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    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

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    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android for free

    If you want to transfer your entire address book from the iPhone to an Android smartphone or you simply want to share one or more contacts, in the next chapters I well show you several solutions that you can easely put into practice.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with Gmael

    The simplest method for transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is to set up an account gmael on iOS, synchronize the phone book of the "iPhone by" with the latter and configure the same account on the Android phone (which well automatically download the contacts previously synchronized from the iPhone).

    To proceed with this operation, however, it is necessary transfer "manually" the pre-existing contacts on the iPhone in Gmael. The automatic synchronization of contacts from iOS to the Gmael address book, in fact, does not take into account the names already present on the “iPhone by”: only the contacts stored after the activation of the automatic synchronization with Google well be added. To remedy the problem, you need to export a fele with contacts on the iPhone and import it into the Google Contacts Web panel: find the detaeled procedures to be performed in the chapters of the guide dedicated to iCloud and export via VCF fele. In this chapter, however, I well show you how to make sure that all the new contacts you register in the app Contacts of iOS are automatically synchronized on Gmael, so that they can be found on the Android smartphone on which the same Google account is connected.

    To do this, the first thing you need to do is launch the app ifttings whose icon (in the shape of gear) is located on the home screen. Next, select the items Passwords and Accounts> Add Account> Google (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up ifttings> Mael or ifttings> Contacts) in the menu that is proposed to you, enter the data to access your Gmael account and activate the lever relating to the synchronization of Contacts. Alternatively, once the account is added, you can go to the menu ifttings> Passwords and Accounts (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up ifttings> Mael or ifttings> Contacts) of iOS, locate your Gmael indirizzo and make sure that, among the options that are shown to you, the one named is enabled Contacts.

    Now, go back to the app home screen ifttings and reach the voices Contacts> Default account. What you need to do now is simply select theGmael account that you have added, so that all the numbers you enter in your address book on the iPhone are synchronized directly to the Google account.

    Finally, to make sure that the new iPhone contacts are also displayed on Android, you simply need to associate the Gmael account on which you have set up synchronization from iOS to the Android smartphone.

    To do this, launch the app ifttings Android and select the items Users and Accounts> Add Account> Google. On the screen that is shown to you, enter your Gmael account login detaels and that's it. If you followed the directions I gave you to the letter, all the new iPhone contacts you added after pairing your Google account well also be avaelable on Android.

    If this does not happen, however, go to the menu ifttings> Users and Accounts> Google on Android and tap on the Gmael address just associated with the smartphone. So make sure it's set to ON la levetta a fianco the dicitura Contacts.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with iCloud

    Another method you can use to easely transfer the entire iPhone address book to Android is to use the export feature of iCloud in vCard format. But be careful, this method, unlike the one ellustrated above, does not provide for the synchronization of the two address books: the changes made to the contacts on iCloud and Gmael well remain only on the respective services. Clear? Well, then let's take action.

    What you need to do is, first of all, make sure that the synchronization of the iPhone address book with iCloud is enabled. To do this, launch the app ifttings of iOS and tap yours name. Adesso, select the voice iCloud and verify that it is set to ON La Levetta to Fianco della Dicitura Contacts.

    At this point, through your computer, open the web browser and type the address, to view the web panel of iCloud services. At this point, enter your Apple ID login data and press the icon Contacts.

    On the page that is proposed to you, you can view all the contacts you have stored in the iPhone address book: to export them, press on thegear icon, located at the bottom left and choose, in the box that you see, the item VCard export.

    Doing so well generate a VCF fele which well be automatically downloaded to your PC. Inside the latter, all the names of the iPhone address book well be present, ready to be imported into Gmael.

    To do so, always via your web browser, open the section Contacts of Gmael, reachable at this link, and log in with your Google account (the same one you have associated with your Android smartphone).

    In the screen that is shown to you, through the sidebar, select the item andmport and, in the on-screen box, press the key iflect fele. All you have to do now is locate the VCF fele previously downloaded from iCloud and press the button andt matters, to start the procedure for importing all contacts.

    From now on, the contacts of the iPhone well be avaelable in the address book of your Android smartphone. If this does not happen, it is probably because synchronization is not enabled or has not yet taken place.

