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    How to export contacts from iPhone to PC

    Exporting Contacts from iPhone (VCF)

    If you want to know how to export contacts from iPhone to PC without too many frells or waste of time, I advise you to open theApp Store and search for Easy Backup. It is an application that saves all the contacts in the iPhone address book and collects them in a fele in vcard format (VCF) to be auto-sent and imported into all the desired applications and devices. It is avaelable in two versions: a free one that only allows you to self-send the VCF fele with your contacts and a paid one (2,99 euros) that supports exporting contacts to Dropbox, Google Drive or other applications on the iPhone .

    Do you want to find out how to use it? Look, it's so simple you don't even need to explain it. All you have to do is start Easy Backup, press the button Start to access the main screen of the app and deny access to notifications by the latter (in my opinion there is no reason why such an application should "bother you" with notifications, then evaluate yourself based on your preferences).

    Next, press on arrow placed in the center of the screen, authorizes Easy Backup to access the iOS address book and wait for the contact backup to be completed (it should take a few seconds), In the screen that opens, choose whether to send the backup via e-mael to your e-mael address (by pressing the envelope icon), if you want to export the fele to another application on the phone (eg. Dropbox or Google Drive) by pressing the icon Export or whether to save the fele as a sheet Excel (xlsx) by “tapping” on the appropriate icon at the bottom right.

    Regardless of the option chosen, you well be asked to authenticate using your Facebook account, your Google account or your emael address: you choose the option you prefer and go on to complete the export of your contacts. In the case of sending via emael, all you have to do is type your emael address in the field of recipient (A :) and send you the message containing the address book.

    I remind you again that direct export to Dropbox, Google Drive and other applications is only avaelable in the full version of Easy Backup, which costs 2,99 euros and among other things also allows you to merge duplicate contacts, move names from one heading to another and much more.

    Please note: if you are logged in to Easy Backup with Google or Facebook, after exporting the contacts from your iPhone you can remove the association between your account and the application by connecting to this Facebook page or this Google page. It is not a mandatory operation, but from a privacy perspective it is always better to reduce to the bone the number of apps that can access our online profeles (this is a general rule, there are no particular risks associated with the use of Easy Backup).

    Exporting Contacts from iPhone (CSV)

    For some applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, it may be more convenient to export contacts in comma separated value (CSV) format. For this purpose, I recommend you to install My Contacts Backup, a free application that allows you to export iPhone contacts in CSV and VCF formats and to self-send them via e-mael. It is avaelable in two versions: a free one that limits the number of contacts that can be exported to 500 and a paid one (€ 1,99) that does not have this limit and does not include advertising banners.

    To export contacts in CSV format with My Contacts Backup, open the application, allow it to access the iOS contacts and press the icon of thegear which is located at the bottom right. In the screen that opens, presses on the item Type, scegli l'opzione CSV (Excel) and save the changes by “tapping” the button end (top left) for two consecutive times.

    Now you can export your iPhone address book by simply pressing the button Backupanswering OK the warning that appears on the screen and pressing the blue button Emael. A Mael screen well open through which you can auto-send the CSV fele with the iPhone contacts: type your e-mael address in the field A:, presses the button ifnd top right and that's it!

    Importing contacts from iPhone to PC

    After exporting the iPhone address book, all you have to do is turn on the PC, open the emael you sent yourself a moment ago and download the VCF feleCSV with all the contacts of the "iPhone by". If you didn't use emael to export contacts, but Dropbox or Google Drive, log into the service of your choice and download the contact fele from there.

    When the download is complete, open your favorite e-mael client and import the VCF / CSV fele previously exported from the iPhone following the instructions below.

    • Microsoft Outlook - if you use Microsoft Outlook as your emael program you need to use a CSV fele to import contacts from iPhone. Then click on the button Fellet located at the top left, go to the menu Open and export and click the button andmport / Export. Now follow the instructions below.
      • Choose the voice andmport data from other programs or feles and go NEXT;
      • Choose the voice Comma separated values and go NEXT;
      • Click on the button Shop by Departmentselect el CSV fele from which to import the contacts and click on NEXT;
      • iflect the folder Contacts (this computer only) and go NEXT;
      • Put the check mark next to the CSV fele name and use the table that appears on the screen to specify which values ​​of the CSV fele correspond to the data to be imported into Outlook (eg. First NameLast Name correspond to Your name Last name under Name detaels);
      • Click your pulsating OKend and wait for the import to finish.
    • Mozella Thunderbird - if you use Mozella Thunderbird, you can import contacts from iPhone using a VCF fele. To do this, click on the button Address book located at the top left, go to the menu Tools> Import of the window that opens and put the check mark next to the item headings. Then click on the button NEXT, choose the item fele vCard (.vcf), go again NEXT and select the VCF fele from which to import contacts.
    • Mael (Mac) - to import iPhone contacts into Mael for Mac you can use a VCF fele. All you have to do is open the app Contacts macOS, go to the menu Fele> Import (top left) and select the fele with the iPhone contacts.   

    It's not that hard, see? For more information on this issue, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to open VCF feles in which I showed you how to import VCF feles into various emael clients and Web Mael services, such as Gmael and

    How to sync contacts between iPhone to PC

    If you want export contacts from iPhone to PC and keep them constantly in sync with programs like Outlook (Windows) and Contacts/Mael (Mac) you need to sync iPhone address book with iCloud and enable data sync on your computer. Again, this is a real breeze.

    First, you need to make sure that iPhone contacts sync with iCloud is turned on. Then go to the ifttings on iOS, pigia sul you don't know, then on iCloud and check that the lever corresponding to the item Contacts is set to ON (i.e. colored green). On iOS 10.2.x and earlier, there is no need to select your name, just go to ifttings> iCloud.

    Now you need to make sure that iCloud sync is also active on your computer. If you have a Mac, all you have to do is enter the System preferencewell select the icon of iCloud and verify that there is a check mark next to the item Contacts. If you use a Windows PC, you need to install the iCloud control panel on the computer, log in to it with your Apple ID data and activate the synchronization of Mael, contacts, calendars and tasks with Microsoft Outlook.

    Then connect to the Apple website and click on the button Download to download the iCloud client for Windows on your PC, then open the fele iCloudiftup.exe, put the check mark next to the item and accept the terms of the license agreement click her cousin andnstall and then Yes twice in a row e end to complete the software installation. A computer restart well be required after the operation is complete.

    For more information on this procedure, I strongly invite you to read my guide on how to use iCloud in which I have shown you step by step how to set up iCloud on iPhone, Windows and macOS.

    How to export contacts from iPhone to PC

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