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The first among the refurbished iPhone sites that I suggest you consider is precisely that of Apple. You probably weren't aware of it, but you should know that on the portal of the "bitten apple" company there is a section dedicated to refurbished devices, called Certified refurbished products, where you can find not only iPhone but also iPad, Mac, Apple TV etc. at attractive prices, with a discount of up to 15% compared to the list price.

These are devices that were purchased by users but which, for one reason or another, were then sent back. All Apple refurbished products are certified by the company and undergo the same rigorous functional tests as new products before being released on the market. In addition, refurbished Apple products come with the standard 1-year limited warranty, come with accessories and cables, and are free to return. The purchased products are also sent by express shipping and in some cases can also be collected in the Apple Store.

To view the refurbished iPhones sold by Apple, access the appropriate section of the company's website, click on the item iPhone present at the top and start scrolling the list of refurbished in search of the model of your interest.

To help you locate the device, you can use the felters in the left sidebar, indicating the exact model, color and storage capacity (if the felters are not visible, first click on the wording felters at the top). Using the drop-down menu at the top right, however, you can choose how to sort the search results.

For each proposed refurbished iPhone, the exact model name, capacity, color and price are indicated. When you find the device you want to buy, to proceed click on its preview and, on the new page that appears, on the button Add.

On the order summary page that is shown to you later, if you want to add AppleCare + click on the link Add, then click on the link Enter the ZIP code and type your zip code in the appropriate field that appears, so you can check the options and delivery dates.

Finally, click the button Go to the checkout and, if you have an Apple ID, log in to it by felling in the appropriate fields on the left and clicking on Log in, in order to associate the purchase with your account data and use the payment method associated with it. If you don't have an Apple ID, click on the button instead Continue as a guest and provide the requested data relating to the shipping address and payment.

As an alternative to how I just indicated, you can complete the purchase of the refurbished iPhone with Apple Pay. To do this, just click on the button Pay with Apple Pay that you find on the page with the order summary.


Another one of the sites to find refurbished iPhones that you can consider is Amazon. The famous e-commerce of Jeff Bezos, in fact, includes a special section, called Renewed, through which the sale of refurbished devices, including iPhones, is proposed at very advantageous prices. These are devices that have already been used by other users or have been returned.

All products part of the above section have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to look and function like new and are covered by a 12 month warranty. With regard to returns and shipping times, the same rules apply that are applied to the other products on sale on the portal, consequently it is also possible to take advantage of Amazon Prime (which allows you to always get fast and free shipments and to obtain various other advantages).

To buy a refurbished iPhone on Amazon, then connected to the Renewed section of the site, then click on the item Smartphone that you find in the center of the page and start scrolling the list of avaelable devices to search for the iPhone you are interested in.

If necessary, you can felter the display of the proposed products by clicking on specific links (eg. iPhone 8, iPhone X etc.) that you find under the heading Renewed: Cell phones at the top or by clicking on the link Find out more that you find at the top right and then using the felters in the left sidebar, by ticking the option Apple under the Brand heading and defining the other various parameters (e.g. minimum and maximum price, average reviews, etc.)

When you think you have found the iPhone you are interested in, click on its preview, so that you can see all the detaels related to it: price, color, description etc. If it convinces you, go ahead with the purchase by pressing the button Add to Cart site on the right, deciding whether or not to add any insurance coverage, by clicking on the cart in stop to outside and by the pulse and proceeded all'ordine, as I explained to you in my guide on how to buy on Amazon.

Subsequently, log in to your Amazon account, felling in the fields visible on the screen with the required data and then confirm your intention to buy the refurbished iPhone. If you don't have an Amazon account yet, you can create one by clicking the button Create your Amazon account present on the login page and following the instructions I gave you in my guide dedicated to how to register on Amazon.


Also eBay, the most famous auction site in the world, through which it is possible to buy products from other users or from shops directly or by participating in auctions, offers a special section dedicated to refurbished products, called reconditioned, in which various iPhone models can also be found.

