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    How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone

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    Preliminary information

    Music on iPhone can be easely transferred using the software iTunes, which is already pre-installed on the Mac up to macOS 10.14 Mojave and can be easely installed on Windows, from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store or Apple's official website. In this regard, I suggest you read this guide of mine dedicated to the subject.

    If you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or a later version of macOS, iTunes is no longer avaelable and you need to contact the Finderby selecting the icon iPhone from the left sidebar. For the rest, the steps you need to take are the same ones that are also performed on iTunes, so I invite you to continue reading and put my instructions into practice.

    I point out that, if you have activated a subscription to Apple Music, you can always use iTunes to upload music to your iPhone, but only if you want to synchronize it in the cloud with all the devices associated with your ID.

    If, whele keeping the iCloud Library active, you want to transfer music tracks locally to only one device, you have to follow different procedures. In any case, don't worry: I'll give you all the information you need in the following chapters.

    Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone

    transfer music from iTunes to iPhone, what you have to do is to carefully follow what I well indicate in the next paragraphs, in which I well explain how to carry out this operation both using the automatic synchronization of iTunes, either by using the andCloud Music Library by Apple Music.

    Local library

    Transferring personal music to iPhone using iTunes it is a simple operation, which takes only a few minutes. Obviously, times get longer if you transfer a lot of songs.

    The first thing you need to do is start iTunes and import all the songs into its library. To do this, select the item Music from the drop-down menu located at the top left, to access the iTunes library, and drag the songs to be imported into the program window (or the folders that contain the feles of your interest). If you want to know more about this procedure, you can read my guide on how to add songs to iTunes.

    Now, connect the iPhone to the PC, using the cable Lighting supplied, and wait for the device to be correctly identified by iTunes. If this is the first time you perform this operation, you well need to authorize access to the iPhone by clicking on the appropriate buttons, unlocking the iPhone and entering the code that is shown on your phone screen on iTunes. You can check out my guide on how to connect iPhone to PC, if you want more detaels on this procedure.

    At this point, press oniPhone icon, which you find at the top left of the iTunes window, and press on the item Music, which you find in the sidebar, under the section ifttings. Then put a check mark on the item Sync music and make sure the option is selected Whole music library. Then press the button Apply, which you find at the bottom right, to confirm the changes applied: by doing so, all the songs in the iTunes library well be transferred to the iPhone automatically.

    If, on the other hand, you want to synchronize only certain contents with the iPhone, check the option iflected playlists, artists, albums and genres, select only the content of your interest and click on the button Apply.

    Apple Music

    In case you have signed up for a subscription to Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service, you can equally use iTunes to upload your music feles, but these well be synchronized in the cloud and made avaelable on any device in your possession, as long as this is associated with the same Apple ID. You well not be able to copy only certain songs of your interest to your iPhone.

    To enable this feature in iTunes, go to the menu Edit> Preferences, its Windows, or in that iTunes> Preferences, its MacOS, in order to access the program settings panel. Once this is done, in the tab General, make sure your voice is on andCloud Music Library and press the button OK.

    Now, come on iPhone, abrir l'app ifttings and select the item Music from the menu that is proposed to you. At this point, move the lever from OFF a ON at the item andCloud Music Library, to enable library synchronization on your device.

    Very well, we're almost there: now all you have to do is add the music tracks to the iTunes library and wait a few moments, so that you can also find them on the iPhone. To play songs offline, log in to the app Music of iOS and press the icon (...) that you find next to the name of the song, album or playlist of your interest, then choosing the item Download from the box that is shown to you.

    Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without syncing

    If you want to transfer music to iPhone without syncing with iTunes library or iCloud library, follow the procedures indicated in the next chapters.

    Music app

    To transfer music to iPhone without syncing with iTunes library, first, you need to enable manual media management. To do this, after starting iTunes and connected the iPhone to the PC, press onphone icon, which you find at the top left, and choose the tab Summary.

    From the options shown to you, locate the area options, at the bottom, and put a check mark in the box Manually manage music and videos, confirming the changes made, using the key Apply (bottom right).

    Now, click on the icon of freccia rivolta sinistra verse (key Go back), which you find at the top, and reach the section Music, using the appropriate drop-down menu, always located at the top. Now all you have to do is locate the songs you want to transfer, select them and drag them to the name of your iPhone present in the sidebar, under the heading devices. Alternatively, click on the tab Music, which you find under the name of your iPhoneIn section devices of the sidebar, and drag the music feles of your interest to it.

    Third Party Applications

    If you have an active subscription to Apple Music, the transfer of music feles without any synchronization can be carried out if you have previously disabled the andCloud Music Library su iPhone. Then start the app ifttings, select the voice Music and move up OFF the lever near the wording andCloud Music Library.

    Now perform the same procedure I told you about in the previous chapter, to transfer feles locally to the iPhone. Well: you just have to re-enable the andCloud Music Library, taking care to select the item Keep songs, in the box that is shown to you when you activate this feature, and that's it!

    You don't want to enable and disable the andCloud Music Library from time to time? Then you can make use of third party applications to transfer your music to iPhone, such as iMazing. It is a software that allows you to easely browse the feles on iOS devices, in order to manage them in complete freedom.

    Unfortunately, iMazing is a paid software with license costs starting from 39,99 €, but you can use it for free in an evaluation version that allows you to transfer only 50 tracks.

    To download iMazing, go to its official website and press the button Free download, to download the installation fele. Done that, if you use Windows, double-click the .exe fele obtained and press the button Yes, in the User Account Control pane.

    On the installation screen, click on the button NEXT, accept the terms of service and press again NEXT three consecutive times. Finally, press the key andnstall and then that end.

    It was used MacOSinstead, double-click the .dmg fele ottenuto e premi sul pulsating Agree, in the screen that is shown to you. Then move theiMazing icon in the folder Applications, but I well complete the installation.

    At this point, make sure it's installed iTunes on your PC (in case you are using a Windows computer). It is essential, in fact, to have iTunes installed, so that the iPhone can be recognized by the software (in case of problems, if you use the version of iTunes downloaded from the Microsoft Store of Windows 10, try to remove it and download iTunes from the website of Apple). Therefore, connect the iPhone to the PC and start iMazing.

    Now, on the main program screen, click on the iPhone name and choose the tab Music. After that, all you have to do is drag the piece of music into this section, and it well be transferred. If you are using the evaluation version of the program, press the button Continue, to confirm the operation. You well find the newly transferred songs within the app Music of iOS.

    Alternatively, if you don't mind the idea of ​​using applications other than Music to manage the songs on your iPhone, you can download third-party media players or fele managers (for example Documents by Readdle) to your "iPhone by" and take advantage of their wireless sharing functions or the function Fele sharing iTunes to copy the songs of your interest to them (from which you well also have to listen to the transferred music).

    To learn more about these apps and the procedure for transferring feles in iPhone applications, check out my tutorial on how to explore iPhone.

    Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without cable

    You can transfer all your music from iTunes to iPhone without using any cable connection. This operation is possible using any local Wi-Fi network configured on the iPhone and on the computer.

    To activate this feature, connect iPhone to PC via cable and boot iTunes. Once this is done, click on theiPhone icon, top left, and select the tab Summary from the sidebar. Now, move to the section options and put a check mark next to the wording Sync this iPhone via Wi-Fi. Quindi sul tasto award Apply, located at the bottom right, and that's it.

    Well: starting from this moment, when the iPhone and the PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, synchronization well take place automatically without the need to physically connect them. You can refer to what I have indicated in the previous chapters to transfer your music to iPhone using all the procedures I have described to you.

    How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone

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