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    How to save iPhone address book

    Save iPhone address book to iCloud

    If you want to know how to save iPhone phonebook because you are about to change the iPhone model and you think that at the time of the replacement you well lose all your contacts, I have excellent news to give you: using iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service, you can save your iPhone's address book and immediately access it from another iPhone by connecting it to your Apple ID. All you have to do is create an online backup of your contacts (or the entire content of the iPhone) and restore it to the new "iPhone by". Let's see how.

    If you want to save only your contacts on iCloud, all you have to do is go to the menu ifttings> [your name]> iCloud on iPhone (o ifttings> iCloud if you are using a version of iOS prior to 10.3) and make sure that the lever relative to the synchronization of contacts is active. Next, go to the menu ifttings> Contacts and make sure like Default account there is set iCloud. By doing so, the iPhone address book well be synchronized with iCloud.

    To make a full backup of iPhone (including the address book) on iCloud, you must first go to the section ifttings of iOS by pressing on the appropriate icon on the home screen (the gear). Then select the you don't know, then the voices iCloud > Backup, activate the lever for the item andCloud Backup and presses the button Back up now. If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you need to go directly to ifttings> iCloud> Backup.

    By carrying out these steps, you well start saving all the phone data, including the address book, on your iCloud space and you well activate the automatic backup function which well store all the data on the Internet as soon as the iPhone is connected to an energy source. , in other words when the device is charging, and connected to a Wi-Fi network, so as not to consume mobele data.

    Note that iCloud is only free up to 5GB. Therefore, if your backups take up more space and consequently you need additional space for storage you well have to subscribe to one of the pay plans of the service. To do this, just access the section again ifttings iOS, press on you don't know, then up iCloud, on the graphic related to the space avaelable on iCloud and finally on Change storage plan.

    If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you need to go up first  iCloud, select the item archive and then "tap" on Buy more space. Next, you have to choose the plan that you think may be more suited to your needs and press on the voice Buy Now located in the upper right part of the displayed screen. The prices are 0,99 euros / month for 50 GB of space, 2,99 euros / month for 200 GB of 9,99 euros / month for 2 TB.

    After making the backup and then also saving the iPhone address book, you can restore everything to a new iPhone by simply following the appropriate wizard that is started when the device is first turned on. During the wizard, to restore the backup and also all your contacts saved in the address book, you well need to provide your Apple ID and you well need to specify the fact that you intend to take advantage of the last backup made. To learn more about it and to know in detael which steps to take, I invite you to consult my guide on how to restore iPhone backups.

    Please note: if you do not yet have an iCloud account to be able to save the iPhone address book as I am about to indicate you well have to create one. To know how to do it, I invite you to read my guide on how to create iCloud account. Then consult my guide on how to use iCloud to find out how to activate the use of iCloud on your iDevice.

    Save iPhone address book to Gmael

    If you intend to export your iPhone address book to an Android device, I highly recommend that you synchronize it with gmael. In this way you well be able to have a unified address book on both platforms and you well get an instant synchronization of all the changes made from one side and the other (on iOS or Android).

    To add a Gmael account to iPhone, go to the menu ifttings> Mael> Accounts iOS, you "tap" on the item Add account and choose the logo of Google from the screen that opens. Then log in to your Google account, make sure to activate the lever to synchronize the contacts e pulsing sul pulsating Save which is located at the top right to go to the next step.

    The next step is to set Gmael as the default iOS address book, so that all new contacts created on the "iPhone by" are automatically added to the Gmael address book. To do this, go to the menu ifttings> Contacts iOS, select the item Default account from the screen that opens and put the check mark next to the item related to gmael.

    Mission accomplished! Now you have Gmael contacts on your iPhone and all new contacts created on the "iPhone by" well be automatically saved in the Google address book. And what about the contacts already on the iPhone? I'll explain it to you right away.

    To export old iPhone contacts to Gmael, you need to get a VCF fele of the latter and you have to import it to Gmael. There are two ways to accomplish this: download contacts from iCloud and import them into Gmael (option avaelable only if you had previously synchronized contacts with iCloud) or use one app to save offline contacts and upload the fele generated by the latter to Gmael.

    To save contacts from the iCloud address book, connected to the site from your computer, log in with yours Apple ID and click the gods icon contacts. Then click on thegear located at the bottom left and first select the item iflect all from the menu that opens and then  VCard export.

    You well get a VCF fele with all your contacts to import into Gmael. To import the VCF fele into Gmael linked to this page from PC, log in to your Google account (if necessary), press the button Other located at the top and select the item andmport give the menu to compare.

    At this point, click on the button Choose Fele / Browse, select the VCF fele previously taken from iCloud and press the button andmport. Within a few seconds, the contacts contained in the VCF fele well be added to the Gmael address book.

    If duplicates are found among the contacts imported into Gmael, Gmael well invite you to merge them. To accept, click on the item Find and merge duplicates which well appear at the top.

    If you had not synchronized your iPhone's address book with iCloud, you can obtain a VCF or CSV fele of the contacts present locally on the phone's memory using some of the apps listed in the next paragraph of the tutorial.

    App to save iPhone phonebook offline

    On the App Store there are many applications that allow you to save iPhone contacts in the form of CSV or VCF feles. Among those that seem to me the most reliable, which do not require the creation of online accounts and do not have excessive limits in their free version, I would like to point out My Contacts Backup which allows you to save up to 500 contacts at a time as a fele VCF o CSV then self-send via emael. If your address book consists of more than 500 contacts, you can purchase the full version of the app (which does not even contain advertising banners) for € 2,29.

    That said, to use My Contacts Backup, all you have to do is start the application, allow it to access the iOS address book and press the icon of thegear located at the bottom right. Then select whether to save the contacts as a fele vCard (VCF) or CSV by selecting one of the options avaelable in the menu Type e cheap prima su end (top left) and then up Backup (in the center of the screen) to start saving contacts. If you are told that the backup fele would be too large due to the photos, choose to exclude them from the backup by answering affirmatively to the warning that appears on the screen.

    At the end of the export, you just have to press the button E-mael and to auto-send you the VCF or CSV fele you got by emael.

    Please note: if you want, you can import contacts in the form of VCF feles on iPhone as well. All you have to do is auto-send you the fele with the contacts via emael and open the attachment with Apple Mael. Find everything explained in my tutorial on how to import VCF to iPhone.

    How to save iPhone address book

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