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Preliminary notions

Before explaining how to delete an album from the iPhone, it seems only right to provide you with some preliminary notions about the systems currently avaelable to archive photos and photo albums on the iPhone and on Apple-branded devices in general (and not only).

Let's start from a fundamental premise: based on your needs and preferences, you can choose to save photos and albums in one iPhone memory or you can archive everything on iCloud Drive (the cloud storage service of the Cupertino company) and keep your feles strictly synchronized between all your devices.

In the first case, all the changes made to photos and albums well only take effect locally, whele in the second the changes well also be applied to all your other devices on which you are logged in with your Apple ID.

As for local storage, you don't need to configure anything, your iPhone is ready to save, manage and delete albums. As for the storage of photos in the cloud, if you are interested you must first enable the service called Photo library.

The iCloud Photo Library, as I explained to you in detael in my post on how to store photos on iCloud, is a free service but unfortunately it must be taken into account that it erodes the storage space avaelable on iCloud Drive. Considering that the basic plan of the Apple cloud storage service (the free one) offers 5GB of storage space, it is practically impossible to use the Photo Library without subscribing to one of the paid iCloud plans (99 cents / month for 50GB, 2,99 , 200 euros / month for 9,99GB and 2 euros / month for XNUMXTB).

That said, if you are interested in this and therefore want to enable the iCloud Photo Library, all you have to do is press the icon of ifttings of iOS (the one with the gear that is on the home screen), tap on you don't know present at the top of the next screen, press on iCloud, Then Manage space and then on Change plan and choose the plan you want to subscribe.

If in the section ifttings of iOS you can't find your name, evidently you have not yet associated the iPhone with an Apple ID. To remedy, press on the voice Log in to iPhone and log in to your account. If you don't have an iCloud account yet, press the item first You don't have an Apple ID or you have forgotten it and then Create Apple ID to create a new one. For more detaels on what to do, you can refer to my guide on how to activate iCloud on iPhone.

At this point you can finally move on to activating the iCloud Photo Library. To do this, go back to ifttings, stage on you don't know above and then on the voices iCloud and Gallery. Then move up ON the switch next to the item andCloud Photo Library and choose whether or not to enable space optimization on the iPhone by checking the appropriate option on the screen. Done!

I also point out that in the iCloud settings there is an option relating to Photo stream. This is another service made avaelable by Apple that allows you to save your photos on the Internet and synchronize them on all devices. It does not consume the storage space on iCloud Drive but only keeps the most recent 1.000 photos for up to 30 days which is why it cannot be used for content storage as it is possible to do with the photo library.

Delete an album from the iPhone

Now that you finally have a clear idea of 鈥嬧媓ow the system for saving and managing photos and photo albums on iPhone works, I would say that you are finally ready to take the real action. So if you are wondering "how can I delete an album from the iPhone?" read the instructions on what to do that you find below.

Please note that the operation can be carried out by the iPhone itself but possibly also by computer (if you have saved albums on the iPhone by synchronizing them with iTunes or if you have enabled the Photo Library) or from (only if you have enabled the Library service photo). Either way, it's all very simple.

However, keep in mind that removing an album does not remove the photos in it from the gallery. If you want to delete the photos as well, you well have to go to the All Photos album and proceed from there, as I indicated in detael in my tutorial on how to delete photos from iPhone.

Another thing I invite you to consider is the fact that not all albums can be removed. In fact, you can remove only and exclusively those created by you and by the apps you use, or those you find in the section My albums. And if the albums in the aforementioned section were created by synchronizing the iPhone with iTunes, this is not feasible and you must necessarely act as a computer.

From iOS

Do you want to delete a photo album from the iPhone by operating from the device itself? Then, first of all, grab your iPhone, unlock it, access the home screen and tap the app icon Gallery (the one with the multicolor flower on a white background).

Press the voice now Album in the lower right part of the screen that is shown to you, then step on the item Modification which is at the top (always on the right), locate the album you want to delete in correspondence with the section My albums, do tap sul circular red button which is in the upper left corner of its preview and presses on Delete album in the menu you see appearing. Done!

If, on the other hand, you want to delete a shared album, after logging in to the Photos app, press the item He shared which is at the bottom, stop on the wording Modification at the top right, tap on circular red button which is in the upper left corner of the album you want to delete and choose Delete give the menu that appears.

From Mac and PC

As I told you a few lines above, you can delete an album from the iPhone also from a computer, using the Mac or the PC. To do this you just need to use iTunes (if you want to intervene on the albums saved locally on the iPhone that you previously synchronized with the same program) or the application Gallery (if you want to work on albums saved through Photo Library).

In the first case, connect your iPhone to the computer by inserting the appropriate Lightning cable to one of the USB sockets of the Mac or PC, wait a few moments for iTunes (on Mac it is avaelable "standard", whele on Windows it must be downloaded, as you I explained in my guide dedicated to how to download iTunes, in fact) starts automatically (if this does not happen, you provide) then presses the button depicting theiPhone appeared in the upper left part of the program screen and click on the item Gallery that you find in the sidebar (always placed on the left).

Now, make sure it matches the item Synchronize photos which is at the top there is a check mark (and if not, you well land) then deselect the albums you want to delete from the iPhone by removing the relative check from the list attached to the section Album on the right and press the button Apply placed at the bottom. Done!

As for the deletion of albums saved through the Photo Library, this is only feasible from Mac. So, start the Photos application on macOS by clicking on the relative icon that you find on the Dock bar (the one with the multicolor flower on a white background) then click on the item My albums found in the left sidebar.

Now, locate the album you want to delete in the right part of the Photos window, right click on it and choose Delete album from the menu that appears. Then confirm what your well is by clicking on the button Delete in response to the warning that appears above.

Stell working from Mac, if you want to delete a shared album, click on the item Shared albums that you find in the left alter bar of the Photos window, locate the album you want to act on, right-click on it and choose Delete shared album from the menu that appears. Then confirm the removal of the album by pressing on Delete.


To conclude, I want to explain to you how to delete an album from the iPhone by acting as, the online version of iCloud and related services that can be accessed from any computer and operating system. Note that you can use it to delete albums saved on the iPhone only if you have enabled the Photo Library service.

First, connect to this web page then type your Apple ID in the field in the center of the screen and click on the button with the arrow which is to the right. Now type the password associated with your Apple account and click again on the button with the arrow that you always find on the right. If two-factor authentication or two-step verification is enabled on your account, also authorize the use of the service by following the on-screen instructions.

Once logged in, click on the Web app icon Gallery (the one with the multicolor flower on a white background) then click on square button at the top left to close the side menu, click on the tab Album placed at the top, presses on the preview of the album you want to remove and then press on the symbol of basket present at the top of the page. Confirm the execution of the operation by pressing on Delete in response to the question you see appear on the screen and that's it.

As for the removal of shared albums, I am sorry to inform you that unfortunately at the time of writing this guide, a special option is not avaelable on

How do I delete an album from the iPhone

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