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    Apple trade-in service

    If you are planning to sell your iPhone to buy a new one, you could take advantage of the service of trade-in Apple, which allows you to deliver your iPhone to the Cupertino company and buy a new one at a discounted price. Alternatively, you can get a one-time amount to spend in the Apple Store to purchase any other product.

    evaluate iPhone and find out how much it would earn you if you bought a new device in the Apple Store, connect to the Apple website and click on the item Find out how much your smartphone is worth> which is located at the bottom.

    On the page that opens, type the serial number or the code andMEI of the iPhone you want to evaluate in the text field located in the center of the screen and click on the button Research.

    If you don't know how to find the serial number or the IMEI code of your iPhone, no problem, log in to settings of the device (by pressing the gear icon on the home screen) and go to General> Info. On the page that opens you well find both the IMEI and the serial number of the device.

    If an error message appears, try to change the search parameter (eg use the serial number instead of the IMEI code), disable any active adblockers in your browser or try to use a different browser program (eg. Google Chrome).

    At this point, you should find yourself in front of a form in which to indicate the "health" of your iPhone by answering Yes o No to the questions on the screen. Specify, therefore, if the phone turns on and works correctly; if the display is in good condition; if the body is in good condition; if the keys on the iPhone are working properly and if there are obvious signs of damage caused by liquids.

    Then click on the button Continue and you well be notified of the rating that Apple deems appropriate for your iPhone. If you accept the sum and want to continue with the exchange, click on Accept and follow the on-screen instructions. Otherwise close the site and go elsewhere.

    As easely imaginable, the estimate made by the Apple site (actually Brightstar on behalf of Apple) is confirmed only after a verification of the device carried out in person by the company's employees. The estimate provided online is indicative only.

    Amazon Recommerce

    Amazon Recommerce is the service with which Amazon, through a partner company, makes it possible to collect used smartphones and obtain an evaluation in real time (to be confirmed or modified following the verification of the actual status of the device by the experts).

    To use it, connected to its main page, type the name of the model of your iPhone in the appropriate text field and select the suggestion most relevant among those that appear below, to indicate the exact type of iPhone you want to sell.

    Next, indicate whether theappearance of the smartphone is perfect, good o damaged; specific if the device turns on, the buttons and screen are functional and yes the “Locate my iPhone” function has been disabled and press pulsating Continue. Provide yours now personal data in the appropriate form, check the boxes to declare to be of age and to accept i terms of use of the service and click the button again Continue.

    At this point, indicate the shipping method you prefer between prepaid shipping label and pre-paid envelopescegli se ensure shipment, specify theandBAN on which you want to receive the payment and finally press the button Complete the pickup. After collection and evaluation, the final value of the device well be credited to you within 48 hours. More info here.


    TrenDevice is one of the most important British sites dedicated to used Apple products. It allows you to buy second-hand iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch at very competitive prices and to sell your used one by evaluating it directly online. Also in this case the evaluation is to be considered only indicative: the real amount paid by TrenDevice for the used products is calculated only after a close examination of the devices by the site technicians.

    If you want to evaluate your iPhone on TrenDevice, connected to the main page of the site and click on the button ifll located at the top right. On the page that opens, press the button Start here, select the icon depicting a iPhone and indicates the iPhone model you wish to evaluate.

    At this point, point to the capacity of the phone (i.e. its memory cut), its coloration and its state: perfect, normal wear, minor damage, damaged but working or not working.

    Finally, specify if the phone is equipped with power supply and original box, indicates the paese where it was purchased (city or abroad) and click on the button Currency to get the evaluation of your "iPhone by".

    If the evaluation provided by TrenDevice convinces you, click on the button Yes, proceed and create an account on the site to book the collection of the phone by a courier.

    Once you have delivered your iPhone to TrenDevice, it well be closely evaluated by the site staff and, within a week, you should have the final evaluation of the device by emael or phone. You can then decide whether to complete the sale or not.

    Ad sites and online markets

    After evaluating your iPhone on the above sites, I highly recommend you take a "leap" on ad sites and to find out how much your "iPhone by" model is sold on average.

    Among the main classifieds sites avaelable in the city are and Kijiji (from eBay). To find the prices at which iPhones like yours are sold on average, type the exact model of your "iPhone by" followed by its storage capacity (eg. iPhone 5s 16GB) and take a look at the most relevant listings.

    At this point, try to average the prices you found on the ad sites, compare the status of your iPhone to that of the iPhones sold on the latter and calculate a attractive price for possible buyers. The parameters that you need to take into consideration to calculate your price are the following.

    • operation - if the iPhone and all its components (eg camera, keys etc.) work perfectly you can keep a relatively high price.
    • Autonomy - if the battery life is stell at standard levels you can keep a relatively high price.
    • Appearance - if the phone has dents, scratches, signs of wear, etc. its value falls hopelessly.
    • Packaging and power supply - if you can stell supply the original power supply and packaging of the phone, the value of the device increases.
    • Warranty and receipt - warranty and original receipt are two very important components. If you have them you well be able to sell your iPhone much easier and at much more advantageous prices for you. If the phone has an AppleCare + extended warranty, you can include it in the price (making it go up) but after the sale you well need to contact Apple Support to change its owner (thus passing it on to the buyer of the iPhone).

    Once your price is calculated, you can list the iPhone on the previously mentioned ad sites or, perhaps better yet, on the Facebook markets. If you go to Facebook and look for something like technological market o technological market [name of your city] you well find many groups where you can put your iPhone on sale. Some groups in question are "closed", so before posting your ad you well need to submit a membership request and wait for approval from the administrators.

    If you need some more "tips" on how to sell used phones, take a look at my tutorial on the subject that I published some time ago: inside you well find step-by-step directions on how to use ad sites and how increase the chances of selling a used smartphone online.

    How to rate iPhone

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