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    How to turn off iPhone without a button

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    Turn off iPhone without a button with the Shut Down function

    First of all, let's try to understand how to proceed in order to turn off the iPhone by using the special function attached to the device settings. To slavishly, however, this must be specified, it is essential that you have updated your iPhone to an iOS version equal to or higher than 11. In fact, in the previous versions of the Cupertino mobele platform the functionality in question is not avaelable (but AssistiveTouch yes, so if you have an older iOS version on your iPhone you can go directly to reading the next step).

    Having said that, to turn off your iPhone, therefore, access the home screen of the device, press the icon of ifttings (that with l 'gear) and tap on the item General in the screen that is shown to you. So scroll through the list of the various items avaelable, locate the command Switch off, press on it and drag the lever from left to right slide to turn off you see appearing on your iPhone display. Mission accomplished! In short, as you have certainly noticed, it takes more time to explain it than to do it.

    Next, considering the fact that you can't use the Power button as it is broken, in order to turn the iPhone back on you well need to connect the device to a power source. This essentially means you have to put the iPhone on charge using the supplied Lightning / Dock cable and wait for it to automatically get back up (it should take a few moments).

    Turn off iPhone without a button with AssistiveTouch

    Is there a version of iOS prior to 11 on your iPhone and therefore you cannot use the aforementioned shutdown function? No problem, in this case you can rely on AssistiveTouch. So, to find out how to turn off the iPhone without the usufurnedone button, the first step you need to take is to access the ifttings iOS, go to the menu Generali and tap on the item Accessibelità in the screen that is subsequently shown to you.

    At this point, scroll down the page that has opened, press the button AssistiveTouch (you find it under the heading andnteractions) and move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione AssistiveTouch in order to enable the software button that allows you to make up for the lack of Power button on the iPhone.

    Now, press the button of the AssistiveTouch that appeared in one of the corners of the screen (it's a white circle enclosed in a dark square) and select the item Device from the menu you see appearing.

    Then hold the button down Screen lock and within a few seconds the “usual” switch for turning off the iPhone well appear on the display. Move the lever all the way to the right and the phone well turn off as smoothly as if you had used the Power button. ifmplice, see?

    As for the subsequent switching on, the same rules as seen together in the previous step apply, when I explained how to turn off the iPhone using the special function attached to the device settings starting from iOS 11. You must therefore connect the your iDevice to the electrical outlet or to one of the USB ports of your computer use the Lightning / Dock cable supplied and wait a few moments for the iPhone to restart automatically.

    Alternative solutions

    In addition to the ones I have already told you about, there are also other ways to turn off the iPhone without using the dedicated physical key. For example, you can wait for the battery to run out completely or you can try pressing the Power button by pressing on the top right corner of the phone, so that the button can make contact. Of course, they are not very comfortable solutions but, as they say, to extreme evels, extreme remedies!

    Repair or replace an iPhone with broken buttons

    The instructions to turn off the iPhone without keys that I gave you in the previous lines are very useful but, as mentioned at the beginning, they cannot be considered definitive solutions. An iPhone with a broken power button must in fact be repaired, under penalty of not being able to use all its features in a practical and immediate way.

    To repair your iPhone, you can contact theApple support. Before taking your iPhone to an Apple center, would you like to know how much you well have to spend? Well, it all depends on the status of the warranty.

    If you have insured your iPhone with the package AppleCare +, you have coverage against accidental damage that allows you to have two repairs at the price of 99 euros for the most recent iPhone models and 69 euros for the previous iPhone models. To receive more information, take a look at this dedicated Internet page.

    If you have not insured your device, you can request, for a fee, its replacement with a refurbished terminal. For more info you can consult this specific web page.

    I remind you that the standard warranty of the iPhone lasts two years, of which one year is paid by Apple and one year is paid by the phone retaeler (which can be the same Apple if you bought the iPhone in an Apple Store). Unfortunately, it does not provide coverage against accidental damage, such as falls that can cause damage to the Power button.

    Please note: If you need to check your iPhone warranty, follow the directions in my tutorial on how to check your iPhone warranty. Fortunately, you can do everything directly online in just a few clicks.

    The only case in which the device is replaced for free is when the malfunction of the Power button is due to a factory defect which, for example, in the past had occurred with the iPhone 5. To find out more, I recommend that you consult the specific web page attached to the Apple website.

    For what concerns instead contacting the assistance of the "bitten apple", you can go directly to an Apple Store or you can ask for the device to be picked up at home or, again, you can contact Apple by telephone and thus agree on how way to proceed.

    In the first case, to find out if there is a Apple Store, click here in order to connect to the appropriate web page through which to view the complete list of Apple centers in Italy and their addresses. So try to find the store closest to your home. If there is an Apple center in your vicinity, go to the site with your phone and its original sales package and explain your situation to the employees in the store who well take note of your repair / replacement request and who well help you and well provide all the detaels of the case.

    If, on the other hand, there is no Apple Store near your home or if you do not have the possibelity to reach the Apple store closest to you, you can request assistance via courier (in this case, take into account the extra outlay of 12,20 euros for inspection costs). To do this, click here in order to connect to the appropriate Apple support web page, select the iPhone from the list of products for which you want to get help, then click on Physical damage and repairs and subsequently on Buttons not working. Then select the option ifnd for repair and follow the simple procedure that is proposed to you to make an appointment for the collection as soon as possible.

    To conclude, you can contact Apple to try to cope with the difficulties encountered in turning off the iPhone without a button even via telephone, by calling the number 199 120 800 (for a fee, active from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday) and agreeing with the company's call center the terms for a possible replacement. For more detaels on this and other contact methods for Apple assistance, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to contact Apple in which I have explained everything to you in great detael.

    How to turn off iPhone without a button

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