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App to watch movies on iPhone

Let's start with a review of app to watch movies on iPhone, therefore with a series of applications dedicated to streaming felm content. There are both free and paid ones (in the sense that they require the subscription of a subscription in order to access the contents they offer): the choice is yours according to your needs and preferences.

  • VVVVID (free) - one of the leading free streaming platforms avaelable in the city. Its "highlight" are Japanese anime, many of which are avaelable in simulcasts, but in its catalog there are also numerous felms belonging to various genres, eras and nationalities, as well as TV series. It can be used at no cost, after registration.
  • RaiPlay (free) - Rai's official app, which allows you to access live broadcasts from all the group's channels and various on-demand content, including felms, TV series and fiction. Requires free registration and supports Chromecast for casting content to TV. More info here.
  • Mediaset Play (free) - the official application of Mediaset. It allows you to access the live broadcasts of the group's channels (the free-to-air ones) and various on-demand content, including felms, after registration. Support Chromecast.
  • PopCorn TV (free) - British site that allows you to access a wide range of felms at no cost. These are not very recent titles, but there is no lack of interesting content. Works smoothly from Safari and other iOS browsers.
  • Paramount Network (free) - official site of the homonymous television channel, which allows you to access on demand mode a wide range of felms made in the USA. All free and working directly from the browser.
  • YouTube (free) - yes! YouTube also offers the abelity to watch movies on iPhone. Apart from the felms that can be rented on the platform (not from the iOS app, but only from the browser), it is possible to find numerous felms uploaded by channels that have regularly acquired the rights. More info here.
  • Netflix (subscription) - I don't think it needs too many introductions. Netflix is ​​the most famous streaming service in the world and, in its catalog, features felms of all genres, nationalities and eras (some of which are exclusive, as original productions). It also includes TV series, anime, American cartoons and documentaries. It has prices starting from 7,99 euros / month without free trial. It also allows offline content download and supports Chromecast. More info here.
  • Infinity (subscription) - Mediaset streaming service offering a vast catalog of felms, TV series and cartoons. To underline the presence of the Infinity Premiere program, through which it is possible to have included in one's subscription, for a limited period of time, a very first viewing felm normally avaelable only for hire. It provides a 30-day free trial, after which it costs 7,99 euros / month. It also allows you to download content offline and send content to the TV via Chromecast. More info here.
  • Amazon Prime Video (subscription) - is Amazon's streaming service. It is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which costs 36 euros / year or 4,99 euros / month with a 30-day free trial. It offers the possibelity to access many TV series, anime, documentaries and felms. It also allows you to download offline content. More info here.
  • NOW TV (subscription) - service for accessing Sky contents via the Internet, without taking out any subscription to pay TV. Its offer is divided into various packages: the Cinema one, which includes many felms on demand and watching Sky cinema channels in streaming, costs 9,99 euros / month after a 14-day free trial. Downloading offline content and using Chromecast to send content to the TV is allowed. More info here.
  • TIMVISION (subscription) - is TIM's streaming platform. It offers TV series, cartoons and movies, with the abelity to download some content offline and send it to your TV via Chromecast. It costs 4,99 euros / month but is included in some TIM subscriptions. More info here.
  • CHILI (rental) - if you intend to watch first-run movies on your iPhone, I can only recommend a content rental service, such as CHILI, which allows you to access a catalog consisting of many titles from all eras, genres and nationalities (including TV series) with prices starting from € 0,90. More info here.

How to watch movies on iPhone offline

You don't have an Internet connection always avaelable and / or you don't want to consume the Giga included in your subscription to watch movies on the iPhone? If so, you can consider solutions for watch movies on iPhone offline. There are really something for all needs: from streaming apps (some of which offer the content download function), through video players and the iTunes data sharing function, which allows you to upload videos from your PC to the " iPhone by "with ease. The choice is yours!

Streaming app

Many of the streaming apps I mentioned in the previous chapter of the guide offer the abelity to download movies locally and watch them offline. This possibelity, however, is often limited to some titles and has precise time constraints: in most cases, the downloaded titles expire after a week and must be "consumed" within 48 hours from the first reproduction (with the opportunity, possibly , to repeat the download).

