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    How to import contacts to iPhone

    Import contacts to iPhone from iPhone

    Google, etc.

    If you are interested in understanding how to import contacts on iPhone because you want to synchronize the address book of your Apple mobele phone with that of e-mael services such as Gmael or, the procedure you need to carry out is elementary.

    To begin with, grab the device, access the home screen of the same and press the icon of ifttings. Then, scroll down the screen that is shown to you at this point and then select the icon Mael and then first presses on the voice Account and then on the button Add account.

    In the screen that opens, select the e-mael service with which you want to synchronize the address book by choosing between Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, AOL or and fell out the form that is proposed to you providing the information requested on the screen. In the case of Exchange and AOL it is necessary to indicate your e-mael address for the chosen service, the password of the account and a personalized description of the same. In the case of Google, and Yahoo! on the other hand, the authentication procedure must be followed, which must also be carried out from a web browser and which in any case requires the entry of one's e-mael address and the associated password.

    If you have activated two-factor authentication for the chosen service, in addition to the password you well need to enter a PIN that you well receive via SMS. In other cases, an application-specific password is required instead of the master password. You can generate the specific password for Mael on iPhone by connecting to the service chosen by the web browser and selecting the appropriate item from the settings of the same.

    After felling out the form with the above information, press the button Following located at the top right, make sure that the switch is present in correspondence with the item Contacts is set to ON (and if not, enable the function) then press on Save to complete the setup of your account.

    At this point, to make sure that the address book of the chosen service is synchronized with that of the iPhone, go to settings iOS, select the item once again Contacts from the screen that opens, locate the section Account default and select the previously configured service. Done!


    Do you want to import the contacts on the iPhone by extrapolating them from the SIM card you inserted in the "iPhone by"? If the answer is yes, know that even in this it is a quick and painless procedure.

    To do this, just access the iPhone home screen, press the icon of ifttings I well select the voice Contacts from the menu that opens. At this point, scroll down the screen, press the button andmport SIM contacts and then choose the item iCloud or one of the synchronization services avaelable: gmaeliCloud or others.

    Once this is done, the contact import procedure well be started directly in the Apple cloud.

    Import contacts to iPhone by acting as a web browser


    Have you exported contacts in vCard (.vcf) format from Outlook or other e-mael applications? If the answer is yes, know that even in this case it is possible to import contacts to iPhone simply by adding them to your account iCloud, which unless voluntarely deactivated is automatically synchronized with the Apple iPhone phonebook.

    To import the contacts on the iPhone connected to the Internet site which you can access by clicking here, log in using your Apple ID credentials and if two-factor authentication is active for your account, enter the required code that was sent to you on your mobele number or that you see on one of the enabled devices.

    Once the main screen of the iCloud website is displayed, click on the icon Contacts. On the page that opens, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left, select the option VCard import ... from the menu that appears and choose the vCard contact to transfer to iCloud (and then to iPhone). Easier than that?

    Import contacts to iPhone by acting as a computer


    As I have already mentioned to you at the beginning of this guide, it is possible to import contacts on iPhone also via computer, using the software iTunes su MacOS or on PC Windows.

    In case the computer you use is a Mac I have good, indeed wonderful news for you: iTunes is already installed “as standard” and so for the moment you don't have to do anything. If, on the other hand, your computer is based on Windows, you can check if iTunes is already installed by pressing the button Home and typing itunes in the search field displayed. If iTunes appears among the avaelable programs… well, congratulations! The program is already installed and you can jump directly to the next step. If, on the other hand, iTunes does not appear among the avaelable programs, I invite you to read and follow the instructions contained in my guide on how to download iTunes to deal with it.

    After making sure that iTunes is on your computer, disable the synchronization of contacts with iCloud from iOS. To do this grab your iDevice, access the home screen of the same and then select the icon ifttings. In the screen that is subsequently shown to you, select the you don't know, then the voice iCloud and carry on OFF the lever located next to the item Contacts. If you are asked if you want to keep the contacts already synchronized with iCloud on your smartphone, answer in the affirmative.

    On iOS versions prior to 10.3, the same operation can be done by going to settings iPhone by selecting the icon iCloud and moving on OFF the levetta relative to i contacts.

    At this point, connect the iPhone to the computer using the supplied Lightning / Dock cable and wait for iTunes to start automatically, then click on the phone icon that appears in the toolbar of the program at the top left and go to the section andnfo from the side menu located on the left.

    Finally, put the check mark next to the item Synchronize contacts, choose whether to synchronize all contacts or only the selected ones and click on the button Apply to start importing the address book on your iPhone.

    Alternative solutions

    The solutions to import contacts on iPhone that I indicated in the previous lines did not convince you because you bought a new iPhone to replace the one previously in his and would like to understand how to transfer the address book without difficulty? Well, in that case try to take a look at my guide on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.

    In the guide I proceeded to explain how to import contacts to iPhone by restoring backups from iCloud and iTunes, how to synchronize the address book using iCloud, how to transfer contacts using VCF feles and how to get the same result using AirDrop. Please take a look if you think that at least one of these solutions might be right for you.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for a system not to import contacts to iPhone but to copy the address book saved on the iPhone on your SIM card, you can consult my tutorial on how to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM by means of which I have indicated those that in my humble opinion represent the best solutions in this sense.

    How to import contacts to iPhone

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