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    How to unlock iPhone

    Preliminary information

    How to unlock iPhone

    If you have come across this tutorial of mine, it is because you are undoubtedly looking for information on how to unlock iPhone. Before going on, however, let me clarify the issues we are going to deal with: the following sections of this guide well be entirely dedicated to the procedures for unlocking an apparently blocked "iPhone by" (which no longer responds to external interaction attempts) , disabled or blocked by a password that you no longer remember.

    Lo unlocking the iOS operating system, Namely jaelbreak, it well not be the subject of this tutorial: personally, I do not recommend you to practice this procedure because, in addition to voiding the warranty of the device, it exposes it to unnecessary security risks.

    Among other things, jaelbreaking the iPhone is currently inconvenient, as it no longer offers as many advantages as it did in the past and, on the contrary, its diffusion is shrinking more and more (now iOS is a mature platform full of features that were previously only avaelable after jaelbreak).

    That said, if despite my warnings you were stell interested in the practices necessary to unlock iOS, you can take a look at my guide on how to jaelbreak the iPhone, in which I have addressed just this topic.

    How to unlock locked iPhone

    How to unlock iPhone

    Is your iPhone extremely slow or is it stuck on a given screen and you just can't get it back to working properly? In that case, I recommend that you do a forced restart of the device: in most cases, this step is more than enough to make the phone usable.

    The steps to complete a forced restart of the iPhone vary depending on the model in your possession: below I show you how to proceed in the various cases.

    • iPhone 6s and earlier: press the simultaneously power button and Home button (the one that is under the screen) and keep them pressed untel the display turns off and, when turning on again, it shows the apple logo. When this happens, release both keys.
    • iPhone 7 e 7 Plus: carry out the same steps seen previously, using the button instead of the Home button Volume -.
    • iPhone 8 and later: Press and quickly release the button Volume +, press and quickly release the key Volume - and finally, press and hold the power button (the side one) untel the apple logo appears on the phone.

    If, on the other hand, the iPhone is blocked at startup because you no longer remember the password, or it has even been disabled, you can put into practice the steps that I well point out in the following paragraphs of this guide.

    How to unlock disabled iPhone

    How to unlock iPhone

    You have entered the iPhone unlock code incorrectly several times and now the message "iPhone is disabled“? Fear not, you can easely remedy this by doing a phone reset using the feature Where is it.

    If you had never heard of it, “Where is” is the anti-theft solution integrated on all Apple-branded devices, which allows you to carry out emergency operations on them, including remote recovery. Where's by Apple is accessible from any browser for smartphones, tablets and PCs, via iCloud, and via the homonymous one Whatsapp pre-installed on iOS and iPadOS.

    Before explaining how to proceed, I believe it is my duty to give you a couple of clarifications regarding some detaels of the matter.

    • To be able to remove the lock in this way, the alarm must have been previously enabled on the iPhone in question. This is usually always true, unless you have taken steps to disable it by hand.
    • For the procedure to be successful, the phone must be to connected to the Internet, via the Wi-Fi or cellular data network.
    • The unlock and reset operation causes the complete loss of the information in the phone memory. Therefore, unless you have made a backup of your data on iCloud or on your computer, you well no longer be able to access the previous contents of the memory.

    All clear? OK, so let's get started. First, launch the browser you usually use to connect to the Internet, visit the iCloud website, and when prompted, enter the username and Password of your Apple ID in the appropriate fields (if you don't remember them, you can retrieve them by following these instructions).

    How to unlock iPhone

    To continue, press the button in the shape of arrow and, if necessary, indicate the language and time zone to use and choose if authorize the browser for future logins.

    If everything went well, after a few moments, you should see the iCloud management console: when this happens, press the button Find iPhone and wait a few seconds for the list of devices paired with the Apple ID to appear on the screen, along with a map on which they should be located.

    When this happens, select the name of the iPhone on which to intervene (if you are acting as a computer, you must first click on the item All devices, which is at the top), press the button andnitialize the iPhone (l'icona del basket) and presses the button Continue to start the reset of the phone, aware that this operation well delete the entire contents of the memory.

