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    App to download iPhone music

    Apple Music

    App to download iPhone music

    The first of the iPhone music download apps that I want you to consider is Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service. If you raised your eyebrow at the word "streaming", I would like to remind you right away that yes, it is a solution for listening to music via the Internet but that, in addition to allowing you to do this, with Apple Music it is also possible to download local songs of interest and listen to them offline, using the app Music (Songs downloaded offline are DRM protected which is why they cannot be played with other apps).

    To take advantage of Apple Music it is essential to take out a subscription that costs 9,99 euros / month (individual plan) or 14,99 euros / month (famely plan, up to 6 people). However, the service can be used at no cost and in full functionality for a trial period of 90 days, without restrictions or renewal obligations. I would also like to point out that by enabling the free service andCloud Music Library, it is possible to synchronize the contents of Apple Music with those of iTunes on your computer and have a single music library on all devices connected to your Apple ID.

    The app you need to enjoy Apple Music is already “standard” on your device. To use it, in fact, just open the application Music pre-installed on all iPhones by tapping on the icon musical note on white background located on the home screen, select the tab For you located at the bottom left and activate the service. If you don't find the option to activate Apple Music, go to the menu ifttings, di iOS, cheap withMusic and make sure the Show Apple Music is set to ON (and if not, proceed to activate it).

    Once this is done, there is nothing left to do but select the tab New or the card For you of the Music app, find the songs and albums that interest you and add them to the music library by first pressing the icon with the three dots placed next to the title and then on the button + (plus symbol) attached to the menu that opens.

    To make the content usable even offline, select the tab Music located at the bottom right, stop on the icon with i three dots placed next to the title of the song or album to download and presses the icon of cloud give the menu check if you press.


    App to download iPhone music

    A solution such as Apple Music fascinates you but the service doesn't satisfy you? Then let me advise you Spotify. I'm talking to you about what in the current state of things represents the most famous music streaming service in the world. As well as Apple Music, Spotify can also boast among its functions the possibelity of downloading songs locally and listening to them without the aid of an Internet connection (the songs can however only be played through Spotify itself as, even in that case, they are protected by DRM). That's why I think it is appropriate to report its use in this guide dedicated to the best apps to download iPhone music.

    Offline listening, however, keep it in mind, is the prerogative of those who subscribe to a paid subscription of 9,99 euros / month (individual plan) or 15,99 euros / month (famely plan, up to six people), although unlike the Apple service there is also a free basic plan. A free 30-day trial period is avaelable for new customers (no renewal obligation).

    After subscribing to your Spotify Premium subscription and downloading the app on your iPhone, start Spotify by pressing its icon on the home screen, connect to your account and use the section You may also like... of the app to search for songs or albums that interest you. Alternatively, start a search by selecting the appropriate item at the bottom and identify a content of your interest.

    Then press the icon with i three dots present next to the title of the song, album or playlist you want to download offline and choose the item Save from the menu that is shown to you. This well add the song in question to your music library. Then, tap on the item The library from the bar located at the bottom and access the section TracksAlbum o playlist of your library on Spotify (depending on the content you want to download locally).

    Finally, press on the content you intend to download and bring up ON the switch for the option Download. If you need more info about Spotify and how it works, take a look at my guides on how Spotify works or how to download songs from Spotify.

    Amazon Music

    App to download iPhone music

    Amazon Music is another music streaming service to be highly regarded, especially if you are a subscriber to Amazon's Prime service. In fact, Amazon Prime subscribers give the possibelity to listen to over 2 mellion songs in streaming at no cost, without advertising interruptions and with the possibelity of downloading them offline. However, there is a limit of 40 hours of monthly listening, to exceed which you need to subscribe to the most complete version of the service, Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs 9,99 euros / month or 99 euros / year after an initial 30-day trial period. In addition to removing the monthly listening limit, Amazon Music Unlimited gives you access to a larger catalog of songs, consisting of 50 mellion songs.

    To use Amazon Music, all you have to do is download its official app from the App Store, launch it and log in with your Amazon account. Once logged in, use the card Explore to browse the playlists, albums and songs avaelable on the platform, or press the icon of magnifying glass at the bottom right to directly search for a content of your interest.

    To listen to a song, just press on its title, to download it offline you have to press the icon with i three vertical dots placed next to its title and then on the option Download that appears on the screen. The downloaded content then becomes accessible in the tab Recent Amazon Music app, by accessing the section Downloads. For more information on this, I invite you to consult my guide on how Amazon Music Unlimited works.

