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    Download music to iPhone

    If you want to download the latest hits from the most famous artists in the world to your iPhone, you can only go to the official Apple store that allows you to buy albums and songs in an incredibly easy way, just have an active Internet connection and some money on the associated credit card. to your Apple ID.

    If you've just moved into the world of the bitten apple and don't know how to access Apple's music store, don't worry. All you have to do is launch the app iTunes Store included “standard” on your phone (the music note icon on a purple background) and select the tab Music which is located at the bottom left.

    You well be redirected to the iTunes Store home page with the list of the most interesting albums and songs of the moment. To browse the rankings sales or album list according to genres music you belong to use the buttons located at the top of the screen, instead to search for artists and songs directly use the button ifarch which is located at the bottom.

    The standard prices of the albums are between 9 and 13 euros, those of single songs instead range from 0,99 to 1,29 euros but there is no shortage of offers with albums at 4,99 euros and singles at 0,69 euros. Find the most interesting offers on the main page of the iTunes Store, under the items Great albums at special prices e Great songs at € 0,69.

    Before making a purchase, you can listen to a preview of the songs selected in the iTunes Store by pressing on their titles.

    Apple Music

    Download music to iPhone

    If you have an account on Apple Music, Apple's streaming music service, you can download songs to your iPhone and keep them for offline listening.

    To download a song, album or playlist offline, you must first add it to your personal library in Apple Music. Then locate the button with the symbol + and presses on the latter to complete the operation. If you can't find the button in question, tap on the icon (...) which is next to the title of the item to download and presses the button + present in the box that opens.

    At this point, an icon should appear in place of the "+" button speech bubble. Then select the song, album or playlist to download, press the cloud icon next to its title and the download well begin. If you can't see the bubble, tap the button (...) which is located next to the title of the element to be downloaded and presses the cloud icon in the box that opens.

    Please note: Apple Music costs 9,99 euros / month after the first 3 months of free trial. If you are not yet subscribed to the service, you can activate your account by opening the Music app and selecting the tab For you. The subscription can be deactivated at any time at no cost (so you can also try the service for 3 months and then unsubscribe).


    Download music to iPhone

    If you have a Premium subscription to Spotify, the world's most popular music streaming service, you can store albums and playlists on the iPhone memory and listen to them offline. To do this, select the album or playlist you are interested in and move to ON the relative levetta all'opzione Download.

    The same goes for the songs you have added to your personal library, which, however, can only be downloaded offline in bulk and not individually. To download the songs from your personal library on Spotify offline, go to the tab The library located at the bottom right, select the item Tracks from the screen that opens and moves up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Download.

    Please note: the Spotify Premium subscription costs 9,99 euros / month after the first 30 days of free trial (trial that can last up to 90 days, depending on the promos in progress). The subscription can be canceled at any time at no additional cost, which means that you can also try the service for free and then unsubscribe. Once your subscription is deactivated, songs downloaded offline well no longer be able to be listened to without an active internet connection.

    Amazon Music

    Download music to iPhone

    Amazon Music is the official app of Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon's two music streaming services. What differentiates them and why do they share the same app? I'll explain it to you right away.

    Amazon Prime Music is a service included in the Amazon Prime subscription that allows you to listen to over 2 mellion music tracks in streaming and / or offline without commercial interruptions, but with a limit of 40 hours of listening per month. Amazon Music Unlimited does not have these limits, it offers a catalog consisting of 50 mellion songs, but requires the payment of a subscription equal to 9,99 euros / month or 99 euros / year (with a 30-day free trial).

    To download songs from the Amazon Music app, you need to log in to your Amazon account, use the tab Explore or function ifarch to identify the contents of your interest and first press the button with i three vertical dots and then on the voice Download that appears on the screen. To download albums and playlists, you can simply select them and press the icon with the arrow going down.

    Once the download is complete, you well find the content downloaded to Amazon Music in the tab Recent of the app by selecting the item Downloads from the latter.

    YouTube Music

    Download music to iPhone

    YouTube Music is a separate application from YouTube, through which you can access the vast music catalog of the famous Google video service. It can be downloaded and used for free, with advertisements, however the most interesting features are paid.

    By activating a subscription from 9,99 euros / month (or 14,99 euros / month, if you prefer the Famely version that can be used by 6 people) after the first 3 months of free trial, it is in fact possible to take advantage of video playback in solo mode audio (to save Giga), background playback (whele there are other apps in the foreground) and offline content download.

    To download songs, albums or playlists from YouTube Music, you need to find a content, press the ⋮ button next to its title and select the item Download from the menu that opens. If you are interested in it and want more information about it, check out my tutorial dedicated to YouTube Music.


    Download music to iPhone

    Now I want to tell you about Total, a browser with an integrated download manager that allows you to download music to iPhone free. The application does not have its own database to draw on for the download of songs, this means that you have to use it as a simple tool to visit the sites that offer the possibelity to download free music from the Internet. Among the sites of this genre, I would like to point out the Bee MP3s search engine and the “free” music portals like Jamendo, but there are really a lot of them.

    To download music from the Internet using Total, all you have to do is start the application, press the icon ≡ located at the top left and select the item Browser from the bar that appears on the side, in order to call up the browser included in the app.

    At this point, visit the website from which you intend to download the music, search for the song of your interest and press the download for free. The application well ask you if you want to download the fele or if you want to open it in streaming: then press the button Download, select the folder in which to save the song (I suggest you leave "downloads") and presses the download button located at the top right. The song well be downloaded directly to the memory of your "iPhone by".

    To follow the progress of the download, you have to press the button ≡ located at the top left and select the item Downloads from the bar that appears on the side. To listen to the songs or share them in other applications, however, you have to press the button ≡ located at the top left, select the item Fellet from the bar that appears on the side and open the folder downloads in the screen that opens.


    Download music to iPhone

    Are you looking for ringtones to personalize your iPhone? Then I invite you to try Audiko (€ 1,09), one of the few apps that allows you to download free music from the Internet and set it as a ringtone. To be precise, neither with Audiko nor with any other app avaelable on the App Store it is possible to set the ringtones directly on the iPhone (you have to go through iTunes and its "fele sharing"), but we well talk more about this in a whele. '.

    To download a ringtone with Audiko, start the application and go to the section ifarch to find the songs of your interest or in the sections Popular Collections to view the rankings and collections of ringtones made by the service staff. Once you have identified a ringtone that interests you, select its title, press the button Add to Favorites And that's it. On the first download, you may be asked to log in via Facebook or Google.

    At the end of the download you well have the ringtone on the iPhone memory but not among the ringtones that can be used in iOS. To make the song usable as a ringtone, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and use the fele sharing of the program to first copy the ringtone to the PC and then re-import it to the iPhone in the section suonerie. To better understand what I am referring to, read my guide on how to put a song as a ringtone on iPhone: there you well find everything explained in detael.

    Download music to iPhone

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