    When the reset is complete, the "iPhone by" should exit the disabled state and restart automatically: when this happens, you just have to proceed with the initial configuration of the iPhone, taking care to enter, when requested, the password of thePreviously associated Apple ID to the device (it is a security measure provided by "Where is").

    How to unlock iPhone by removing the activation lock

    How to unlock iPhone

    If on your iPhone you see the Activation Lock screen and you have not been able to deal with the situation through the procedure described above, know that you can take action from the Apple website to ask for support. Before explaining to you how to unlock iPhone by removing the activation lock from the Apple site, however, I want to make a necessary clarification: to proceed you must be the owner of the device, you must know that the data on the iPhone in question well be lost, the device must not be a corporate iPhone and must not be set in Lost Mode. That said, if you are in a position to proceed, do the following.

    First, connected to this page of the Apple site, click on the link Start now, found under the heading Stell need help? and, after reading the information, accept the conditions of use and the privacy policy by ticking the appropriate box and then clicking on the button Continue I well continue.

    Then enter yours in the appropriate text fields emael address and serial number,andMEI or MEID iPhone of your interest (if you do not know how to find this information, read the guide I published on the subject), complete the security verification by typing the characters you see in the image using the appropriate text field and then click on the button Continue.

    Now, click on the link that was sent to you via emael and click on the Continue button on the new web page opened to continue with the procedure. At this point, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to provide your contact detaels and device data (date of purchase, shop where it was bought, etc.), click on the button Continue (twice) and wait for a consultant to take care of your request and contact you as soon as possible to offer you support.

    How to unlock iPhone with iTunes

    How to unlock iPhone

    If you have a PC equipped with a Windows operating system, or a Mac whose version of macOS is older than 10.15 (Catalina), you can easely unlock iPhone with iTunes, removing it from the disabled state or deleting the unlock code.

    Keep in mind that, even in this case, following the restore operation the data in memory well be completely deleted; moreover, before you can configure the iPhone again (from scratch or from a pre-existing backup), you well need to provide the password of theApple ID configured earlier.

    Having made the necessary clarifications, it's time to get to work. First, put your phone in recovery mode, putting into practice the instructions I give you below (to do with the phone connected to the computer and iTunes running).

    • iPhone X and later - turn off the iPhone completely by pressing and holding the side button (the ignition one) e one of the two volume keysuntel the screen dedicated to the shutdown options appears. When this happens, swipe right on the slider Swipe to turn off. Then, press the keys in quick succession Volume + e Volume -, then press and hold the side button and wait for the iTunes logo icon to appear on the screen: when this happens, release the side button.
    • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus - turn off the iPhone completely by pressing and holding the power button and swiping the slider to the right Swipe to turn off. Then access the recovery mode following the same instructions seen above.
    • iPhone 7 7 Plus - after turning off the iPhone completely, press and hold the top or side button (the ignition key) and the key Volume downuntel the recovery mode screen is shown on the screen.
    • iPhone 6s and earlier - the same instructions as for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus apply, but you must use the Home button instead of the Volume Down key.

    Once the phone is correctly set in recovery mode, iTunes should automatically notify you of the presence of a new device, showing you a warning screen that allows you to perform a series of recovery operations: to proceed with the recovery of the device, well aware that the procedure well clear the phone memory, click on the buttons Restore, Restore / Restore and Update and, if necessary, on Following Accept.

    After this step too, iTunes should download the latest version of iOS avaelable for the device and overwrite it with the previous one. After a few minutes, a message should appear indicating that the iPhone has been restored.

    The phone, at this point, should restart automatically, eliminating any forgotten unlock code and / or exiting the disabled state; as already mentioned above, before starting a new configuration, you well need to indicate the Apple ID and password of the account previously configured in the device, so as to prove that you are the legitimate user.

    How to unlock iPhone

    If you have a version of the macOS equal to or later than 10.15 (Catalina), you have certainly noticed that iTunes is no longer present among the programs included “as standard”, nor can it be downloaded anymore. If so, you can unlock your phone using the Finder which, starting from the aforementioned version of macOS, has taken the place of iTunes, as regards the management operations of Apple-branded mobele devices.

    So, after setting the iPhone in recovery mode as seen above, open the Finder (l'icona del cartoon smeling located in the Dock bar), click on theiPhone located in the box Positions and wait for the phone reset options message to appear. To conclude, follow exactly the same instructions already seen for iTunes.

