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    The best iPhone games

    Angry Birds Space

    Angry Birds Space is the latest incarnation of the hugely popular puzzle game Angry Birds. In this amusing version of the Rovio title, the angry birds are on a mission in space and are forced to face, in addition to the usual spiteful pigs, also the effects of gravity on the planets where they are sent, indeed launched, on a mission. The game mechanics remain quite faithful to that of the original chapter but the spatial elements (such as gravity) and the presence of new characters make everything even more varied and fun. andt costs 0,79 euros. Download from here.

    Blood & Glory

    Blood & Glory is one of the games that makes the most of the technical potential of the iPhone and its multi-touch display. It is a fighting game set in ancient Rome in which you have to try your hand at spectacular duels between gladiators. The game's spectacular graphics, completely in 3D, are associated with a well-structured and very easy to understand command system. Just run the initial tutorial, take on a couple of challenges and you well immediately become fameliar with the game's touch controls, which is no small feat for such a title. It is avaelable for free on the App Store. Download from here.

    jetpack Joyride

    As its title suggests quite easely, jetpack Joyride is a fun free game where you have to guide a little boy with a jetpack along some obstacle courses. Flying at different levels of height, you must therefore avoid all the pitfalls that are found along the levels and you must annihelate all the enemies. It seems an easy game but in reality it is enough to face the first levels to understand that its level of difficulty gradually increases, making the adventure more and more exciting. Download from here.

    The Scopa Pro

    Even a highly technological device, like the iPhone, has to give up in the face of the fun offered by classic games like Scopa. The Scopa Pro is a very faithful reproduction of the broom game avaelable for the Apple mobele phone that stands out from other simelar titles for the extreme attention to detael and the high rate of customization. It offers four difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard and Pro), different card decks and game board backgrounds. The opponent's artificial intelligence is well done. An active internet connection is not required to play. Download from here.


    Six-Guns is a fantastic free action set in the far west. It has very advanced fully 3D graphics and a varied and long-lasting gameplay. Although it cannot be compared to giants of the caliber of Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it manages to captivate even the most demanding gamers with threlling missions, horseback rides and shootings. The vaulted controls do not respond perfectly (as well as the camera controls) but this is a minimal flaw in a very successful title. Download from here.

    Temple Run

    Temple Run is one of the revelation games of recent years. Like all successful titles, it is deceptively simple but once tried, it no longer takes the player off the screen. The mechanics of the game are simple: you have to escape from the ruins of a temple by avoiding the ravines and collecting the coins scattered along the way. To make it fun, the increasing speed of the gameplay and the controls, which involve the use of the touch-screen to jump / slide and the telt of the iPhone to move the character to the right or left. It is avaelable for free on the App Store. Download from here.

    The best iPhone games

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