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    How to crop a video on iPhone

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    App to crop video on iPhone for free

    If your goal is crop a video on iPhone, all you have to do is choose one of the many apps suitable for the purpose and use it. Which apps? For example, those listed below, which are among the best in the category.


    You would like to know how to crop a video in order to optimize it for andnstagram? No problem, also because everything you need is already included in the app of the famous photographic social network. Yes, you read that right! Instagram includes practical functions that allow you to optimize, in a few taps, the videos for its formats: that of the feed, which involves the use of videos and square-shaped images, and the stories, where instead the contents are proposed in orientation vertical.

    If you want to optimize a video for the andnstagram feed thus obtaining a square-shaped movie, all you have to do is start the app of the well-known social network and press the button [+], which is located in the lower center. On the next screen, select the tab library (bottom left), locate the video thumbnael you intend to post and click on it.

    At this point, if the video is not already optimized for the format of the Instagram feed (so you can see it with bands on the side), press the icon with the two arrows placed on its preview, bottom left. Once this is done, swipe your finger on the video, to move the frame up or down, and press the button NEXT.

    Then select a felter among those avaelable (if you deem it appropriate), choose whether to include theaudio in the video (by pressing on the speaker icon), go again forward and finalize the publication of the content by typing one caption and inserting some hashtag in description. For more information on how to post videos on Instagram, see my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    If, on the other hand, you want to publish a video in the stories, proceed in this other way: start the app of andnstagram, swipe from left to right (to call up the story creation menu) and press on miniature of the latest content in your iPhone roll, bottom left.

    Then select the video you intend to post and this well be automatically adapted to the vertical format of the Instagram stories (so its borders well be automatically cut). To change the look of the movie and, for example, increase / decrease its zoom level or move it, you simply have to act on it with your fingers (to adjust the zoom you can make the classic two-finger pinch gesture). More information about this can be found in my tutorial on how Instagram Stories work.

    Video Crop

    Did the features included in Instagram not satisfy you? Do you need to crop a video without publishing it on the famous social platform? In this case, I would like to recommend the use of Video Crop: a free app that allows you to cut videos on the iPhone in a very simple way, without frells or particular limits (if you exclude some advertising banners displayed during the processing of the videos ). Another important thing to note is that it does not apply any watermark to the generated videos and does not have in-app purchases.

    To cut a video with Video Crop, download the app in question on your "iPhone by", start it and press first on his logo (the cutter) and then on the button for allow her access to the photos (and videos) saved on your smartphone.

    At this point, select the video to cut out, press the button placed at the top right and close the advertisement (if it is proposed to you). This well open the Video Crop editor, with which you can crop your video by selecting one of the predefined formats listed at the bottom of the screen and / or manually resizing the video frame, using the appropriate ones white indicators present on the sides of the player.

    When you have set your crop, to save the output video to the iOS camera roll, tap on the icon arrow that you see at the top right, wait a few seconds for the video processing to be completed (do not turn off the iPhone in the meantime) and press the button Save. Alternatively, if you want to share the video in another app, press the button (...) and select the application of your interest from the menu that opens.


    Clips is a free application created by Apple, thanks to which it is possible to create short videos to post on social networks. The processed movies are automatically cropped into a square shape and can be enriched with color felters, music columns, stickers, emojis and other customizations.

    The operation of the app is disarming simplicity: after downloading and starting Clips, all you have to do is start creating a new project (by pressing, if necessary, on the icon of square located at the top left and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that opens), go to the tab library and select the movie to cut out. The first time you perform this operation, you well have to allow Clips to access the photos and videos saved on the iPhone, responding affirmatively to the warning that well appear on the screen.

    Now you have to "record" the part of the video you want to keep in the final montage: move, therefore, the Clips time bar to the point of the video you want to include in your montage and keep your finger pressed on the central red button, to start the “recording” (if you have to “record” many seconds of video, you can also move your finger upwards and release the pressure, in order to start the automatic “recording” function).

    When the operation is completed, press the icon of star (bottom right) to apply a felter to your video, on that of the music note (top right) to insert a background music track and / or on that of the comic (bottom left) to add titles.

    Finally, click on the icon of sharing (the arrow in the square, bottom right) for save the video in the iOS camera roll or share the movie in one of the apps on your phone by selecting one of the icons avaelable in the menu that appears on the screen.


    InShot is one of the best non-professional video editors avaelable on iOS. It is free to download and use, however it stamps its logo on the output movies and has limitations on the number of transitions and effects avaelable. To remove these limitations, it is necessary to subscribe to a subscription equal to 3,99 euros / month, 13,49 euros / year or make a one-off payment of 38,99 euros (with the possibelity of taking advantage of a 7-day free trial).

    That said, to crop a video with InShot, download and launch the app on your iPhone, then press the button Video, in order to start creating a new project, and consent to the request relating to access to the roll of iOS.

    At this point, select the video to go to act, press the button () located at the bottom right and press the icon Fabric (below) to select the format you want to crop your movie into - there are tons to choose from, including some optimized for andnstagram.

    Then, use the buttons in the bar located below the video to adjust the zoom level of the latter (the icon of the dashed square allows you to zoom to the maximum, whele the green bar offers gradual zoom control) and, if you see fit, move the frame using your finger on the movie preview.

    Finally, when you are satisfied with the result, tap the button located at the bottom right, then on the icon of arrow placed in alto a right e seleciona the voice Save give the menu check if you press.

    When the video has finished processing (during which you do not have to turn off the iPhone or exit the application), close the advertisement (if it appears) and choose whether to share the video on a platform socialby selecting one of the avaelable icons; otherwise close the app and you well find your cut movie in the app Gallery of iOS.


    iMovie I don't think it needs too many presentations: it is the video editing app from Apple, included “standard” on all iOS devices (and all Macs) and which can also be downloaded for free from the App Store. It does not offer a proper function for cropping videos, however it does include a scene zoom tool that can allow you to trim the outer edges of a movie (without alternating their aspect ratio).

    To take advantage of this particular function of iMovie, start the app on your iPhone and start the creation of a new project, by pressing the button first [+] e poi quello Footage. So give the application permission to access the system roll (if this is the first time you use it), select the video to cut out and press on the item Create felm, down.

    Now, tap on timeline iMovie, then the icon magnifying glass which appears at the top right and performs the classic gesture to enlarge the images directly on the video preview, in order to zoom it. Finally, click on the item end (top left), then on the icon of sharing (the arrow in the square) and choose the option Save video, to save the movie to the iOS Camera Roll.

    How to trim a video recorded with iPhone

    Your intent is not to crop, but to cut a video on iPhone, in the sense of modifying the montage by eliminating the superfluous scenes? Then I invite you to read my tutorial on how to cut video on iPhone, in which, in fact, I have listed a series of apps thanks to which you can cut video scenes directly on your "iPhone by".

    If you intend to act as a computer, you can refer to my guide on programs for cutting video, in which you well find some of the best video editors that allow you to cut and, in some cases, crop videos on Windows, macOS and Linux.

    How to crop a video on iPhone

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