opening the Prey web page, click on the button Login located at the top right, enter your login detaels (e-mael e Password) I awarded her Login for the subsequent times you are asked. Once logged in, press on the device to be controlled (for example iPhone in ), wait for its real-time location to be displayed on a map, so that you can track any movements.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    If, at this point, you want to mask the icon of Prey on your device (you can make it look like a game), press the button Toggle Camoufflage you see on the screen and confirm the operation by pressing the button Confirm.


    Another application that you can download for free for spy on an iPhone è Qustodio, which has parental control purposes and allows you to analyze in an advanced way the activities carried out on the device on which it is configured (for example, it can show the list of Internet sites visited and track all the activities performed).

    It allows you to monitor only one device for free. There are also subscription plans, with prices starting from € 42,95 / year, which guarantee the abelity to track multiple devices at the same time and also offer additional features, such as monitoring calls and messages.

    If you intend to use this application, download it for free from the iOS App Store by tapping on the link provided and pressing the buttons Get and andnstall (if prompted, start the download by typing your iCloud password or use the touch ID or Face ID). Al termine, cheap su starts from the App Store, to open it and start the configuration.

    You can set up the app on the device to be monitored and also on another iOS device, which can be used to view reports. Alternatively, connect to the official Qustodio website to view the same information from your computer.

    Start by configuring the app on the iPhone to use for monitoring: press the button and'm new to Qustodio, fell in the text fields dedicated to registration (your name, your emael, your password) and the first button Following.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    Then tap on the item Parent device located at the bottom, presses the button OK let's see it to see a short tutorial explaining the features of the app and press the buttons Close tourStart using Premium, in order to test the paid features of the app mentioned above with the 3-day trial version.

    At this point, press on button (+) located at the bottom, fell in the next form to add information about the person to be checked (for example a cheld), and tap the button Following. Once this is done, run the configuration of Qustodio on the iPhone to be monitored: launch the previously downloaded app, log in via the menu I have a parent account and tap on the item that refers to name of the previously configured profele.

    Now press the button Following, tap the button Conceded, then press on OK for the times when you are asked to give permissions, which are necessary for the proper functioning of Qustodio.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    Then press on andnstall iOS Profele, Allow to add one VPN configuration (serves to monitor the activities performed on the Internet) and, finally, in sequence on the buttons Allow, andnstall and Authorize, to end the wizard.

    Once this is done, you can use the app Qustodio on your device to see the activities of the monitored iPhone, through the Famely portal.

    How to spy on an iPhone

    Also accessible from the official website (after making the Login with your credentials), this portal shows on the home screen a list of all the activities performed (Activity overview), whele further information is visible in the tabs Social activity (shows the activities performed on social networks) e Navigation (it relates to activities performed on the web).

    Other apps to spy on an iPhone

    How to spy on an iPhone

    The ones I've told you about so far are just some of the most popular applications for monitoring an iPhone, but there are others as well. In the following lines, in fact, I recommend other applications that you can consider.

    • iKeyMonitor - is an advanced app dedicated to the complete monitoring of a device; is a smartphone spying tool that tracks everything that is typed on the device. It can be used for free with a 3-day trial version, requires jaelbreak to be fully exploited and its cost starts at $ 49,99 / year.
    • Lookout - offers simelar functionality to the "stock" tool Find my iPhone which I told you about in the previous paragraph. It is an anti-theft genre app that is employed to remotely track the location of an iPhone. It is free with an optional subscription ($ 2,99 / month or $ 29,99 / year) and additional features, such as remote reset and locking of the device.
    • Mcafee Mobele security - is a free anti-theft app simelar to the ones already mentioned. In addition to its useful functionality for remote localization of the position in real time, it also includes additional features related to protection during Web browsing.
    How to spy on an iPhone

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