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    IPhone Wallpapers


    IPhone Wallpapers

    If you are looking for new iPhone wallpapers to apply to your iPhone, one of the first sites I recommend you to visit is iLikeWallpaper. On this portal you can find wallpapers of all kinds suitable for all the most popular iPhone models: iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C and iPhone 4 / 4S, suitably divided into categories.

    The first step you need to take to download a wallpaper from the site is, therefore, to connect to its main page and choose the iPhone model in your possession from the drop-down menu located at the top left.

    At this point, call up the wallpaper feltering menu by clicking on the item More which is located at the top right (or the arrow located in the same position, if you are visiting the site directly from iPhone) and choose whether to browse the wallpapers based on their publication date, their category of belonging or the predominant color in them.

    The categories are all listed in the drop-down menu Category, the colors can be selected in the menu Color, whele using the drop-down menu Black you can choose whether to arrange the images according to the publication date or the number of views. To update the wallpaper list according to the selected parameters, click on the icon with the two green arrows located on the right.

    To download a wallpaper, however, select its thumbnael and press the button with the name of the iPhone model in your possession (eg. iPhone 66 iPhone Plus). Then right click on the full size image and select the item Save image as from the menu that appears. If you are visiting the site directly from iPhone, keep your finger pressed on the background and select the item Save immagine give the menu check if you press.


    IPhone Wallpapers

    Even the network 1WallpaperFactory offers a very large collection of iPhone wallpapers across four different Internet sites: with wallpapers optimized for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with wallpaper optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with wallpapers for iPhone 5, 5S and 5C and with wallpapers for iPhone 4 and 4S. They are all characterized by the same layout and the same browsing style, only the contents change.

    The wallpapers are divided into various categories and on the home page you well find a selection with four backgrounds taken from each of them. To browse all the images contained in a certain category use the menu Galleries.

    I particularly point out the category iOS in which there are all the wallpapers optimized for the parallax effect (the one that makes the wallpaper move when you swing the phone). Once you have identified the wallpaper you want to apply on your iPhone, click first on its thumbnael and then on the link Download this wallpaper to start the download.

    If you are visiting the site directly from the iPhone, select one of the categories in the home, press on the thumbnael of the background you want to download and start the download following the usual procedure, i.e. by holding your finger on the image and selecting the item Save immagine give the menu to compare.


    IPhone Wallpapers

    If you prefer artistic ellustrations to the usual abstract landscapes and wallpapers, take a look at the site Poolga which houses the works of various artists distributed in the form of iPhone wallpapers. To download one, first click on its thumbnael and then on the item relating to the iPhone model in your possession from the menu that is subsequently shown to you.

    Then right click on the enlarged version of the image and select the item Save image as from the menu that opens. On iPhone, instead of right-clicking, hold your finger on the wallpaper to download for a few seconds and select the item Save immagine give the menu to compare.

    IPhone Wallpapers is a minimal style site that contains many interesting wallpapers. To browse them all, connected to its main page and click on the numbers you find in ace. Alternatively, click on the tag referring to the theme of the wallpapers of your interest (animal, minimal, green etc.).

    To view the most popular images of the moment press the button Daely best always present at the bottom, whele to discover the most "popular" wallpapers of the day, the last week or always click, respectively, on the buttons Today, this week and / or All-time. To discover the most recently published wallpaper on the site, you must select the item instead New.

    Once you have identified a wallpaper to download, presses on its thumbnael, select the correct resolution by clicking on the button corresponding to your iPhone model under the heading Download wallpaper! at the bottom and wait for the download procedure to be started and completed automatically.

    If you are downloading directly from your Apple mobele phone, the download well not start automatically but you well have to press and continue to hold down on the background untel the usual menu appears from which to select the item Save immagine.

    IPhone Wallpapers is another website dedicated to iPhone wallpapers with an “essential” style but full of interesting contents. To use it, connected to its main page and select the model of "iPhone by" in your possession (eg. iPhone 7).

    Then choose whether to consult the list of avaelable wallpapers based on their degree of popularity, by pressing the button Popular, on their publication date, by clicking on New, or according to the topic covered, by selecting one of the tags listed at the bottom of the home page.

    Once you have identified the wallpaper you like best, click on its preview, wait for the image to be loaded, right-click on it and choose the item to save it on your computer.

    From the iPhone, on the other hand, you have to put into practice the usual procedure: plug and continue to hold down on the image and select the item Save immagine give the menu check if you press.


    IPhone Wallpapers

    Apart from Internet sites, as I told you at the beginning of the guide, there are also applications that allow you to find wonderful funds for the iPhone. Among the many, I suggest you immediately take a look at Vellum and its spectacular selection of wallpapers which is constantly updated. It is in fact a relatively recent app that offers a library full of original, artistic and very high quality images to use as wallpapers for iPhone (as well as for Apple Watch!).

