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    How to put ringtone on iPhone

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    iTunes Store

    Use theiTunes Store it certainly represents the easiest way to download new ringtones on the iPhone, however - I know I give you bad news - on the latter you can only find paid content. The price of the ringtones is 1,29 euros, that of the tones for notifications instead amounts to 89 cents.

    If this is not a problem for you, access the iTunes Store immediately by pressing the icon of musical note with purple background which is located on the Home screen of your "iPhone by" and first presses the button Other which is located at the bottom right and then on the item Ringtones contained in the page that opens.

    At this point, browse all the avaelable ringtones (you can view those in first floor and consult the standings of those most downloaded using the two tabs located at the top or you can browse them by Gender pressing the appropriate button located at the top right) and identify the one that interests you.

    Then listen to a preview of the ringtone or tone selected by "tapping" on its title and, if you are satisfied, proceed with the purchase by first pressing the button with the price and then Buy Now. You may be required to verify your identity by entering your Apple ID password or using the Touch ID sensor.

    Once the download is complete, you well find the purchased ringtones in the menu ifttings> Sounds> Ringtone (o Message ringtone in the case of tones) of iOS.

    Third-party app

    If you prefer to turn to free solutions, you can try the Audiko application which perhaps does not offer the same quality as the iTunes Store but contains hundreds of downloadable ringtones at no cost.

    It is avaelable in two versions: a completely free one that contains advertising banners and does not allow you to download the ringtones at the highest quality and a paid one, which costs 99 cents and offers the possibelity to download an unlimited number of ringtones at the highest possible quality (without banners advertising).

    To download Audiko on your iPhone, open theApp Store pressing the "A" icon with the blue background on the Home screen, presses the button ifarch located at the bottom right and search for the name of the application in the appropriate text field. Once the search results appear, press the button Ottieni / Installa placed next to the name of the app and wait for it to be first downloaded and then installed on your smartphone.

    When the operation is complete, start Audiko and first press the button Sign in with Facebook and then OK to access the Audiko library through your Facebook account (if you do not log in, you well not be able to access the ringtones).

    Then browse the library of ringtones avaelable on Audiko using the multiple song chart Popular, the function of search or the list of musical genres and, once you have identified the song that interests you, proceed with the download by clicking first on its cover image and then on the button Download.

    At this point, to make the ringtones downloaded with Audiko appear in the iOS settings panel, you must connect the phone to the computer and wait for iTunes to start.

    Next, select the icon of theiPhone from the program toolbar (top left), choose the item App from the left sidebar and click on the icon Audiko present in the box Fele sharing. If you use macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, you must follow the same instructions, but from Finder, opening the latter (the icon of the smeling face present on Dock bar) and selecting the name of yours iPhone from the side bar of the sinistra.

    Then proceed to copy the downloaded ringtones in the app by dragging them to any folder on your computer and go to the section Ringtones iTunes by selecting the bluebell located at the top left (if you don't see it, click on the menu with the three dots). Finally, drag the ringtones previously copied to your PC into the iTunes window and select the iPhone icon again. Finally select the item Ringtones from the left sidebar, put the check next to the option Synchronize ringtones and start the iPhone synchronization with iTunes to copy the ringtones to the "iPhone by".

    On macOS 10.15 and later, select your name instead iPhone, go to the tab General and use the mouse to drag the .m4r fele ringtone in the aforementioned tab.

    After registering on Audiko you may receive a newsletter from the service. If you are not interested in this service, open the first emael received and press the item first unsubscribe page which is at the bottom of the page and then on the button Unsubscribe in the screen that appears below.

    iTunes / Music

    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is also possible to create ringtones via iTunes. A Mac equipped with macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, however, you have to use the application instead Music (who took its place). To proceed, go to the iTunes music library / Music and proceed as shown below.

    • Right-click on the title of the song you want to turn into a ringtone, then choose the item andnformation give the menu to compare.
    • In the window that opens, select the tab options, check the items start and end and enter the start and end points of the ringtone in the appropriate text fields. In all the duration must not exceed 40 seconds, click on OK to save ichangements i Cambiomenti.
    • When the operation is completed, click again with the right mouse button on the song to be transformed into a ringtone and select the item Create AAC version give the menu to compare.
    • Wait a few moments for an AAC version of the "cut" song to be generated as a ringtone and go to the folder where the fele was saved. How? By right clicking on the song title and selecting the item Show in Windows Explorer/Show in Finder give the menu to compare.
    • Now, rename the ringtone fele by changing its extension from .m4a ad .m4r.
    • Go back to the iTunes library and delete the ringtone taking care not to remove the source fele from the PC as well (select the item Keep Document when asked if you want to delete the fele from your computer).
    • Finally, import the fele between the iTunes or Finder ringtones, using the appropriate program tab and start the synchronization with the iPhone as explained above.

    In case some steps are not clear, you can find out how to set ringtone on iPhone through iTunes by reading the tutorial I dedicated to the topic.

    How to put ringtone on iPhone

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