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    How to make emojis on iPhone

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    How to make emojis on iPhone x

    If you have one iPhone X or later models of the Apple smartphone, you should know that you can use the tools included "standard" in iOS, more precisely in the app Messages, to create Aniimoji and Memoji. The first are animated emojis in the shape of an animal, which trace the expressions of the user's face. The MemojiInstead, they are animated human-shaped emojis that also trace the user's facial expressions, they can be created in their own image and likeness, starting from the scan of the face.

    To use this tool, you need to launch the app Messages and select the conversation of your interest. Then you have to press onmonkey icon, so you can see all the Animoji avaelable in the catalog and thus be able to start recording a video. To create the Memoji, on the other hand, after tapping onmonkey icon, you have to press on the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead

    In both cases, after recording the video you can send it by pressing thearrow icon. In case of doubts or problems or for more information about it, refer to the guide in which I talk about how to make videos with Animoji and also the one in which I talk about how to create emojis with iPhone X.

    How to make emojis on iPhone

    If you wonder how to make emojis on iPhone but you don't have a recent model of Apple smartphone (so you can't take advantage of the features included by default in iPhone X and later) let me tell you about some apps dedicated to the creation of traditional emojis and animated emojis that follow the functioning of the Animoji of iPhone X , which I told you about earlier.


    Among the free applications that I recommend you download to make emojis on iPhone, there is certainly Bitmoji: an app that allows you to create custom emojis, which can also be created by scanning your face.

    To download Bitmoji on your iPhone, connected to the application tab on the App Store, tap the button Get and unlock the app download and installation via the Face ID, Touch ID or password of your iCloud account.

    When this is done, start Bitmoji, by tapping the button abrir or by pressing on its icon that you well find added to the home screen, then press the button Register with emael and enter all the data requested, such as theemael address and Password that you want to use for the purpose of creating your account (necessary to use the application).

    Once this is done, if you want to make sure that the emojis you are going to create are accessible directly via the iOS keyboard, tap the button Open settings that is shown to you on the screen. Then press on the item Keyboards and move up ON the levers that you find in correspondence with the items Bitmoji e Allow full access. Finally, confirm the activation of the keyboard Bitmoji, by tapping the button Allow.

    At this point, you can start creating the emoji: first tap on theavatar which depicts a ragazzo or a girl, then if you want to take advantage of the integrated feature that allows you to create emojis by scanning your face, press the button Continue.

    Alternatively, tap the button Salta and start customizing the avatar manually, selecting all the aesthetic aspects, such as the hair color complexion and the shape of the eyes. To confirm the changes made, press the icon (), located at the top right.

    At the end of the customization, you can send the emojis created directly via the keyboard to the apps of your interest Bitmoji previously enabled. To carry out this operation, in fact, all you have to do is press on themappamondo icon, to switch between the iOS default keyboard and the keyboard Bitmoji.

    If, on the other hand, you have chosen not to activate the keyboard Bitmoji, don't worry: you can download and share emojis, identifying the one you are interested in in the app. After selecting the emoji you want to share, tap on the item  Save immagine, to save it, or on theicon of the app or that of social networks, to share it instantly.

    Emoji Face Recorder

    You would like to create animated emojis but your iPhone model doesn't support Animoji and Memoji? If so, I suggest you take advantage of the free app Emoji Face Recorder, which follows the default functionality of iPhone X and later as regards emojis, allowing you to create videos with animated emojis that follow the user's facial expressions.

    The app is free to download but is also avaelable in a version a payment that for 9,99€, removes advertising and allows unlimited use of all emojis in the catalog.

    To download the application in question, connected to its card in the App Store, press the button Get and unlock the download and installation of the application, via the Face ID, Touch ID or password of your iCloud account. At the end of this procedure, start the app by tapping the button abrir or by pressing on its icon that you well find added to the home screen of your device.

    After starting Emoji Face Recorder, you consent to the requests are shown to you, which are related to the permissions needed for its correct functioning. Once this is done, scroll down the page to find the emoji to use.

    Now, to create a video using the emoji of your choice, press on round red button, then tap on it when you want to stop recording. Finally, to save the movie in the memory of your iPhone, press the button Save. If, on the other hand, you want to share it online, tap the social network icons that are shown to you on the screen.

    Moji maker

    Among the apps recommended for fare emoji are iPhone there is also Moji maker: a free application that has a powerful editor useful for creating custom emojis.

    To use it, download it via the App Store, start it and press the button OK Next for three consecutive times, then tap onX-shaped icon, in the upper left corner, in order to use the application for free (a version is also avaelable in payment that, at the cost of € 9,99 per week, allows you to use all the editing tools in a limited way, as well as remove advertising).

    At this point, to create an emoji with Moji maker, tap on the pulsating New, located on the main screen of the app, and start customizing your face, using the tools you can see in the center of the screen.

    Once your creation is complete, you can save the emoji to your iPhone's default media gallery (the Gallery) by pressing onarrow icon and then tapping the button Save Image.

    Other apps to make emojis on iPhone

    Would you like some other advice on the apps to use to make emojis on iPhone? In that case, take a look at the other applications I tell you about in the following lines, to find out if there is one that is right for you.

    • Zeppetto: is one of the most famous free apps that allow you to create emojis, both animated and static. Using it, you can save the emojis in the memory of your device or share them online, through the buttons that refer to the main social networks and messaging apps. The app also integrates some features that allow users to interact with each other, as if it were a real social network.
    • Facemoji 3D Face: is another app that follows the operation of the Animoji tool of iPhone X and later models. In fact, it allows you to create animated emojis and record a video, superimposing the same on your face.
    • MojiEdit: is an app simelar to Moji Maker, through which you can create custom emojis, using the powerful buelt-in editor tool. It's free but, to enjoy unlimited customization functionality, you need to purchase its paid version, which costs € 9,99 per week (after a three-day free trial).
    How to make emojis on iPhone

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