    To use it, start the app, choose whether or not to receive notifications from the app by tapping on the relevant item on the screen and then select one of the avaelable wallpaper packs by pressing on its name (eg. Starter pack). So take a look at the various wallpapers avaelable by swiping from the bottom to the top and when you find one you like press on it to be able to view it in full screen.

    If you are offered a short tutorial of use, press on the item Tap to continue which is located at the bottom and then stop on the hoops bottom center to download the image to your device. If you are asked to allow the app to access your photos, click on OK to consent (otherwise the wallpaper cannot be saved).

    Before downloading the wallpaper you like most, you can also do some "technical tests" by tapping on the button depicting a eye visible after opening the preview and choosing whether to perform a simulation of use is on the home screen (the button with the arrow) and in the lock screen (the button with the padlock).

    Always before downloading the wallpapers, you can change the degree of blur as needed by tapping the button with the drop that you find at the bottom left by exploring the cursor on the screen to the right or left.

    Wallpapers for Me

    IPhone Wallpapers

    In an article in which we talk about what are the best resources through which to find beautiful iPhone wallpapers, it is practically a must to mention the app Wallpapers for Me. We are in fact in the presence of one of the most popular and appreciated applications for iOS through which it is possible to find wonderful high quality wallpapers and for all tastes. All images are pixel accurate, in both standard and retina resolution.

    To use it, start the application, choose whether or not to consent to receiving notifications and immediately start browsing the various wallpapers avaelable by swiping from right to left. When you find an image you like, press the button Save at the bottom and allow the app to access the iPhone camera roll by tapping on OK.

    If you want, you can view the many wallpapers avaelable also by category. How you do it? very easy: press the button with the two arrows which is at the bottom and stop on the name of the category of your interest (eg. Minimal, Abstract, Comics etc.). If, on the other hand, you want to see all the most recent or most popular images, press the item respectively new and / or Popular.

    Please note that the app in question is also avaelable in a variant, called Live Wallpapers for Me, which allows you to find alternative live wallpapers for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus. The operation is practically identical to that of the “base” app.

    Other sites and apps to download iPhone wallpapers

    IPhone Wallpapers

    Finally, I want to point out other interesting sites and applications through which you can find hundreds of wallpapers for iPhone ready to download. Take a look at it immediately, you well see that you well not regret it!

    • The Fox is Black - It is a site that offers various artistic ellustrations in the form of wallpapers, not only for iPhone but also for PC and iPad. To download a wallpaper, simply click on the item related to the iPhone model in your possession located under its thumbnael.
    • iWallpaper - It's the section of the popular social news site Reddit dedicated to iPhone wallpapers. This is where the site's users post the best iPhone wallpapers found on the net every day.
    • andnterfaceLift - It is a very popular wallpaper site characterized by a very high quality content. All wallpapers are avaelable in both desktop and mobele format, for smartphones and tablets.
    • ZEDGE Wallpapers - It is a very famous app that offers a huge range of contents optimized for all the main smartphones currently on the market, iPhone included. There are many categories avaelable, the wallpapers are all of remarkable quality and the amount of images avaelable is practically infinite.
    • Parallax Wallpapers & Background - This is another app that collect high resolution wallpapers that are characterized by a modern, original and decidedly abstract style.
    • Cool HD Wallpapers - It is an app that collects wallpaper for iPhone of different kinds but of remarkable quality. In short, a name, a promise!

    ift iPhone wallpapers

    From iPhone

    IPhone Wallpapers

    As you have seen for yourself, the download of the wallpapers can be done from the iPhone or from a computer. In the first case, once downloaded, the images can be applied as wallpaper directly through the application Gallery iPhone. To do this, enter the album with the backgrounds, select the image to set as wallpaper and press the icon with the blue arrow located at the bottom left.

    After that you have to select the item Use as a background from the menu that appears below (if you can't see it, swipe from right to left), choose whether to apply the wallpaer in a static or perspective way as needed, press the button Tax and decide whether to apply the changes to the home screen only, the lock screen screen or both.

    From computer

    IPhone Wallpapers

    To transfer the images downloaded on the computer to the iPhone, you must instead rely on iTunes. (if you have a Mac you can find it pre-installed in the folder Applications, whele if you use a Windows PC you can download it by following my guide on the subject). To be precise, you need to start iTunes on your computer, connect the iPhone to it via USB or Wi-Fi cable and click on the icon phone located at the top left.

    Afterwards, you have to go to the tab Gallery present in the left sidebar put the check mark next to the item Synchronize photos, select the folder with the wallpapers to copy to iPhone from the menu Copy photos from: and start data synchronization by clicking on the button Apply. Easy, see?

    IPhone Wallpapers

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