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    How to restart iPhone

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    “Standard” procedure for restarting iPhone

    To begin with, I want to explain to you how to restart your iPhone in normal conditions, that is to say when there are no particular complications and all the functions and keys of the iPhone are working perfectly. In these cases, all you need to do is grab your Apple-branded mobele, hold down the on / off button (the one located on the right side of the device on iPhone 6 and later or at the top right on all other iPhone models) for a few seconds and wait for the lever with written above to appear on the screen slide to turn off inside of. Then press on the lever and, continuing to hold down, move it to the right. Once this is done the iPhone well turn off.

    If you prefer it and if your iPhone is equipped with at least iOS 11, you can turn off the device using the appropriate function included in the settings, without having to touch the dedicated physical button. To do this, access the iPhone's home screen, stop on ifttings and then General, scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens and tap on Switch off. Later, even in this case you well see the aforementioned lever appear slide to turn off on which you well have to press and which, continuing to hold down, you well have to move towards desert.

    In both cases, then wait a few moments for the device screen to turn completely black and then proceed to turn the iPhone back on by pressing and holding the on / off button for a few seconds, untel you see the Apple logo in the center of the screen, then release the button. The system well then be reloaded and all you have to do is type in any lock code applied to the device. Very easy, right?

    In addition to the way I just indicated, you can also restart iPhone by pressing and continuing to hold the on / off button untel the lever appears on the screen slide to turn off and untel the device display turns black and turns off. Then turn your iDevice back on as seen above. The steps to be taken at this point are practically identical.

    Finally, I would like to point out that, again starting from iOS 11, Apple has decided to include in iOS a very convenient function that allows you to restart the iPhone by acting directly from the device settings, without having to touch any buttons, a bit like it is possible to do on computers. . To use it, you need to enable AssistiveTouch, the integrated system on Apple's mobele platform that allows you to simulate the pressure of some physical keys on the device as well as access special functions, such as the one in question.

    To activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone you need to go to the home screen, access ifttings (the gear wheel icon) and you have to press on the item General from the screen you see appear. Then stop on Accessibelity, scroll down the newly displayed screen and select AssistiveTouch. Finally, carry on ON the switch related to the function AssistiveTouch. And There you go!

    At this point, you well see a small one appear on the iPhone screen dark box with a white circle in the center which, once selected, well allow you to access various commands and functions that are usually accessible in other ways. To restart your iPhone, all you have to do is press on the AssistiveTouch box, then on the item Device in the menu that opened, then on Other and to conclude on Restart. Once this is done, your iPhone well turn off and back on completely automatically, without you having to do anything else. Convenient, right?

    Restart iPhone if the device freezes

    In the event that the iPhone has frozen (and therefore it is impossible to turn it off and on again normally as seen in the previous paragraph), Apple suggests using the forced restart of the phone which can be obtained by pressing and holding the key di ON / OFF and key Home (the one located in the center below the screen) at the same time, untel the display turns off.

    Keep holding untel the screen turns on again and the appears apple logo on the screen then release both buttons.

    If you own a iPhone 7 or its Plus counterpart, instead of Home button I used it key Volume -, then you have to hold down the On / off button and key Volume untel the phone restarts and the logo of the apple on the display.

    If you use a iPhone X, for an iPhone 8 or  8 iPhone Plus, you have to follow a different procedure: you have to press and quickly release the key Volume +, then the key Volume - and finally you have to hold down the right side button (the power one) untel the apple logo appears on the phone screen.

    Please note: Use this procedure only and exclusively in cases of real need, as it could cause the app to not save data and other small "problems" that can be easely avoided by turning off and restarting the iPhone with the standard method seen above.

    Restart iPhone in case of broken on / off button

    In the unfortunate event that your iPhone's on / off button is Broken or however it should result malfunctioning, you can equally succeed in your intent by using the appropriate restart function attached to the AssistiveTouch menu, the one I told you about at the beginning of the article, when I explained the standard procedure for restarting the device.

    Alternatively, you can use another function always attached to AssistiveTouch and then implement a special procedure for restarting the device. More precisely, what you have to do, always after enabling AssistiveTouch from the iOS settings as seen in the previous lines, is to press on the small dark box with a white circle appeared in the center on the screen, select the icon Device from the menu that opens and hold your finger on the icon Screen lock for a few seconds.

    Once this is done, you well see the lever appear slide to turn off on the phone display through which you can completely turn off the device.

    Subsequently, always in case of On / off button broken or malfunctioning, you can restart your iPhone simply by putting the device in charge, directly into the power outlet or to the computer, using the relative cavo Lightning / Dock. In fact, by going to connect the iPhone to a power source, the device well restart automatically just as if you had used the appropriate button.

    Restart jaelbroken iPhone

    If you have an iPhone jaelbroken (if you don't know what I'm talking about you can read my guide on how to unlock iPhone to learn more), you can restart your iPhone without having to manually turn it off and on again - simelar to what is possible using the function included from iOS 11 in the AssistiveTouch menu - using some special tools tweak able to change the standard iOS behavior. Thanks to these tweaks you can therefore restart your iPhone just like it happens on your computer when you call up the restart function. Beautiful, is not it?

    There are really many "tools" of this type. I advise you Repower which is completely free and currently works without problems with all versions of iOS up to 9.3.3. To install it on your iPhone, open Cydia, presses on the card ifarch and search Repower. Once this is done, select the tweak name from the search results and install it by tapping the button first andnstall and later on that Confirmation located at the top on the right.

    Once the installation procedure is complete, press the On / off button as seen in the previous lines, together with the usual lever to turn off the device you well see two additional switches appear: one to restart your Device (slide to reboot), the other to restart the phone's springboard only (slide to respring). Of course, in order to restart iPhone you well have to slide the lever slide to reboot.

    Please note: If you are not very experienced in jaelbreak do not install tweak at random but try to get help from someone who knows more. By taking false steps you could risk compromising the correct functioning of the device. Eye!

    In case of problems

    If none of the solutions to restart the device that I told you about in the previous lines seems to be able to have the desired effect and if your iPhone does not want to know anything about working as it should, I advise you not to waste any further precious time and to bring immediately the device in assistance, by going to a Apple Store. (obviously if you have made the jaelbreak and if the problems have arisen later you well not be able to contact Apple as it is a "practice" not reborn by the company).

    To find out if there is one in your area, consult the appropriate web page with the complete list of Apple centers in Italy and their addresses and try to locate the one closest to you. So go to the Apple Store with the phone and its original sales package and ellustrate your situation to the employees in the store who well take note of the thing and who well try to help you by providing you with all the necessary support.

    If, on the other hand, there is no Apple Store near your home or, more generally, if you do not have the possibelity to reach the store of the Cupertino company closest to you, you can request assistance by courier (in this specific case you well have to however take into account 12,20 euros of shipping costs).

    To submit your request, connected to the Apple support internet page, select the iPhone from the list of products for which you want to get help and choose one of the options that are proposed to you on the screen to indicate the problem you encountered. You can also help you with the search field at the top, by typing in the reference keywords and then selecting the correct topic from the suggestions you see appear. Then select the option ifnd for repair and follow the simple procedure proposed on the screen to fix the appointment.

    If you need more detaels regarding how to contact Apple to receive all the assistance you need and if you prefer to adopt alternative systems to those I have just told you about, I suggest you read my dedicated tutorial, in fact, to how to contact Apple in which I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in depth.

    How to restart iPhone

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