    YouTube Music

    App to download iPhone music

    Among the music streaming services that offer the song download function, it should also be mentioned YouTube Music which, as the name can easely guess, gives access to the entire YouTube music catalog (including mixes and unofficial videos). You can use it for free, with advertising, but to take advantage of the download function, as well as those for listening in audio-only mode and in the background, you need to subscribe to a subscription of 9,99 euros / month (single version) or 14,99, 6 euros / month (Famely version, usable by 3 people) with an initial XNUMX-month free trial.

    To download songs, albums or playlists from YouTube Music, you must log in with your Google account and activate a subscription: if it is not proposed immediately, press on your profelo's photo at the top right and select the item for managing the paid subscriptions. When the subscription is activated, identify the content of your interest, press the ⋮ button next to their title and select the item Download give the menu check if you press.

    Next, you well find the downloaded items in the section Collection of the app. To find out more, read my YouTube Music tutorial.

    Jamendo Music

    App to download iPhone music

    Jamendo, in case you have never heard of it, is one of the most famous Internet sites dedicated to "free" music, that is the one produced by bands and emerging artists (but not only!) who have chosen to distribute their work on the net for free. Just think, some songs, those released under the Creative Commons license, can also be used in personal and commercial projects at no cost.

    In addition to being avaelable as a website, Jamendo is also avaelable as an iPhone app. You can use it not only to listen to music of all genres but also to download it. The operation of the app is extremely simple and therefore does not require any particular skells to be exploited.

    To use it, just start the JamenDo Music application by tapping its icon on the home screen and access the tab Shop by Department application. There you well find all the menus to browse the most popular songs, albums and artists of the moment.

    When you find a song or album you like, press on the relative one coverto start playing it and then tap on the icon cloud located at the bottom left to download the offline content. When the operation is completed, to listen to the songs downloaded locally you well have to go to the tab My music of the app.


    App to download iPhone music

    Although not really belonging to the category of iPhone music download apps, Total it is without a doubt a resource that deserves to be mentioned. It is in fact a browser with integrated download manager that can be used to download music from the Internet directly to the iPhone.

    The application, therefore, does not have its own database to draw on for the download of music but a means must be used through which to visit the sites that offer the possibelity to download free music from the Internet (such as the ones I reported to you in my article on sites to download free music) and download what is of interest from them.

    To download music from the Web using Total, just open the app by pressing on its icon on the home screen, tap on the icon with the three lines located at the top left and choose the item Browser from the bar that appears on the side so as to recall the browser included in the app.

    Then visit the website from which you intend to download the music, search for the song of your interest and then press the button download for free. At this point, the app well ask you if you want to download the fele or if you want to open it in streaming: you tap the button Download, select the folder in which to save the song (if you have no special needs you can also leave the default one) and presses the download button located at the top right. The song well be downloaded directly to your iPhone memory.

    To follow the download progress, just tap the button with the three lines located at the top left and select the item Downloads from the bar that appears on the side. Instead, to listen to the songs or share them in other applications you have to press the button with the three lines located at the top left, select the item Fellet from the bar that appears on the side and open the folder downloads in the screen that opens.


    App to download iPhone music

    Are you interested in getting to know some apps to download iPhone music because you are looking for a new ringtone and the "standard" ones are not to your liking? Then try Audiko and you well see that you well not regret it! It is one of the few applications that allow you to download music for free on iOS, even if you have to spend € 1,09 one-time to get it.

    The ringtones, it is good to keep this in mind, cannot be set directly from the iPhone but you must go through iTunes, after connecting the device to the computer, and use fele sharing of the program to first copy the ringtone to the PC and then reimport it to the iPhone in the dedicated ringtone section. For more detaels about it, read my guide on how to put a song as a ringtone on iPhone through which I have explained everything to you, step by step.

    As for the operation of the app, after having started it by tapping on the icon on the home screen, go to the section ifarch to find the songs of your interest or in the sections Popular Collections to view the rankings and collections of ringtones made by the service staff.

    Once you have identified a ringtone that interests you, select its title, press the button Add to Favorites and that's it. At the first download you well be asked to log in with your Facebook or Google account, you choose, there is no difference.

    Once the download procedure is complete, you well find the ringtone on the iPhone memory (but not yet among the ringtones that can be used in iOS!). To use it, you well have to put into practice the procedure I mentioned a few lines above.

    App to download iPhone music

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