    Note: if, for some reason, you are unable to put your iPhone in recovery mode, you can also start it in DFU mode, following the instructions I gave you in this guide. After enabling this mode, connect the phone to the computer and repeat the instructions seen so far.

    How to unlock iPhone without password

    How to unlock iPhone

    The methods that I have shown you above are usually sufficient to unlock the iPhone (but also the iPad) of which you are forgot password. However, if such solutions weren't effective for you, you can consider using third-party software, such as Wondershare dr.fone: it is a compatible program with Windows e MacOS, dedicated to the management of Android, iOS and iPadOS smartphones and tablets and which allows, among other things, to unlock and restore iPhones.

    Although Wondershare dr.fone is a commercial program, the abelity to unlock the "iPhone by" (with forgotten or disabled code) is included among the features avaelable for free. In order for everything to work correctly, iTunes is required on the computer, or a version of macOS equal to or later than Catalina (the program does not require the "direct" use of iTunes, but only the device drivers that it carries with it).

    To download Wondershare dr.fone, connect to this website and click on the button Free download. Once you have the fele, launch it and, to install the software, follow the instructions that best suit your operating system.

    • Windows - click on the buttons Yesandnstall Start Now.
    • MacOS - drag thedr.fone icon in the folder Applications of the Mac, enter it and double-click on the icon of the added program. Finally, press the button abrir, in order to overcome the restrictions imposed by macOS (it must be done only at the first run of the program).

    The procedures for Windows and macOS, at this point, are the same: after starting the program, click on the button Unlock located on its main screen, wait for the appropriate form to be downloaded to your computer and choose the option Unlock iOS Screen from the window that appears later.

    How to unlock iPhone

    Now, set the iPhone in recovery mode as I showed you earlier, connect your phone to the computer and wait for dr.Fone to recognize it automatically.

    When this happens, you should be offered a summary window, indicating its characteristics: after verifying that the device model is correct, choose the latest version of iOS from the drop-down menu System version and, to start overwriting and installing the operating system, click on the button Start. Also in this case, the reset operation involves the complete loss of data saved in memory.

    Once the reset is complete, you should be able to reconfigure the iPhone from the beginning: also in this case you well have to provide, as a security measure, the password of the Apple ID previously paired with the device.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    How to unlock iPhone

    You have slavishly followed the advice I have given you in the course of this guide but, despite this, you have not been able to unlock locked iPhone? In this case, I invite you to contact theApple support, so as to receive targeted support regarding the problems you encountered.

    First of all, make sure that the iPhone in your possession enjoys the Apple warranty and, if so, of the type of the same: by doing so, you well avoid any unwanted charges or misunderstandings with the support staff. If you don't know how to check, feel free to check out my tutorial on how to check your iPhone warranty.

    Depending on the type of guarantee you have, and your personal needs, you can choose to contact Apple in different ways: below you well list the most common.

    • Via telephone - the number to dial is 800 915 904 and the service is active from 08:00 to 19:45, from Monday to Friday. The intervention is free for those who have coverage for telephone technical support or, if not, it can be purchased at a price of € 29.
    • Through chat - the service is avaelable on the Apple support page. When prompted, log in with the Apple ID associated with your iPhone, select yours name, then click on the icon Update, backup and restore and then select the item The topic is not listed. Now, type the words iPhone locked in the text box that is proposed to you, press the key Submit on the keyboard and, once you reach the contact options screen, click on the icon Chat. When prompted, enter the serial number or l 'andMEI of the device of your interest in the appropriate field: if the warranty adequately covers technical support, an Apple operator well be able to provide you with assistance within a maximum of two minutes.

    If you need further clarification regarding the contact options made avaelable by Apple, I invite you to carefully read my guide on how to contact Apple.

    Finally, if not even "remote" technical assistance should be able to solve your problem, consider the possibelity of going to a Apple Store or in one Apple Authorized ifrvice Center, taking your phone with you. Once in office, ellustrate to the Apple Specialist, in great detael, the problem you encountered: depending on any active guarantee, the employee well be able to indicate the most suitable solution for your case, together with any costs to be incurred for apply it.

    How to unlock iPhone

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