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    How to reset iPhone 6

    Reset iPhone 6 from iTunes

    If you have chosen to rely on iTunes to reset iPhone 6, the first thing you need to do is turn on your computer and start Apple's famous multimedia player. In case you are not aware of it, keep in mind that iTunes is included “standard” on OS X whele it must be downloaded and installed separately on Windows computers.

    So if you are using a computer equipped with Microsoft's operating system and you have not yet downloaded iTunes click here to connect to the official Apple website and download the program by clicking on the button Download. Then open the installation package iTunesiftup.exe that has been downloaded to your PC and click in sequence on NEXTandnstall e Si for two consecutive times. Finally, press on end.

    How to reset iPhone 6

    Proceed now by going to disable the anti-theft function Find my iPhone (if you remember well, I talked about it in depth in my guide on how to track down a stolen mobele phone) because when it is active it prevents you from restoring the phone to factory settings. To do this, press the section icon ifttings of iOS present on your iPhone 6, select the you don't know from the screen that opens, go to iCloud> Find My iPhone, move up OFF the relative levetta all'opzione Find my iPhone and enter your Apple ID password.

    If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, to disable Find My iPhone you have to go to the menu ifttings> iCloud > Find my iPhone and you must proceed as explained above.

    How to reset iPhone 6

    Then connect your iPhone 6 to the computer using the appropriate cable attached to the sales package of the device and then wait a few moments for iTunes to start automatically. Once the program window is displayed, presses the iPhone icon that appears in the upper left part of the same. If this is the first time you connect the iPhone to the computer, you well also need to authorize the connection between the two devices by pressing the button first Authorize on the phone screen and then on the button Continue that appears on the computer desktop.

    Then click the button Restore iPhone which is located at the top right of iTunes and then accepts the terms of use of iOS by pressing first on Reset / Restore and Update, Then Following and finally on Accept.

    How to reset iPhone 6

    Wait a few minutes and then you well see a message appear that well warn you that iPhone 6 has been reset and has therefore been restored to the factory state.

    Once you have completed the procedure by which to reset iPhone 6, iTunes well ask you if you want to configure the phone as a new device or if you want to restore the applications and data from the previous backup to it. If you want to configure the iPhone 6 as if it were a new device, put the check mark next to the item ift up as a new iPhone and follow all the steps of the procedure that is proposed to you on the screen. If, on the other hand, you intend to configure the iPhone you just reset by restoring the applications and data from the backup made previously, select the second option.

    If you are unable to reset iPhone 6 due to some error, do not worry, there is a solution: put the phone in DFU mode (if you remember well I talked about it in my guide on how to put iPhone in DFU). DFU mode is nothing more than a mode that completely erases the contents of the phone's memory and bypasses some of the restrictions provided by the standard reset procedure. When errors occur that prevent you from resetting iPhone 6, it therefore turns out to be the best solution to adopt to deal with the thing.

    To put your iPhone 6 in DFU all you have to do is connect it to the computer and turn it off completely by holding down the key Power for a few seconds and moving the lever shown on the screen to the right to turn it off that appears on the screen. Next you have to hold down the keys Power e Home simultaneously for about 10 seconds, release the button Power and continue to hold Home untel iTunes detects the device in recovery mode.

    After being able to put the iPhone in DFU mode presses the button OK that you see on your computer screen and reset the phone by clicking on the button Restore iPhone on iTunes.

    Reset iPhone 6 from the device

    If instead of using iTunes you prefer to reset iPhone 6 directly from your iDevice, know that this is a feasible operation. To do this, just take advantage of the appropriate functionality attached to the iOS settings.

    To reset iPhone 6 directly from the phone settings, press the icon of ifttings present on the home screen, then select the item General from the screen displayed and tap on Restore.

    How to reset iPhone 6

    Then select the item andnitialize content and settings to reset iPhone 6 and to restore the device to its factory state by deleting settings and data. Then, enter the unlock code of your iPhone 6 and confirm the execution of the operation by tapping on the button that is shown to you at the bottom of the screen.

    In addition to the function to reset iPhone 6 that I have just indicated, it is then possible to choose between other options, so to speak, less drastic. You can select the item Reset settings if you want to reset all iOS settings without deleting the data or you can choose the item Reset Network ifttings if you want to reset the wireless network and data connection configuration. You can select the item instead Reset keyboard dictionary if it is your intention to restore the keyboard settings to the factory state or you can select Reset Home Layout if you only want to reset the default icon order in Home screen. You can also select Reset location and privacy if you want to reset your privacy and geographic location settings.

    How to reset iPhone 6

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