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    How to exchange music between iPhones

    Preliminary information

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining, in practice, how to exchange music between iPhones, let me give you some more insight into the terms under which this can happen.

    To begin with, you must know that Apple, for copyright reasons, does not make this very simple: in fact, in an "official" way, it is possible to transfer the songs of your music collection only between iPhones paired with the same Apple ID and after subscribing to the Apple Music service.

    This, however, does not mean that the operation is not feasible in other ways: for example, it is possible to share songs and playlists from one phone to another, even between different users, using the specific features of the streaming services. Alternatively, the same result can be obtained using the AirDrop system, or a special third-party program: in the latter sense, however, it is essential that both devices are connected, via USB cable, to a computer.

    The theme of this guide well be, precisely, to show you what are the simplest techniques to share music between "iPhone by": I am sure you well find the method that best suits your case!

    How to exchange music between different iPhones

    Having made the necessary premises, the time has come to take action and to explain to you, in practice, how to exchange music between iPhones using the strategies I told you about earlier.

    Apple Music / iCloud Music Library

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    If you are a subscriber to the Apple Music service, then I think I have great news for you: if you have a recent version of iOS, you can activate the synchronization of your music library, so that you can access it from all iPhones (along with the many other supported devices, such as iPad, iPod, Mac, PC, Android device and Apple TV) to which the same Apple ID has been associated.

    To be able to do this, all you have to do is activate the option Synchronize library on the phones involved: then access the ifttings of iOS, by tapping on the button in the shape ofgear located on the screen Home of the device, tap on the item Music and move up ON the levetta relative althe voice Synchronize library.

    To conclude, tap on the pulsating Keep songs, in order to add the music already on the iPhone to the iCloud music library, without deleting anything, and that's it! From now on, you well be able to access your entire music collection (which, in addition to previously added songs, includes music from Apple Music, music purchased from the iTunes Store, and all personal playlists and collections) from all other smartphones and devices synced with the same Apple ID. Happy?

    Music streaming services

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    If you used to listen to your music through a music streaming service other than Apple Music, which one SpotifyAmazon MusicYouTube Music, then know that things are much simpler than you imagine!

    If you are interested in transferring music to a different iPhone but stell belonging to your person, then you simply have to download the same music app on the new phone and log in using the credentials in your possession: the songs of your personal collections well be there waiting for you, without you doing anything!

    If you want to play the songs of your playlists to a friend instead, you can use the function of sharing of the app you are using: on Spotify, for example, you have to go to the sections My library and playlist, select the name of the playlist you are interested in, press the button (⋮) and finally touch the item Share that appears on the next screen.

    Su Amazon Music, you have to go to the section instead My music, tap the tab playlist and, after identifying the playback queue of your interest, tap the button (⋮) corresponding to it and select the item Share Playlist give the purpose menu.

    Su YouTube Musicfinally, you have to go to the tab Collection, access the Playlist section and, after identifying the one you are interested in, touch the button (⋮) located next to its name and select the item Share from the panel displayed on the screen.

    Proceeding in this way, you well be able to share your playlists on the fly using another app installed in the system, or a social network supported by the service in use, with people who own an iPhone: recipients well receive a link through which they can listen to the songs. in question. If necessary, you well be asked to download the app and to subscribe to the service offered.

    Alternatively, if the people you intend to share music with are part of your household, you can consider activating a famely plan which, avaelable for all major streaming services, allows you to have a discounted price to have all the music on up to 6 accounts.

    Backup restore

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    You have purchased a new iPhone and would you like to transfer all the music on the phone you are about to retire? In this case, you can move all the songs in one go, along with the feles, settings and all other data on the old phone, using a backup.

    In practice, what you need to do is make a backup of the old iPhone, on the internet, via iCloud, or locally, through iTunes (Windows) or the Finder (macOS) and, after creating it, restore the new iPhone from the newly created backup. If you prefer iCloud backup, here's how to proceed.

    • Make sure both devices are updated to the latest iOS version. If not, you can upgrade by going to ifttings> General> Software Update.
    • Get theOriginal iPhone, go to ifttings> [your name]> iCloud> iCloud Backup e tocca el pulsating Back up now to save the data on your phone, including music, to the Internet. In order for the operation to be successful, the lever andCloud Backup must be set to ON and the device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network (even better if plugged into a power outlet). If you don't have enough iCloud space, you can increase it by following the directions I gave you in this tutorial.
    • Get theTarget iPhone (the new one) and, if necessary, restore it to the factory state by going to ifttings> General> Reset> Reset content and settings. When prompted, press the button andnitialize iPhone twice in a row. This step is not necessary on a new and / or not yet activated iPhone.
    • When you restart (or when you first start) the new iPhone, the initial configuration procedure well start: so choose one WIFI network to connect the device to, indicates whether or not to enable i location services, proceed with the configuration of Face ID / Touch ID and enter a unlock code for the phone. When prompted, choose to do the restore from iCloud backup, log in to your Apple ID and accepts the conditions of use of the operating system. Finally, choose the backup to restore (the one made just now) and wait for the data copy to be completed.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to take advantage of the local iTunes backup (or the Finder, on macOS), physically connect the iPhone to the computer, start iTunes (on Windows) or el Finder (on macOS, from Catalina onwards, otherwise you can always use iTunes), select thephone icon from the left sidebar and press the button to reset the device.

