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    How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone

    Preliminary operation

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, going to point out come abbinare Apple Watch a iPhone, there are some preliminary operations that you have to do, to make sure that everything goes the right way.

    First of all, is wearing on your wrist Apple Watch and turn it on (if it is off) by pressing the side buttonuntel the screen lights up and appears Apple logo. Keep yours handy too iPhone and provide for turn on the latter (always if it is off), by pressing and holding side button or Standby / Wake up button (more info here).

    If that in your possession it's not a new Apple Watch and previously the watch was already paired with another iPhone, you need to worry about in advance dissociate the two devices between them, proceeding as I explained in my tutorial on how to dissociate Apple Watch. In doing this, know that a backup of the watch content, which you can possibly restore at a later time.

    Then make sure that both Apple Watch and iPhone are installed with thelast update supported by the device, acting as I explained to you in my specific guides on how to update Apple Watch and how to update iPhone. In this regard, I would like to point out that to use Apple Watch ifries 3 or later model with Watch 7 or higher, Apple Watch must be paired with a iPhone 6s or later model with iOS 14 or later.

    Also check that on iOS there is theWatch app, which is essential for pairing. This is a free "standard" application, but if uninstalled it can be downloaded again from the relevant section of the App Store.

    Then make sure you have a Apple ID and to be able to have access to the latter, as it is necessary to pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone and to complete the smartwatch configuration procedure. If you don't have one yet, read my guide on how to create an Apple ID, whele if you don't remember the relevant credentials you can try to solve by consulting my post on how to recover Apple ID.

    On the Apple Watch and iPhone, also activate connectivity Wi-Fi is that Bluetooth. You can do this both by acting from the control center and from the device settings, as I explained to you in detael in my guides on how to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi, how to connect iPhone to the Internet and how to activate Bluetooth.

    Another thing that I invite you to check in advance is that theautonomy of the Apple Watch and the iPhone is sufficient to start and complete the operation covered by this guide and, if not, put the devices in charge. In this regard, you may find it useful to read my guides on how to charge Apple Watch and how to charge iPhone.

    How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone

    After completing the preliminary operations, I would say that you are finally ready to get to the heart of the tutorial and go and find out, therefore, how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone. You can succeed in your intent by using the procedure automatic or through that manual. For more detaels, please read on.

    How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone automatically

    If you are interested in understanding how to pair Apple Watch with iPhone automatically, the first steps you need to take after turning on the watch are to select the language and area on its display and tap the button Start.

    Then, hold the iPhone close to the Apple Watch, wait for the pairing screen of the smartwatch on iOS and press the button Continue on the smartphone screen.

    Then tap the button Configure for me or that one Configure for a famely member, based on who well actually use the smartwatch, then position the iPhone so that the Apple Watch appears in the Watch app pane. In this way, the two devices are paired.

    If this is your first Apple Watch, tap the option ift up as a new Apple Watch on the iPhone display, type the password of the ID Apple (if required) and finalize the initial watch setup process, specifying if you wish to use it on the right or left wrist, accepting the terms and conditions of use, deciding whether share usage statistics with Apple, setting a unlock code etc. If this isn't your first Apple Watch and you want to restore a previous backup, choose the option instead Restore from backup.

    Next, wait for the synchronization procedure between the Apple Watch and the iPhone to conclude: you can keep track of the progress of the same through the appropriate indicators that are shown to you both on the screen of the smartwatch and on that of the mobele phone. Meanwhele, try to keep the two devices as close as possible.

    When you then see the warning appearing on the Apple Watch screen indicating that the process has finished, tap the button Start and it's done. A warning indicating the end of the setup well also be shown on the iPhone screen and to close it all you have to do is touch the button OK.

    Once you have performed the procedure for the initial pairing, to connect the Apple Watch to the iPhone at a later time, simply activate the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the iPhone e to unlock the smartwatch. If you want Apple Watch to automatically unlock when you unlock the iPhone screen, turn on the feature Unlock with iPhone on the menu Apple Watch > Codice app Watch of iOS.

    How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone manually

    If the automatic pairing procedure is not successful or in any case as an alternative to it, you can decide to pair Apple Watch with iPhone manually. To do this, after turning on the Apple Watch, first select the language and area on the device display and press the button Start.

    Now, bring the iPhone close to the Apple Watch, wait for the screen for pairing the smartwatch on iOS to appear and press the button Continue on the smartphone screen.

    If the screen for pairing does not appear on the iPhone screen, select theWatch app icon (that with the black background and the Apple Watch embossed on it) that you find on the home screen and / or in the iOS App Library and touch the wording Pair a new Apple Watch.

    If you have already configured an Apple Watch on the iPhone and want to add another one, you can do it by going to the screen Apple Watch from the Watch app by selecting the appropriate item located at the bottom, by touching the wording All Apple Watches present at the top and then that Add Apple Watch.

    Next, decide whether to set up the Apple Watch for you or for one famely member e seleziona l'opzione Pair Apple Watch manually on the iPhone screen, then select the icon "I" on the watch display, tap the Apple Watch name that you see appear on the iPhone and complete the configuration of the clock proceeding in the same way as I explained in the previous step on automatic pairing, from this moment on nothing changes absolutely.

    How to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone

    You have purchased a more updated model of "iPhone by" and would like to understand how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone? You can do this in several ways: without resetting the Apple Watch, restoring a previous backup or returning the Apple Watch to factory conditions. For all the detaels of the case, read my specific guide on the subject.

    How to pair Apple Watch with two iPhones

    You have more than one "iPhone by" and you are wondering if it is possible abbinare Apple Watch a due iPhone? Sorry to give you a disappointment, but the answer is no. Unfortunately, in fact, this is not a feasible operation.

    Each Apple Watch can only be paired with one iPhone at a time. So you cannot pair the smartwatch with multiple iPhones at the same time, but you can dissociate the Apple Watch from an iPhone and associate it with another, as I explained in the step at the beginning of the guide, as many times as you want. On the other hand, know that multiple Apple Watches can be paired simultaneously with the same iPhone.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    You have slavishly followed the instructions contained in this tutorial of mine, but you are stell having some problems in pairing Apple Watch with iPhone? Under the circumstances, I suggest that you first try taking a look at this section of Apple's website dedicated to support for the company's products.

    And if you feel it is necessary to get in direct contact with theassistance Apple, I inform you that you can do this in various ways: by phone, via chat, online assistance or by going to the Apple Store in person. For all the detaels of the case, check out my tutorial on how to contact Apple.

    How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone

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