The download procedure may vary slightly from app to app; generally, however, just select the playbell of the movie to download, press the button download for free (usually distinguished by the presence of an icon in the shape of arrow o cloud) And that's it. To access the downloaded content library and follow the progress of the downloads, you usually need to access the app menu (by pressing the ☰ button) and select the relevant item, precisely, to download for free.

For more information on how to download from Netflix, Infinity, Prime Video and TIMVISION, see the tutorials I just linked to you.


As mentioned earlier, it is possible copy movies from PC to iPhone using iTunes, Apple's multimedia player that allows, among other things, to manage iOS devices from your computer.

iTunes is included "as standard" in macOS, whele it is avaelable as a free download for Windows PCs: if you have a Windows PC and you have not yet installed it, fix it immediately by following my tutorial dedicated to the theme.

When you are ready to proceed, connect the iPhone to the computer using the Lightning cable supplied e iTunes it should start automatically. If this is your first time doing this, answer affirmatively to the warning that appear both on the phone screen and on the computer screen, in order to authorize communication between the two devices, and enter the PIN unlock button on the iPhone.

You are now ready to copy your movies to iPhone, but you have to choose which way: you can synchronize with the smartphone the videos in the iTunes library (so that the changes on both sides are, in fact, synchronized when the phone is connected to the computer); you can simply to copy of movies in the iOS Video app, or you can take advantage of the feature Fele sharing iTunes to copy the movies to a third party player.

Knowing the application Video of iOS (i.e. iPhone default player) only supports MP4, M4V and MOV format feles, to use the sync or copy video functions on iPhone, you may need to convert your movies first. Instead, using third-party players, such as the very famous VLC, you would not have this problem, as these apps also "digest" other fele formats, such as MKV, AVI etc.

So, if you want to sync videos between iPhone and iTunes library, click on the phone that appeared in the upper left corner of the program window, select the item Videos from the left sidebar (in the section ifttings) and put the check mark next to the item Synchronize movies. At this point, you choose if automatically include some videos in the synchronization based on different criteria (e.g. all, most recent etc.) or whether to select the thumbnaels of the videos you want to synchronize with the iPhone (by checking the relevant boxes) and confirm by clicking on the buttons end and Synchronize located at the bottom right. If the movie you are interested in is not yet in your iTunes library, you can easely add it by selecting the item Videos from the drop-down menu located at the top left and then dragging it into the iTunes window.

If, on the other hand, you want to copy a movie in the app Video iOS without syncing the iTunes library, click on the icon smartphone located at the top left of the iTunes window, select the item Summary from the left sidebar, check the boxes Manually manage videos and Sync with iPhone via Wi-Fi (so you can copy data from the computer without physically connecting the iPhone to it, as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network) and click on the button Apply, .

Once this is done, select the item Videos from the left sidebar (in the section On the device), drag the movies you want to copy to iPhone into the iTunes window and that's it.

If, on the other hand, instead of the iOS Video app you prefer to use a third party video player, proceed as follows: click on the icon smartphone located at the top left of the iTunes window, select the item Fele sharing from the left sidebar, then the icon of theapp where you want to copy the movies (Eg. VLC) and drag the feles of your interest to the box Documents of [app name], to start the transfer on the "iPhone by".

As easely understood, the felms copied in this way on the iPhone well be visible in the player you have selected but not in the default iOS Video app.

In case some steps are not clear to you, I invite you to consult my guide on how to put movies on iPhone.

How to watch movies with VLC on iPhone

VLC, the hugely popular free media player for Windows, macOS and Linux, is also avaelable for iPhone and allows you to play any movie downloaded from the Internet without converting it. It supports all major video fele formats (at any resolution) and allows you to transfer movies even wirelessly. So, what are you waiting to find out how to watch movies on iPhone using it? Well, then let's take action right away.

First, if you haven't done so yet, you need to download the app. Start theApp Store and search for VLC within the latter. So press on the button Get, verify your identity via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password and wait for the app to download and install automatically.