    If you need an extra hand regarding the procedure described above, or if you are interested in performing backup and restore operations using iTunes / Finder and not using iCloud, I refer you to reading my tutorials on how to make and how to restore the backup iPhone.

    Everlasting iTunes or the application Music macOS (Catalina onwards) can be used to transfer songs from one iPhone to another. Basically just copy the songs from the old iPhone to the iTunes / Music library, connect the new iPhone to the same computer and copy the songs to it. It should be noted that, if the music is protected by DRM (then purchased by iTunes Store), you can transfer it between two iPhones connected to the same Apple ID.


    How to exchange music between iPhones

    Another good system for exchange music between iPhones, especially if you need to transfer not excessively large amounts of music, involves the use of AirDrop, Apple's wireless technology that allows you to share content between devices equipped with iOS, iPadOS and macOS, within a couple of taps (more info here).

    Before going ahead, however, I think it is right to make a clarification on this: through this system, it is possible to share songs saved on iCloud via iTunes Match or music feles on the device, but it is not possible to transfer songs imported from their personal libraries, nor contents purchased from Apple Music.

    All clear? All right, let's proceed. To get started, take theiPhone recipient of the songs and activate AirDrop: to be able to do this, call the control center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen (on iPhone 8 Plus and earlier or iPhone SE, you must instead swipe from bottom to top), make a long tap on the box dedicated to network functions (the one at the top left) and then tap on the icon AirDrop, to activate it. Depending on your needs, choose whether to receive content only from contacts, or from everyone.

    Now, take theiPhone to share from the song, locate it in the app that contains it (eg. Fele, Mael, WhatsApp or Telegram, just to name a few), start it and press the sharing (The quadrato with the freccia verso l'alto).

    At this point, fai tap sulthe voice AirDrop, wait for the iPhone name target appears in the list of detected devices and, when this happens, select it. Finally, authorize the transfer of the song to the target iPhone by choosing where to save fele if needed and that's it!

    Third Party Programs

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    If none of the techniques I told you about has managed to give you the result you want, then you can evaluate the use of a computer (with Windows or macOS) and iMazing: if you had not heard of it, it is a multi-platform software that allows you to transfer various types of content from the iPhone memory, including music, and to perform some other management operations.

    iMazing can be downloaded and used for free, with limitations: in this case, you can only transfer a maximum of 50 songs in total. To eliminate such restrictions, you need to purchase the full version of the program, with prices starting at € 39,99.

    To try iMazing, connect to its official website and click on the button Free download, to get the program installation package. When the download is complete, start the fele and, if you use Windows, press the buttons YesNEXT, then put the check mark next to the item and accept the terms of the license agreement and last the setup process by clicking in sequence on NEXT twice in a row, then on andnstallend.

    Be, invent, use MacOS, drag the iMazing icon into the folder Applications of the Mac, using the appropriate Finder window, then access this folder and double-click the program icon to start it.

    From now on, the procedures are the same: after starting iMazingclick on your button Later to skip the purchase of a user license, connect theOriginal iPhone to the computer using the Lightning cable received, unlock it and, if necessary, authorizes communication between the devices by answering affirmatively to the warning that appears on the telephone display.

    Now, click on iPhone name located on the left sidebar, then on the item Music and select the songs you want to transfer, using the keys Ctrl / cmdShift. To conclude, click on your button Export to folder (located at the bottom right), put the check mark next to the item andn a folder of my choice, select the directory to transfer the music to and press the buttons NEXTContinue and Done to finalize the copy.

    How to exchange music between iPhones

    At this point, disconnect the phone from the computer and connect theTarget iPhone, then authorizing communication between devices, if necessary. To conclude, click on name of the iPhone just connected, then on the voice Music and finally on the button andmport from folder.

    Finally, select the folder in which you had previously exported the feles and press the button OK: after a few moments, the songs contained in the chosen directory should be copied to the iPhone memory.

    How to exchange music between iPhones

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