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    How to download free iPhone apps

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    How to download free apps on iPhone (App Store)

    Want to know how to download free apps on your brand new iPhone? Surely the first thing you need to do is start mastering the use of App Store, the digital store dedicated to mobele devices with iOS, the well-known Apple operating system.

    You can find the App Store already installed on your device: it is located on the home screen of your smartphone and its icon has the shape of a A stylized white color on light blue background. In short, you can't go wrong. Once you have located the app, tap on it to open it.

    Once the App Store has started, tap on the item Standings located at the bottom of the screen. Starting from the left, it is the third item you find preceded by Categories and First floor.

    In the new screen that you well now have displayed, press on the item Free which is located in the top menu. This well show you a list of popular applications that you can download and use for free on your device.

    Scroll this ranking down to see all the major free, noteworthy apps you can download to your iPhone; in this way you can search for the one that interests you most.

    Once you have found an application free to download, tap its icon and, in the screen that opens, tap the button Get which you can see next to the name of the application you are interested in; then press on andnstall. If prompted, confirm your wellingness to download and install the application. It is just a matter of typing the password for your Apple account (or pressing the Touch ID, if present on your device). Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for the download and installation procedure of the application to be completed correctly.

    Another great method that I recommend you use for download free app on iPhone consists of searching for free applications through the App Store's buelt-in search engine. Below you well find detaeled instructions that well allow you to perform this procedure.

    Once you have started the application, press the icon in the shape of magnifying glass which you can see in the lower right part of the App Store screen. Then type app gratis in the field of testo ifarch that you find at the top and finally tap the button ifarch that you find directly on the keyboard of your device. This way you well be able to see a substantial list of free applications.

    Again, once you have identified the application to download, press the button Get located under the name of the application. As before, click on andnstall and then eventually type your password or press the Touch ID to confirm the application download. If you have carried out all the procedures indicated correctly then the download of the chosen app well start on your device and you can immediately use it, once the installation procedure has been correctly completed.

    How to download free apps on iPhone (AppsGratis)

    App Store is the only virtual store from which you can download app for free on iPhone. As an alternative to following the procedures I have just indicated, however, know that you also have the possibelity to download free apps on the iPhone using other applications that, every day, interface with the App Store and notify the possibelity of downloading for free app previously to payment. It is in fact a possibelity given by the presence of special offers for a limited period of time.

    If you are interested in downloading free apps on iPhone by adopting this solution in particular, I suggest you download the application Free Apps - Free Apps and Games not to miss the possibelity of obtaining free applications previously avaelable only for a fee.

    To download free applications on the iPhone, using the application Free Apps - Free Apps and Games as usual you well have to access App Store of iOS. Then type in the search engine Free Apps and download and install the first application that appears in the search results. Its icon is one A stylized white on a black background and the app is developed by Mobinext Srls

    After downloading the application and after making sure that the installation procedure has been completed, press the icon of Free Apps - Free Apps and Games present on the home screen of your iPhone.

    On the screen that appears, open the side menu of the application by pressing the button with the squares symbol that you find on the left. From the avaelable menu items, tap Apps & Games to view the list of all free apps that can be downloaded to your iPhone at the moment. If there is any free app you are interested in, tap on its icon and then tap the button andnstall now. At this point you well be sent back to the relevant App Store screen through which you can download the application of your choice by tapping the button Get/ Install located at the top right.

    How to download free apps on iPhone (iTunes for Windows and Mac)

    Finally, know that to download free iPhone apps you can also act directly from your computer by accessing iTunes through any web browser for Windows; You can thus evaluate which app to download for free on your iOS smartphone.

    To download free iPhone apps from your computer, first click here to connect to iTunes. Once the webpage opens, click on the entry Standings that you find located at the top right and then tap on the item Free apps. This well show you a list of apps that you can download for free on your iPhone.

    To download free apps you well then need to start iTunes. It well be thanks to the software that you well be able to remotely start the download of the application of your interest on your iPhone.

    Haven't installed iTunes on your Windows PC? Don't worry, I'll tell you how to fix it right away. First, connect to the main iTunes page and download the software to your computer by pressing the button Download. Leave the emael address text field blank.

    Once the installation client download is complete, open the fele you just downloaded by double clicking on it. In the window that opens, start the installation by clicking on the buttons that appear: first click on NEXT and then andnstall, then on Yes twice in a row and then on end to complete the iTunes installation process.

    Unfortunately iTunes is not the most intuitive as a software and it well take a whele to learn how to use it. Therefore, first of all, once iTunes is launched, check that you are in the App screen.

    If not, you can move between the various sections of the App Store by pressing on the drop-down menu at the top and clicking on the item App to access the section that well allow you to download applications on your iPhone. You can search for free applications on iTunes by voice Top Free App that you find in the side menu.

    Once you have identified the app you want to download, start the app download by pressing the button Get. In this way you well find the app downloaded and installed on your iOS device as soon as it is connected to the Internet. You well thus be successful in your intent to download free apps on the iPhone and in addition you well have taken advantage of the convenience of being able to act from a PC, installing the application thanks to the command sent remotely.

    If you're operating from iTunes via the web via Mac, the procedure is slightly easier, especially since iTunes is already installed on Apple computers.

    Once you have opened iTunes via the web and located the app you want to download, just press the View button in iTunes. On your Mac, iTunes well automatically open and you well be redirected to the download screen for the app of your interest. Now you just have to press the Get button to start the remote download of the free app on your iOS device.

    If you want to know more about how iTunes works, I suggest you read my guide on how to download iTunes. You well also find all the information you need in my guide How to use iTunes which well allow you to find out more detaels on the operation of the well-known software dedicated to Apple devices. After learning the basics, I recommend that you delve into the iTunes topic, learning the management of the music library. In fact, you can find out how to add songs to iTunes through the store included in the software, importing them from a music CD or downloading them from Apple Music.

    How to download free iPhone apps

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