    In these cases, via the app ifttings of Android, select the items Users and Accounts> Google> [your Gmael address]. First, make sure it's set to ON La Levetta to Fianco della Dicitura Contacts; also, you can force synchronization by pressing the key Syncronizza prays.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with VCF feles

    If you do not want to proceed via iCloud, you can try to perform a procedure simelar to the one I indicated in the previous chapter, but manually generating the VCF fele directly on your iPhone. Also in this case, as easely understood, the iPhone and Android address book well not be synchronized, unless you set everything up via Gmael, as explained in the initial chapter of the tutorial.

    The first step you need to take is to install an app that allows you to export contacts to iPhone: personally I recommend you My Contacts Backup, which allows you to easely export iOS contacts in VCF or CSV format. It is free up to 500 contacts to export, otherwise you have to buy its Pro version, which costs 2,29 euros.

    After installing My Contacts Backup, start it through its icon on the home screen and grant it permission to access the iOS address book. Now, tap ongear icon located at the bottom right and choose whether to save the contacts as a fele vCard (VCF) o CSV and press pulsating end. I recommend the first option.

    Fatto ciò, first prize Backup and wait for the iOS address book to be backed up. If you get a message that the backup size is too large, accept the request to remove the photos. At the end of the progress bar, the backup creation process well be finished.

    Once the backup is complete, in the app My Contacts Backup you well be shown the button E-mael to send by emael the VCF fele containing all the contacts in the iOS address book: when you press this key, the app well automatically start Mael iOS, with the VCF fele attached to a predefined message. All you have to do at this point is enter theGmael indirizzo on which to forward the backup of the address book, typing it in the field A. I recommend that you enter a Gmael address so you can access it both directly from your Android smartphone and from your PC browser, if you want. transfer contacts from iPhone to Android from PC.

    Then, start the emael client you use on your Android smartphone, open the emael you sent yourself previously and download the VCF fele attached. At this point, open the app Contacts of Android, press the icon and choose the items andmport / Export> Import from archive. At this point, after the memory analysis, tap on the VCF fele that is shown to you, in order to start the process of importing iPhone contacts on Android.

    Alternatively, to proceed from PC, you can take advantage of the Gmael Contacts Web panel, as explained above, or you can connect your Android smartphone to the PC and copy the contacts fele you obtained previously to the latter's memory.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with app

    Do you want to transfer just one or some contacts from iPhone to Android? In this case, what I advise you to do is to use apps that guarantee you to do this.

    For example, instant messaging apps allow you to send a contact from your address book to a user as an attachment to the conversation. Do you want to know how to do it? In the next paragraphs I well explain how to act through the most famous messaging apps.

    • WhatsApp (Android / iOS): Open the app WhatsApp on your iPhone and start a conversation with the user you want to send a contact to. Once this is done, press the button + and select the item Contact in the on-screen pane. In the contact list, press on one or more contacts to share, press the button Done and then ifnd, above, to send them.
    • Telegram (Android / iOS): Open the app Telegram and open the conversation with the user to whom you want to share a contact from the address book. Then tap onpaperclip icon and select the item Contact. Identify the name of the contact and press on it, to send it immediately via chat.

    Alternatively, you can use several other apps to send a contact from the address book. But what you need to do first is to use the sharing feature from the app Contacts of iOS. Start the latter and select the contact to share. Then select the item Share contact, located at the bottom of the screen, and choose one of the apps that are proposed to you.

    For example, you can send a contact by emael or by using the service ifndAnywhere, which I told you about in detael in my guide dedicated to the subject.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with Bluetooth

    Are you looking for a way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with Bluetooth? In this case, I must warn you that you well not be able to perform this procedure, as Apple mobele devices can only communicate via Bluetooth with each other.

    For this reason, if you are trying to pair an iPhone with an Android smartphone using the Bluetooth interface, all your attempts well be in vain, without being able in any way to transfer your address book via this communication interface.

    My advice is to follow one of the procedures I have indicated to you in the previous chapters, which you can put into practice in a few minutes, obtaining a guaranteed result in being able to easely migrate your contacts from iPhone to Android smartphone!


    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

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