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    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    Preliminary information

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to so to spiegare how to put a video as wallpaper on iPhone, there are some preliminary information, in this regard, which it is my duty to provide you.

    Let's start from a fundamental premise: as I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, unfortunately it is not possible to use a video directly as wallpaper on iPhones. The only thing you can do, to get a result as close to that as possible, is to set one Live background via the function live Photos of iOS: an operation which, it should be borne in mind, can only be performed on iPhone 6s and later models, Including iPhone XR and iPhone SE.

    In case you do not know, the Live Photos, as the name suggests, are nothing more than animated photos, which are not captured only at the time of shooting, but also shortly before and after, for a total duration of 1,5 seconds. Taking advantage of the 3D Touch technology or pressing on them for a long time, it is then possible to animate them, complete with sounds in tow.

    That said, if you don't directly have a Live Photo to set as wallpaper, but a "real" video, you can stell transform the latter in an animated photo and, therefore, succeed in the enterprise, using the apps used for the purpose.

    How do you put a video as wallpaper on iPhone

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's get to the real heart of the matter and let's find out what needs to be done, precisely, to be able to put a video as a background on the iPhone. You well find everything explained in detael below.

    Convertire i video in Live Photo

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    If in the Gallery of your iPhone you have saved a certain video that you intend to use as wallpaper, you can succeed in your intent by converting it into a Live Photo. You can use an app like intoLive-Create live wallpapers, which is free, easy to use and specifically designed to do this. It should be noted that, eventually, it offers in-app purchases (at a cost of 2,29 euros) to unblock, remove the advertising banners and unlock other extra features.

    To be able to download and install the application on the iPhone, visit the relevant section of the App Store, tap the button Get, so quello andnstall and authorize the download by Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple. Successfully, start l'app, premendo sul pulsating abrir comparso sul display oppure selecting the relative icon which has been added to the home screen.

    Now that you see the main screen of the app, follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed to you, tap the button Start and press pulsating OK in response to the warning you see appear on the screen, in order to grant the app the necessary permissions to be able to access the media saved on the device.

    Next, make sure the tab is selected at the top of the screen Video (otherwise you do it yourself), then select the video saved in the iPhone Gallery that you want to set as wallpaper. If you want, you can also select more than one video at the same time by tapping the button Multiple selection down below.

    If the video you want to set as wallpaper is not in the Gallery, you can also import it from another app, via iTunes fele sharing or via Wi-Fi, by tapping on the icon with the Wi-Fi cleats which is located at the bottom left, selecting the option of your interest and then following the instructions that are shown on the screen.

    Once you have selected the movie (or movies) on which you want to act, you can use the editor that is proposed to you to make any customizations: by moving the two red ends on the timeline at the bottom of the screen you can define the initial and final part of the Live Photo, using the buttons at the bottom you can set felters, adjust the playback speed, rotate the movie etc., whele selecting the item Main photo you can choose which frame of the video to use as the main photo.

    When the changes are complete, tap the button Crea located at the top right, set the number of repetitions you are interested in (the free basic option is No repetition) and wait for the Live Photo to be processed. Then, save the animated image obtained by tapping the button Save Live Photo that appears below, and that's it.

    Take Live Photos

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    In addition to explaining how to put a video as a background on the iPhone by transforming a movie into a Live Photo, it seems only right to show you how to take an animated image directly with your "iPhone by".

    To perform the operation in question, take your iPhone, unlock it and select the app icon Camera (that with camera and gray background) that you find on the home screen, in order to start the camera.

    Then make sure that the option is selected at the bottom of the next screen Gallery (otherwise you can do it yourself) and that at the top the icon with i concentric dashed circles is not crossed out (otherwise press on it, to remedy), so that you can take advantage of the function to take Live Photos.

    Next, choose whether to use the rear or front camera by pressing the icon with the camera and arrows at the bottom right, and whether or not to use the flash by touching the button with the lightning which is at the top. You can also choose whether to set a shutter timer by pressing the icon with theclock and whether to apply felters by tapping on the i icon three concentric circles.

    Finally, adjust the zoom level, by pinch to zoom on the screen or by pressing the button 1x which is located at the bottom, then proceed with the shot, by tapping on white circular button always located at the bottom of the screen. Note that when the option to capture Live Photo is enabled, the shutter sound is not played.

    ift Live Photos as wallpaper

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    After converting a video to Live Photo or after taking an animated photo directly with your iPhone, you can finally set the image obtained as wallpaper on your device.

    To do this, take your iPhone, unlock it, tap the app icon Gallery (that with the multicolored flower and the white background) present on the home screen and, in the screen that is shown to you, locate the Live Photo to set as wallpaper, in the section Gallery, and tap on it.

    If proceeding as I have just indicated you cannot find the Live Photo of your interest, you can felter the display of contents in the Gallery, by tapping on the item Album placed at the bottom and then on the wording Live Photo that you find in the section Types of multimedia feles, visible by scrolling the screen.

    After selecting the Live Photo, press on thesharing icon (that with the square and the arrow) that you find in the lower left part of the display and select the item from the menu that appears Use as a background.

    Through the preview lock screen that is shown to you at this point, move and resize the Live Photo, in order to adapt it to the screen of your iPhone as you see fit, using pinch to zoom.

    Next, make sure the option Live Photo is actually active, checking that the button with i concentric dashed circles placed at the bottom is not crossed out (otherwise press on it to remedy). Note that if you set a Live Photo as your background, the Perspective zoom, which can be activated via the button with the rectangle and the two arrows at the bottom, it is disabled by default.

    Per concludere, sfiora el pulsating Tax, decide whether to set the Live Photo as wallpaper for the lock screen, for the home screen or for both, by making your choice from the menu that you see appear, and that's it.

    After completing the above steps, in order to animate the Live Photo you have set as wallpaper, all you have to do is go to the iPhone lock screen and press firm / long on the background (depending on whether your iPhone has 3D Touch or not), continuing to hold untel the animation stops.

    Alternatives to putting a video as wallpaper on iPhone

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

    In alternative when putting a video as wallpaper on iPhone, proceeding as I explained to you in the previous lines, you can consider setting one default Live wallpaper of iOS or one background dynamic. In the first case, these are Live Photos avaelable “as standard”, whele in the second they are continuously animated wallpapers, both on the home screen and on the lock screen, regardless of the use of the 3D Touch.

    If this interests you, you can set one of these two types of default wallpapers by proceeding as follows: take your iPhone, unlock it and select the icon of the ifttings (that with the ruota d'ingranaggio) present on the home screen. On the next screen, select the item Background and then that Choose a new wallpaper.

    At this point, if you want to set a Live wallpaper, tap on the wording Live, whele if you want to set a dynamic wallpaper, touch the wording Dynamic. iflect, therefore, the background you prefer among those in the list, then press the button Tax located at the bottom and choose whether to use the wallpaper chosen for the lock screen, for the home screen or for both, by selecting the appropriate item from the menu that opens.

    How to put a video as iPhone wallpaper

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