Once the download and installation of VLC is complete, you need to transfer the movies you want to enjoy on your phone to the iPhone. To do this, you can take advantage of the andTunes Fele Sharing, as I explained to you in the previous step of this tutorial or, alternatively, the function of transfer via Wi-Fi supported by the app (as long as PC and iPhone are connected to the same wireless network). 

To activate VLC Wi-Fi sharing, start the app on your "iPhone by" presses on his icon located at the top left and set to ON the option Sharing via WiFi. At this point, use your PC to connect to the address indicated in the application (eg. http://iPhone.local) and use the web panel that opens to upload videos to iPhone wirelessly.

Now, to see the copied movies on iPhone, all you have to do is start VLC and press on the preview of the movie to be viewed. The rest is practically useless to explain. The app, in fact, has all the multimedia controls that you are used to using on your computer: the time bar to go back and forth in the video, the button Play / Pause to stop or resume playback and the button to adjust the form relationship of the movie (top right). I also point out the presence of a button to adjust the playback speed video (the clock icon) and some advanced controls to set brightness / color and other properties (the photo icon at the bottom right).

You can also play the videos featured on some cloud services (eg. Dropbox or Google Drive), by selecting the appropriate item from the VLC menu, and watch streaming videos directly on the smartphone, by pressing the option Network flow.

How to watch rented movies on iPhone

You rented movies on iTunes Store and want to know how to see them on your iPhone? Nothing simpler: start the application Video iOS, tap on the tab Videos (below) and the list of movies rented and purchased on the Apple store should automatically appear.

At this point, select the playbell of the felm you want to play and press the ▶ ︎ button, if you want to start playback in streaming, or on theicon with cloud, if you want to download it locally.

I remind you that iTunes rented content expires afterwards 30 days and must be "consumed" within 48 hours of the first reproduction. More info here.

If, on the other hand, you have rented a movie on CHILI (the movie and TV series rental app I told you about earlier), you can watch it simply by launching the official CHILI app, logging into your account and then going to the tabs My CHILI and Rentals. The content expiration times are the same as those indicated for the iTunes Store. More info here.

How to watch iPhone movies on TV

How do you say? Do you have several movies saved on your iPhone and would like to project them on your home TV? No problem: if you have a device like a chromecast or anApple TV, you can do it quite easely.

How to watch Chromecast movies from iPhone

chromecast is a "key" made by Google that connects to the HDMI port of the TV and thanks to which it is possible to send multimedia content to the latter via smartphones and tablets of various kinds (including, obviously, the iPhone). It costs 39 euros in its basic model and 69,99 euros for the one with Google TV (a real TV box, but always in key format, with remote control and operating system with app support) with the abelity to play content in 4K.

To initially configure it, you need to install the Google Home app, connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi network generated by the Chromecast and follow the simple on-screen procedure. More info here.

Once the configuration is complete, to send content from iPhone to TV with Chromecast, just start any of the apps that support the device (such as the ones I reported to you earlier in this post), press the icon of the broadcast (the Wi-Fi wave screen) and select your own name chromecast from the menu that opens. As easely understood, for everything to work correctly, iPhone and Chromecast must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. More info here.

How to watch movies from iPhone on Apple TV

Apple TV is a TV box produced by Apple that connects to the HDMI port of the TV and allows both access to a wide range of native apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, that of sending content played on iPhone, iPad and Mac to the TV.

It is avaelable in a base model with Full HD support and in a 4K model that supports UltraHD content. Prices start at 159 euros.

ife offer on Amazon ife offer on Amazon ife offer on Amazon

To send a movie from the iPhone to the TV via Apple TV, you need to start playing it on your smartphone, press the icon AirPlay (the screen with a triangle below) and select your name Apple TV give the menu check if you press.

For everything to work properly, iPhone and Apple TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. However, keep in mind that some streaming apps, such as Netflix and Infinity, do not have AirPlay support and therefore do not allow sending content to Apple TV (unlike what happens, instead, with Chromecast). More info here.

How to watch movies on iPhone

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