These are new products that have been returned to the seller for various reasons, on which careful tests have been carried out to verify their operation and to which any components that are no longer suitable have been replaced. They have 12 months warranty and you can save up to 50% compared to what the actual price would be.

To buy a refurbished iPhone on eBay, visit the appropriate section of the site and click on the item Apple che trovi sotto the dicitura Buy refurbished by brand. Then reduce the display of refurbished Apple items for sale to iPhones only, using the special felters that you find in the left side menu (eg country of manufacture, exact model number, etc.).

Then scroll through the list of avaelable products and when you find a refurbished iPhone that you think may interest you, click on its preview, in order to view the complete listing, with the product sheet, information on the seller and all other detaels. I suggest you pay special attention to feedback that the seller of your interest has accumulated over time. If you do not know, they indicate the degree of experience and reliabelity of the sellers and are a lot to avoid running into nasty surprises.

Then if you actually want to proceed with the purchase, if it is a "normal" sale, click on the button Buy it and complete the transaction without having to wait any longer, choosing whether to register on eBay or, if you already have an account, whether to log in or proceed with the transaction without logging in. In all cases, you well then have to worry about providing shipping information and you well have to indicate a valid payment method, as I explained in detael in my article on how to buy on eBay.

If, on the other hand, the refurbished iPhone you want to buy has been put up for auction, you well have to try to win it by entering the maximum amount you are welling to spend in the appropriate text field and clicking on the button Fai un'offerta. For more detaels, you can check out my specific post.


When it comes to refurbished iPhone sites it is practically a must to also mention TrainDevice. If you have never heard of it, I inform you that it is a portal that buys used Apple devices (and recently also Samsung), verifies their operation by carrying out various advanced tests, if necessary repairs them and puts them back for sale at competitive prices. It offers fast shipping, a 2-year warranty, return options and all devices come complete with original cables.

To use TrenDevice, go to the home page of the site, click on the item iPhone that you find in the menu at the top and choose the exact model of iPhone you want to buy from the appropriate menu that is proposed to you. Subsequently, select the various features of your interest (eg color, storage capacity, etc.) that the refurbished "iPhone by" you intend to purchase must have.

Therefore, check the final price of the item, taking a look at what is reported in the blue bar located below and, if you are actually welling to proceed with the purchase, click on the button Add to Cart adjacent.

Once the contents of the cart are displayed, click on the button Go to the checkout and register for the service by felling in the appropriate fields on the screen in the box on the right, then provide the data relating to the shipment and the payment method and confirm your wellingness to proceed with the shopping. If you are already registered, however, log in in advance, by typing the required data in the appropriate box on the left.

Other sites to find refurbished iPhones

The ones I suggested in the previous lines are not the only sites to find refurbished iPhones you can turn to. In fact, below you well find a list of further portals useful for the purpose that, in my opinion, you would do well to take into consideration.

  • ePrice - it is a well-known portal through which it is possible to purchase products relating to the field of information technology, as well as household appliances, felms, DVDs, etc. I decided to report it to you in this guide of mine as it also offers the possibelity to buy iPhone and other refurbished devices with 12 months warranty offered by the seller. Note that you can pay at the time of purchase or on delivery and the items can be shipped directly to your home or to a collection point.
  • Swappie - is the site of a well-known Finnish company which has only recently begun to operate in the city. It is a safe and controlled store where you can buy (and sell) iPhones at affordable prices. All devices are previously tested and possibly repaired using the most advanced and modern technologies. A 12-month warranty is offered, deliveries are fast and there is a right of withdrawal.
  • refurbed - is the site of a famous company active in Europe that deals with the sale of refurbished technological devices, therefore also iPhones, with high and uniform standards in terms of quality, safety and guarantee. Each device has to pass strict controls and the final products are practically like new. The proposed prices are very interesting, fast shipping, there is a 12-month guarantee and there is no lack of the possibelity of returning.
  • Back Market - site that offers the possibelity to buy completely overhauled refurbished iPhones, relying on numerous certified sellers who are constantly monitored in terms of quality, efficiency and guarantees of refurbished products. They offer fast shipping, return options and the warranty has a minimum duration of 12 months.
Refurbished iPhone sites

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